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    How to change the freebox wifi password?

    Do you have a Freebox and you have subscribed to a subscription with Free? Want to change the original password that comes with your Freebox? We explain in this article how to enter the wifi code of your Freebox to change it and create a new , more personalized one.

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    • What is a wifi code used for?
    • Where
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    How do I register on Twitter ?

    More than a decade after its launch on the web, the social network Twitter remains an effective means of communication and instant information, anywhere in the world. You haven’t taken the step yet? We tell you how to register on Twitter, the social network with the blue bird.

    Twitter, a powerful mode of communication

    Twitter has undoubtedly asserted itself as …

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    What chatbot for WordPress?

    You’re probably a little familiar with chatbots, or at least seen a pop-up in the bottom-right corner of your computer screen while you’re browsing online.

    Try the free demo But what exactly is a chatbot, and why are so many brands pushing to place them on their websites?

    Read on to find the answers to these two questions, along with …

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    I need research for a specific case

    Sometimes you will need research and then you have no idea where to get it. Fortunately, the internet exists today. So much more is possible than there used to be. You will be able to see for yourself what the best options are for your research. There are generally a few things to look at when looking for something.


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    How to customize your iPhone screen ?

    There was a time when the iPhone would not let its users change the visual aspect of its home screen. Now they are being more lenient and thanks to iOS 14, iPhone users can now customize their screens including your screen icons, wallpapers, keyboard and widgets in an aesthetic way. For the last decade, the iPhone home screen has uniformly

  • Cryptocurrency is widely associated with digital money that is used to purchase things, trade and is staked to earn profits. However, the uses of crypto assets are more than just alternatives to fiat currency. As crypto assets, their uses are broad because the potential of a blockchain is nearly limitless. Here’s an outline of the best cryptocurrency assets and their
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    Who uses chatbots?

    Do you know chatbots? Like virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant, chatbots are tools with Artificial Intelligence for your customers. Contrary to what one might think, chatbots are not a recent invention, but have existed on the web for several years.

    Today, they are increasingly present in our daily lives. The largest companies such as Cdiscount, Air …

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    What is a chatbot on the Internet?

    I had the pleasure of writing an article about ChatBots for the SparkLane Blog .

    Indeed, since Facebook announced in April 2016 of the availability of a ChatBot in Messenger, there is a real craze about this “new tool”.

    Yet it is not such a new tool, since ChatBots were already in fashion in the 2004 years under the name

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    What is a Messenger chatbot?

    What is a chatbot? Wondering what a chatbot is? This fashionable term in recent years has several surprises for you.

    Know all about chatbots

    According to Gartner, by 2020, more than 85% of corporate interactions with customers will be processed without any human intervention. How is this possible? With the invention of chatbots, these personalized assistants who will serve as …

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    What is a chatbot?

    Definition of the legal bot

    A legal bot is a computer program that performs often repetitive tasks in an automated way, like a robot. It is intended to assist you in this type of tasks, or in those that require a significant speed of action or that ask to simulate human reactions.

    What is the difference between chatbot and legal

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    What are the types of chatbot?

    Generally speaking, a chatbot is a program capable of automatically executing a dialog. This essential agent for your conversational marketing relies on a variety of apps, including some integrated with instant messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack or WhatsApp.

    However, there are several typologies of chatbots with diverse functions and well-defined goals. In order to choose a conversational robot …

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    What are the different types of chatbots?

    Popular since 2016, chatbots were initially overestimated and then criticized. Today, they settle permanently in the world of customer or collaborating relationship. Zoom on a phenomenon as popular as it is mysterious.

    A chatbot, in the broad sense of the term, is a virtual assistant deployed on a website or a messaging application (Messenger, Whatsapp,…), capable of managing a conversation …

  • They are everywhere. Chatbots — these conversational bots — talk and exchange with us about instant messengers. True virtual advisors, these interlocutors, with a quasi-human language, offer to help us daily on Messenger, Skype, Twitter or SMS… But what is the value of a chatbot for the company?

