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    Becoming an archaeologist: a passion profession

    We’re going to talk to you today about the profession of archaeologist. Archaeology is an exciting discipline, linked to history, ethnology, anthropology and heritage. In France, the profession of archaeologist remains on the sidelines, with fewer than 4000 archaeologists identified, working in research or teaching. We explain all the missions of the archaeologist, as well as the challenges of archaeology …

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    Helpline for the elderly

    Helpline for the elderly at home is a service that is growing more and more. This system allows home assistance to any elderly person in the event of a fall. We explain in detail these security services that help keep seniors at home.

    Article Plan

    • What is Helpline for Seniors?
      • Helpline at home: security
      • Technical and administrative monitoring
    • Benefits and
  • A nutritionist has several missions in his profession. Its main mission is to help people eat better. The nutritionist is often compared or confused with the dietician. Find here all the information you are looking for about the profession of the nutritionist.

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    • The missions of a nutritionist
      • Nutritionist: a health professional Health
      • : educating the patient about nutrition
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    IMA Helpline Overview

    Have you heard of IMA helpline? What is it about? Home assistance for anyone in a situation of weakness is a service that has grown sharply in recent years, especially with the growing number of elderly people in France. Here we present IMA helpline and all its benefits for a single person at their home and asks for more security. …

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    How to make jewelry made of fimo dough

    You who love crafts, jewellery and decorative objects, do you think you have no talent? No, the creation is not reserved for recognized artists or “others”. Exceed the bad memory and embark on a very pleasant activity: creating jewellery made of fimo polymer clay . Necklace, pendant, bracelet, earrings, beads, accessories and many others… We tell you everything, tutorial …

  • Billions came back to pick up where he had stopped, but the show’s credits had an important message at the end. There was a card dedicating the episode to Dennis Shields, some of which may remember as the man Bethenny Frankel used to go out before his death. What is the connection between Shields and the show? Here’s everything you …

  • You didn’t think it was the end of the story, did you? With the third film Descendants under the belt of Disney Channel, some fans wonder if the studio will create a fourth movie. Will there be a descendant 4? Here’s what we know about Disney Channel, Cameron Boyce, Dove Cameron and VKs.

    ‘Descendants 3’ | David Bukach/Disney Channel via

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    Dog insurance: choose it right

    Many people own a pet. Insuring your dog (or cat) is quite possible. But how to choose your dog insurance? We guide you on the choice of your future dog insurance.

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    • Dog insurance: what is it?
    • Dog insurance: addressing veterinary care needs
    • Dog insurance formulas Buy
      • a contract dog insurance
    • Tips for choosing a dog insurance
    • How to
  • Matt Damon is one of those A-List stars who has no problem getting in the spotlight. But when it comes to his family, the goodwill hunting star keeps things down. This will double for his wife, Luciana Barroso, with whom he has been married for more than ten years. What’s she doing? What does she feel about the brilliance and …

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    Audiovisual trades: the cameraman

    Audiovisual professions include many specialization. Among these trades, we will tell you about the one of cameraman. The cameraman and camera player is an expert in the field of audiovisual. He trained in his profession to find a job in film, television but also to become a director. We tell you everything about cameraman and his job.

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    • Trades
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    Continuing education: how to benefit from it?

    Are you already in active life and want to develop and/or improve your knowledge and skills? Did you know that continuing education can meet your needs? After initial training, deepen your knowledge and access qualifying training. Find here all the details you need to know about continuing education and how to benefit from it.

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    • Continuing education: what is
  • Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian were once a happy couple. And the success of Kardashian’s girls is largely due to his role as a lawyer in the case of O.J. Simpson’s murder. However, although Kardashian and Jenner seemed to have everything they wanted, their marriage collapsed after news revealed that Jenner had an affair with Todd Waterman. Who is the …

  • Florence Foresti discreet about his privacy is in a couple with Xavier Maingon, but who is he really, to discover, we have the answers.

    Florence Foresti almost never evokes his companion Xavier Maingon. But who is the one who shares the life of the master of the ceremonies of the 45th Caesar?

