How to identify the next big coin

The cryptocurrency market is very unpredictable, but also quite rewarding. Many individuals miss out on the market’s earnings because they lack the necessary knowledge. Another strategy for a trader or investor to earn money in the crypto market is to predict which currency will be the next big thing.

Investing in these large coins would not provide as much profit as it did before. They’ll almost certainly result in further losses. But, among the lesser currencies, how can one predict the next major coin?

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Characteristics of the Next Big Coin

The following are some of the characteristics to look for in new currencies to assess if they will be profitable or not:

Trade Volume and Price

A token or coin’s price and volume would decide whether or not it will be useful in the future. The coin with the highest growth rate is the one with the most volume and price. Investors may get a decent notion of which coin has the greatest investor interest by looking at the currency with the highest volume and token.

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While using trading bots, you may examine the price and volume of currencies. Bots such as BITQL, which can be accessed via the BitQL app, Pionex, and others, may assist you in determining the best currency.


Another technique to predict how large a coin will be shortly is to look at its growth potential. The ripple currency saw a significant jump in growth at the start of 2018, and as a result, it has a huge chance of acceptance. Before you buy, conduct some study into the probability of a cryptocurrency’s acceptance. For instance, Ripple was an underrated coin, but it showed potential. However, very few investors realized the potential of Ripple then.

Factor of Supply

All cryptocurrencies have a limit on how much can be mined to supply them. For example, only 21 million bitcoins may be produced and utilized via mining. New tokens for any currency will not be generated when this limit has been reached.

You should examine the total quantity and current circulation of any currency before buying. If the demand and supply for the coin is stable, then there is a chance of stability. Always consider the potential demand and supply of a coin before investing.


Before investing, savvy investors research the price of tokens. When searching for the next major currency, it’s critical to evaluate the token’s price. For instance, an astute investor may spend $5,000 on XRP and BUSD rather than Bitcoin. Why? It’s straightforward. XRP and BUSD are little currencies in comparison to Bitcoin, but if they generate returns, they will be greater than Bitcoin’s.

Final Words

In the crypto market, the next big coin is merely lurking in the shadows, waiting for someone to be fortunate enough to invest before the big break. It is open to everybody, but you must first choose which cryptocurrency will be the next big coin. Finally, visit OSOM to learn about the next big coin.