    Laurent Eskenazi, you are founder of Aesop digital, a chatbot creation agency…

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    What is the best chatbot?

    More and more brands and companies are offering their customers to chat with a chatbot. They give themselves a modern image, at the cutting edge of technology and customer service.

    But not all chatbots are equal!

    Set up a chatbot on its website is not enough to make it a relevant tool. Still, it must bring a real plus to …

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    Which chatbot to choose for WordPress?

    Do you want to communicate with users via Live Chat? Develop a better version of your page, blog or website? Installing a WordPress chat plugin on your website is certainly the easiest way to achieve this. But how to choose it? And what benefits can its tools bring to your business?

    What is a WordPress chat plugin?

    WordPress Chat Plugin:

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    What was the first chatbot in history?

    Oyez Oyez, we meet this week for an article about the history of the chatbot, from birth to today. Before you start a few keywords to arouse your interest: Test Turing, Eliza, MIT, Siri and Alexa. Keep reading to understand the link between them.

    Definition of Chatbot

    A chatbot is a program that tries to have a conversation with a …

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    Why use a chatbot?

    The 21st century is well engaged and, more than ever, automation of time-consuming tasks is at the heart of the concern. It is in this context that chatbots, a concentrate of artificial intelligence and tremendous invention for support services intervene. But what is a chatbot and why are they essential to your business?

    What are chatbots?

    Composed of the term …

  • Randstad deploys the Randy chatbot in its 650 offices in France. Designed in collaboration with Illuin Technology, one of the French references in artificial intelligence, the tool offers candidates a fun and instant recruitment experience, without a form or resume. Through an informal discussion, Randy is able to identify technical and behavioural skills in 28 trades, including five in the …

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    Where to put a Chatbot?

    The chatbot is to integrate into your digital marketing strategy, but be careful not to fall into certain pitfalls. It is widely sought by users of social networks, such as Facebook, but also on corporate websites. It is, moreover, relatively easy to set up, even without technical knowledge.

    What is a chatbot?

    The chatbot is a customer relationship automation tool

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    How do I use a chatbot?

    by Matthias Clairiot 26 Sep 2018 in Laboratory

    A chatbot is an artificial intelligence system that will allow you to communicate directly with your customers. Today they can be found on several media such as websites but also on applications, mainly those for messaging such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype or Slack.

    These new kind of robots offer many opportunities, …

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    How to use Chatfuel

    Definition of the chatbot

    The sculpin (chat: conversation bot: robot) is a conversational agent , a program capable of communicating with a human user. The conversation is done in natural language most of the time. The functioning of the chatbot involves the analysis and understanding of human language by the machine and the ability of the latter to meet human …

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    How to recognize a chatbot?

    A WhatsApp chatbot? Messenger and Bot are often cited together. The chatbots were until now only known on Facebook Messenger. What about whatsapp chatbots or bots? We have gathered six practical examples.

    And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article

      • WhatsApp Chatbots, WhatsApp Bots, Messenger Bots or Just Bot: What is it?
      • How do I design a
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    How to set up a chatbot?

    Do you have a Chatbot project? Here is the guide from A to Z to create your first Chatbot!

    For some time, chatbots have been at the heart of new web marketing strategies (especially with the use of Facebook Messenger).

    But now they allow us to go further in terms of automation, especially in corporate customer services.

    What are the

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    How to set up a WhatsApp chatbot?

    A Chatbot in general is a program that allows you to chat with users. You can find, for example, on websites, on M essenger or on WhatsApp.

    WordPress Chatbot are well known, because in fact, we see it very often on many sites where when a user addresses a question about the chat, he receives an automatic answer thanks to …

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    How to set up a Facebook chatbot?

    Unable to miss the chatbot phenomenon, so it is essential to learn about how to create a chatbot on Facebook

    Barely connected to a website as a small window opens. Then a conversational agent politely asks you how to help you. Unquestionable success, chatbots have conquered the Web in recent years.