    If on stage, Florence Foresti thrives with precision …

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    How to choose a parasol?

    For your terrace, garden or balcony, you want to buy a parasol? There are several types of umbrellas, for different uses. How to choose your umbrella to have an effective protection quad comes the sun? Depending on what criteria can you choose a parasol? Fixation, material, strength, aesthetics, location… We explain everything in the following article.

    Article map The

    • different
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    Diet: the harm of chocolate on health

    Today, we are going to touch on a somewhat sensitive topic: is chocolate one of the foods that are bad for health? If chocolate has many virtues, it can also have some health harm . These misdeeds are less known and we would like to go back to the few misconceptions that hover around the health benefits of chocolate. The …

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    How to become an automotive agent?

    The automotive agent, or auto agent, has a particular profession that involves the art of negotiation. The automotive agent acts as an intermediary for its customers. He will go in front of suppliers, negotiate and receive the car or any other vehicle, and ensure that it is routed to the end customer. We explain here how to become an auto …

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    Our opinion on the Peugeot 3008

    Passionate about cars and vehicles? Today we give you our opinion on the Peugeot 3008 (2019). This fairly compact crossover is part of a new generation that wants to position itself against other similar vehicles such as the SEAT Ateca or the famous Qashqai from Nissan. News, highlights… We tell you everything about the Peugeot 3008 in this article.

    Article …

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    How do I know if my clutch is worn?

    Are you having a problem with your vehicle? Your car is skating and you have worries about shifting? How do I know if your clutch is worn out? The clutch of a car is essential to the proper functioning of the engine and your car. We explain everything about the worn clutch.

    Item map

    • Features of the clutch
    • Common anomaly
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    The sedan, the good plan to ride with the family

    The sedan is a car that has certainly had its hour of glory. Very convenient for the family and still as classy, today it retains all its assets. If the general public seems to be hesitant with the SUV, choosing a family vehicle is still difficult to make! Rediscover all the assets of the sedan, this car finally timeless for …

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    What is the best sports car built?

    Want to treat yourself with a sports car? What is the best sports car built so far? Japanese sports cars, BMW, Audi, Aston Martin, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota… Back here on some examples of sports cars that will appeal to enthusiasts!

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    • Sports car at the top: our choice
    • Icons in terms of sports cars
      • Honda, Mitsubishi… Toyota…
      • Subaru…
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    Advertising parasol: boost your visibility

    The personalized advertising umbrella is practical is multifunctional. It is one of the many advertising promotional items that can be placed anywhere, on your outdoor events. You are told all about the personalized advertising umbrella and its use.

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    • Advertising umbrella: don’t stay in the shade Loyalty
    • customers with the personalized advertising umbrella
      • The potential of the personalized advertising
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    Collect parts from a car without a license

    Interested in recovering auto parts? A car without a license can be completely dismantled in order to retrieve the parts from it. An auto part, whether for a vehicle with a license or a car without a license, is recovered so that you can tinker yourself if needed. Today in France, there are many brands of cars without a license. …

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    Motor power: the difference between kW, HP and HP

    Car enthusiasts and enthusiasts love to know the details of the car they are interested in. As for the power of an engine, it can be expressed in several ways. Kilowatts, watt, horses, horsepower or English steamer horse? Here we explain the difference between kW, HP and HP with ease.

    Plan of the article

    • What unit for the power of
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    All about OBD and OBD Click

    Have you heard about OBD system and OBDClick software? Any car manufactured and marketed in the last 20 years is equipped with an OBD port (I or II) to enable fault diagnosis via the OBD system. We explain everything about the OBD system.

    Article Plan

    • What is OBD Diagnostic System?
    • OBD and OBDClick:
      • ObdClick operation: the software that goes hand
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    Create a design bar at home

    Who has never dreamed of having a bar at home? But between dream and reality, arrangements are to be made. To create a design bar at home, follow the guide: we have some small interior decoration tips to give you to make your bar counter a real convivial space open to the living room of your home.

