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  • Tech

    How to change the freebox wifi password?

    Do you have a Freebox and you have subscribed to a subscription with Free? Want to change the original password that comes with your Freebox? We …

  • Car

    Who is Sévérine Meny ?

    RALLY DES VINES DE CHAMPAGNE 2015- The DS3 of SEB-LOEB and Sandra REBOUT in the ES of Bouquigny-Photo-Gaston-Berger At the Champagne Rallye du Vin d’Épernay, GRAND …

  • Travel

    How to preserve souvenirs

    Every time we go on a journey or holiday we are tempted to buy everything that catches our fancy. The joy of family members and loved …

  • Tech

    Who uses chatbots?

    Do you know chatbots? Like virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant, chatbots are tools with Artificial Intelligence for your customers. Contrary to what …

  • Tech

    What is a chatbot on the Internet?

    I had the pleasure of writing an article about ChatBots for the SparkLane Blog . Indeed, since Facebook announced in April 2016 of the availability of …

  • Tech

    What is a Messenger chatbot?

    What is a chatbot? Wondering what a chatbot is? This fashionable term in recent years has several surprises for you. Know all about chatbots According to …

  • Tech

    What is a chatbot?

    Definition of the legal bot A legal bot is a computer program that performs often repetitive tasks in an automated way, like a robot. It is …