    Marketing and sales quickly understood the many benefits …

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    How to install a Facebook chatbot?

    You have a Facebook page and you want to automate your chats under Messenger . You can use a robot to do it automatically. We talk about a Facebook ChatBot or ChatBot Messenger, this one will chat with your customers for you 24 hours a day.

    I will show you how to install a Facebook ChatBot for free and I …

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    How does a Messenger chatbot work?

    There is a difference between sport and Facebook Messenger: The important thing is not just to participate! We’ll show you seven tips to make your chatbot or newsletter easier to find on Facebook!

    With our seven tips, we make you uncollapsible on Facebook Messenger:

    1. Decide for yourself! Already existing page or new Facebook page for your bot.
    2. Save your bot
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    How does a chatbot work?

    Do you have a Chatbot project? Here is the guide from A to Z to create your first Chatbot!

    For some time, chatbots have been at the heart of new web marketing strategies (especially with the use of Facebook Messenger).

    But now they allow us to go further in terms of automation, especially in corporate customer services.

    What are the

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    How to make a Messenger chatbot?

    The chatbot, or virtual conversational agent, is a small revolution in the world of customer relations. It is both a lead catalyst and a cost optimization factor. Discover everything you need to know about the Facebook Messenger chatbot!

    According to Google Trends, the “Facebook Messenger chatbot” query has never ceased to arouse craze since January 2016. It should …

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    How do I create a WhatsApp chatbot?

    Integrating WhatsApp into its customer service is good. Entrusting the repetitive part of the customer relationship to a WhatsApp Business chatbot is better! But how to create a virtual conversational agent (bot) when you don’t have any coding skills?

    At ChayAll, we work on a daily basis to design solutions to optimize customer service. And the WhatsApp Business chatbot

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    How to create a chatbot for free?

    Chatbots were quickly adopted by both companies and users who see them as a real added value. If you want to create a chatbot even without any knowledge of the code, I invite you to discover these tools. If you are looking for a live chat for your site instead, read our article about the best live chat software.


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    How do I create a chatbot in python?

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a chatbot project in Python.


    Chatbots are very useful for both businesses and customers.

    Most people prefer to speak directly from a chat box than to call service centers.

    Facebook has published data that proved the value of robots. Indeed, more than 2 billion messages are sent per month between …

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    How to create a chat bot?

    Creating a Chat Bot on Facebook Messenger can have many interests for businesses. How is it possible to create one quickly? Without developing knowledge? The ChatFuel tool presented here will allow you to do so.

    In April 2016, we presented on LEPTIDIGITAL the arrival of the Messenger ChatBots, a new way to automatically engage in conversation with Facebook users while …

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    How to create a chatbot?

    Do you have a Chatbot project? Here is the guide from A to Z to create your first Chatbot!

    For some time, chatbots have been at the heart of new web marketing strategies (especially with the use of Facebook Messenger).

    But now they allow us to go further in terms of automation, especially in corporate customer services.

    What are the

  • What is a chatbot? In the world in which one lives, it is an existential or even spiritual question. For those who think of a cat, you definitely need to read this article. For others, we’re sure you‘ll learn something .

    Technology occupies an increasingly important place in our daily lives to such an extent, in fact, that …

  • When we talk about SEO and search engines, we think instantly about Google. But did you know that there are many alternative search engines that have just as much to offer?

    Try the free demo Google is a world-renowned search engine and an industry giant, in fact even the second largest “search engine” is Google Images, according to this study:…

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    Which controller for FIFA 19 Switch?

    Updated on 27 April 2021

    We spent 10 hours analyzing 26 models to conclude that the best Switch controller is the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro because it includes everything you can expect from a controller at this price, namely ergonomics and quality.

    Our Choice, Best Midrange

    8 Bitdo SF30 Pro

    Its design straight from the 90s makes this accessory particularly attractive. …

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    Which office chair to choose for the back?