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    • Installing
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    How do I watch Amazon Prime Video on his TV?

    When you want to watch a movie on your TV and access Amazon Prime Video more specifically, there are several ways. Have you heard of Amazon Prime Video and want to know all the ways to use this service? Between the internet, your box, an Amazon Prime Video app … It’s hard to know which channel is best suited to …

  • You are a subscriber with Orange and you have an email address associated with your account? When you buy an offer at Orange with an internet box (Livebox), Orange automatically offers access to an Orange mailbox. If you wish to terminate your contract, is it possible to keep your Orange email address? You are told everything in this article.

    Article …

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    How to locate a smartphone or iPhone?

    Can’t know where you left your smartphone? Have you been a victim of theft and want to know how to locate your smartphone? We explain everything in this full article about smartphone localization, whether it is running Android or iOS (iPhone).

    Article map

    • Find your Android smartphone
      • Google’s settings in Android Locating Android
      • smartphone with device manager
    • Locate your Android
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    How do I keep an SFR email address?

    You plan to cancel your internet or mobile phone subscription with the SFR operator and you want to keep your SFR email address? If you are wondering if you risk losing your email address, then you are in the right place. Follow the guide!

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    • Is it possible to keep your address with @sfr .fr?
    • Keep your SFR email
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    How to dress a wooden wall?

    Do you want to have a wooden wall at home? Dressing a wooden wall can be done in many ways. Depending on your decor desires, you can opt for various styles of warm wall dressing for your wall. We give you some decorative ideas for your future wooden wall.

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    • Redecorating and dressing a wooden wall Wood wall
    • :
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    The walk-in shower

    Walk-in shower is one of the most dreamlike interior fittings when doing construction or renovation work. What are the advantages or disadvantages of the Italian shower, and how does it work? You are told everything about the walk-in shower system in this post.

    Article map

    • Walk-in shower: definition
    • All the advantages of walk-in shower
    • Constraints associated with walk-in shower Walk-in
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    All about project management training

    Project management is a discipline that requires organization and a sense of rigor in the company, but also a lot of flexibility as a team. Have you heard of project management training in Marseille? We tell you all about this training that can quickly lead to immediate employment in project management.

    Article plan

    • Training project management Marseille: become a project
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    The job of collecting agent

    The business of collecting agent is a profession that is much more complex than it seems. It is not just about chasing out bad payers. Want to become a collection agent? You are told in detail about this profession and the training necessary to access the job.

    Item Plan

    • What does a collection officer do?
      • The link between debtor and
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    Holiday home rental: what you need to know

    The summer season is ideal to rent your holiday home or to find a holiday home yourself. To leave serene, we explain what you need to know as a landlord but also as a tenant of a holiday home.

    Article Plan

    • Leasing your home for the holidays
      • Standards for holiday home rentals
      • Duration of the holiday rental of your home
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    The job of recruiting manager

    In the area of human resources, the recruitment officer plays an essential role. Also known as human resources officer, the recruitment officer has as its main mission the recruitment of quality employees but also the sorting of applications. We talk to you in detail about the job of recruiting officer.

    Article plan

    • The role of the HR recruiting officer
      • Skip
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    Does electronic cigarette help quit smoking?

    With the emergence of electronic cigarettes in France, one can actually wonder if this device helps quit smoking. Between yes, perhaps and no, opinions diverge on this famous steam. Overview of the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking tobacco.

    Article map

    • Quit smoking with an electronic cigarette kit?
    • What is the benefit of an electronic cigarette over
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    The profession of real estate agent

    Want to become a real estate agent? To enter the profession and become an excellent real estate agent, commerce must be part of your qualities and passions. We talk to you in more detail about the profession of real estate agent as well as the training and education necessary to access employment in real estate agencies.

    Article plan

    • Real estate
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    How to calculate the thickness of a concrete slab?

    As part of your construction or home renovation work, you need to pour a concrete slab? When it comes to the thickness of your concrete slab, what is the calculation to do and how to know which slab thickness to choose? We give you our advice on the thickness of your concrete slab on the floor.