    • TONIC CHAIR Original Black Balloon- Ergonomic Chair The Tonic Chair is an ergonomic chair against back pain. It is used as an office chair, very pleasant it significantly reduces the weight supported by the spine. 129,00€
    • TONIC CHAIR Original Purple Balloon – Ergonomic Chair The Tonic Chair is an ergonomic balloon seat against back pain. It is used as an
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    What are the features of a computer?

    From its inception, Easy Rental has built a privileged relationship with its customers by the quality of the equipment provided and these unbeatable rental solutions. We always provide you with quality equipment. How we do ourselves to recognize a powerful computer. Here’s a little point to find yourself there. Choosing a computer is a bit like choosing furniture. Use must …

  • Updated on 14 April 2021

    After 21 hours of careful analysis among 45 models, it is the Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Ultra motherboard that wins our preference. A powerful and versatile solution, it combines the best at present in an attractive price/quality ratio.

    Our Choice, Best Midrange

    Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Ultra Designed for demanding Intel enthusiasts, it picks up the best …

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    Why do we use drones?

    They are lining the sky more and more and you hear about drones about every week. But what can we really do today with a drone? Discover examples of using professional and non-professional drones in different areas or sectors of activity.

    The object is so present today that it would be difficult to play the advocates of language: the general …

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    Where are Asus computers manufactured?

    The Asus TUF505DT-AL087T, with its Ryzen 5 3500U processor, NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU, and 512GB SSD is now enjoying a nice price drop on Amazon. This powerful gamer laptop then goes from 999 to 899 euros.

    Unfortunately this offer is now over. Don’t panic, you can find the best deals available now on Android or on our Twitter Frandroid Good …

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    How to transfer data from PS4 to PS5?

    The PS5 is coming and you are certainly looking forward to it. If you are afraid of being lost and not regaining your habits on this new machine, don’t panic. Here is a small tutorial that allows you to recover your PS4 data and get started on PS5.

    PS5 compared to PS4

    The PlayStation 5 arrives in the video game …

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    How do I find a tag on Facebook?

    Facebook introduces this week a new feature that allows its members to no longer just search for a page or one of their acquaintances but also messages posted by their friends.

    The social network improves its search capabilities by allowing its users to search among posts shared by their knowledge.

    Now it is no longer necessary to search through a …

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    How to save a WordPress site locally?

    Backing up your website is not something to neglect. Having a backup of your WordPress site can avoid you many headaches in many situations. For example, if you encounter an error that breaks your site or if an update affects its functionality, you will be able to go back to the saved version.

    Try the free demo Restoring a WordPress …

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    How do I know what my processor is?

    You have just bought a computer, new or used, and wonder if it is properly equipped with the equipment indicated in the specifications description. If it’s easy to find out the size of the hard drive by simply opening the Windows File Explorer, it’s more difficult to find the processor reference (CPU) and the amount of RAM of the computer. …

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    How do I put Google keywords?

    You have difficulty optimizing your keywords from your Google Ads campaigns.

    You’re not alone!

    Indeed, optimizing your Google Ads keywords is a rather difficult topic.

    We can quickly find yourself making a funny head with Google Ads, like the gentleman I chose in the front page, to illustrate my article!

    Because between the different types of correspondence, one gets lost …

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    How to be on Google Map?

    Google Maps is an online mapping service accessible to the public for free. Created by Google, it allows people to locate or locate a specific location . The application is available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

    Using Google Map, you can, from the scale of a country, zoom on an entire street . With fixed shots, you get …

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    How do I get more visibility on Google?

    Today, 69% of French companies have a website, so it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. That’s why, benefiting from a good SEO on Google has become fundamental to improve the visibility of your site and gain more traffic. But how to do it? Passage of essential points in review.

    1. Take the time to select your

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    How to become a good web editor?

    4 / 5 ( 6

    Web writing seems easy in the first place, but it’s not an easy job, far from it. Many people think, indeed, that it is enough to know how to align words to do this job, but in practice it is not that simple. Like any other profession, the writer needs a solid foundation that he …

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