    Plan of the article…

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    The best payroll software

    In business, the use of good payroll software is essential to the proper functioning of the processes. But what are the best payroll software today? What criteria and features to make your choice when you need efficient and qualitative payroll software? You are told everything below.

    Article Plan

    • Payroll Software: The Best Management Tool Overview of
    • Payroll Software
      • Sage PayFit
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    Classes prepa to large schools: what is it?

    Are you at the heart of a school curriculum in high school or even college and have you heard of prepa classes? What are these and what are the preparatory classes for the competitions of the grand écoles? We tell you more about the prepa class system.

    Article plan The system of

    • prepa classes: definition Prepa classes:
    • the beginning of
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    EARL: Limited Liability Farm

    What is a Limited Liability Farm? This legal form of society implies many parameters and specifics. In this article we will detail what exactly the legal status of the EARL means.

    • EARL

      Article Plan

      : Defining Legal Status

      • Conditions for Creating an EARL
    • Being Associated with EARL
    • How to Create a Limited Liability Farm?
    • Tax Elements for an ARL
    • Benefits
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    Becoming a shoemaker: a trade and training

    The job of a shoemaker implies a certain passion and a recognized know-how. A very masculine occupation by tradition, the employment of a shoemaker evolves and moves away from clichés. The shoemaker does not only deal with damaged shoes, as we often imagine. You are told more about this profession that requires patience, resourcefulness and meticulousness.

    Article plan

    • The job
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    Choosing eco-responsible goodies

    Developing the communication of your company often involves offering goodies. Today, the brand image of a company also depends on the responsible eco aspect of the personalized advertising object. For your advertising goodies, you are told how and why choose responsible eco goodies.

    Article map

    • Responsible advertising communication: the asset of a company
    • Eco responsible and ecological advertising objects: the
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    How much does a recruitment firm cost?

    Recruitment in business is a crucial step in development. This management can take time and energy, and it is for this reason that many companies use a recruitment firm. A recruitment firm’s mission is to find the ideal candidate for a position, while helping the company optimize its management. However, using a recruitment firm has a cost: you are told …

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    Being a school teacher: the profession and training

    The profession of school teacher is one of the most beautiful in the world. You are preparing today’s children for the world of tomorrow. The school teacher may be a teacher in kindergarten or primary school, i.e. the primary education sector. But what exactly does the profession of school teacher (or teacher) mean? Follow our business record.

    Article plan

    • Skills,
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    How to create your business?

    That’s it, you are embarked on a new project and you want to start a business? Business creation is a long-term project. What are the steps to follow to create your company? We give you all our advice for your new business and your business creation project.

    Article plan

    • Business creation: building a project
    • Stages of starting a business
    • The
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    Jet ski insurance: how to insure a jet ski?

    Jet skiing is a sports activity increasingly appreciated by summer guests on the seaside resorts. It is ideal for boat enthusiasts, but like any water sport, the scooter or motorcycle of the seas is not without risk. We explain everything about the rules of piloting a jet ski and on jet ski insurance.

    Article map

    • Jet ski: what you need
  • Laeticia Hallyday Marc Lavoine, the duo reveals their relationship outdoors and thanks to Instagram media, here are the crispy details.

    Laeticia Hallyday Marc Lavoine: Roman, the son of Marc Lavoine, is one of the main friends of Jade and Joy Hallyday who, like their mother Laeticia, wanted to honor him on her birthday.

    In the early 1980s, Marc Lavoine married …

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    Senior : how to meet a mature woman ?

    There are plenty of reasons why a mature man or woman (otherwise called senior) is single and seeks to meet. The problem is that it is really not obvious for a single 50 years of age and older to connect and connect with other seniors. So we will present some techniques to meet a mature woman when one is a …

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    How to open a door without a key ?

    A frustrating experience is practically going out through the front door only to realize that you have locked the handle and left your keys on the entrance table.Worse yet, locking your keys in your car away from home can quickly turn a day trip into a forgettable adventure of a night. Have you had a simlar experience? If so, then …