How to customize your iPhone screen ?

There was a time when the iPhone would not let its users change the visual aspect of its home screen. Now they are being more lenient and thanks to iOS 14, iPhone users can now customize their screens including your screen icons, wallpapers, keyboard and widgets in an aesthetic way. For the last decade, the iPhone home screen has uniformly looked the same but with iOS 14, we now with its widgets, we have a mobile operating system designed to give faster access to information.

Customizing your iPhone screen icons

You can personalize your home screen’s icons according to your likings and preferences.

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It is possible through the new ‘shortcut’ application which is build-in in Apple. The concept is not about replacing the apps but creating shortcuts to those apps. The original one stays on the phone, you can move it to your library or a different folder. It is those shortcuts that you will be able to change their makeover and adapt to your style.

The process can be time consuming but it is so worth it.

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Customizing your iPhone wallpaper screen

By default, your iPhone offers you some options as wallpapers but you can also choose to add your own pictures such as a beautiful view, the picture of your children or that of your spouse. However, note that pictures with faces might not be suitable as they are covered by app icons.

To change your wallpaper, just go to the ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Wallpaper’ and choose the image you want.

Customizing your iPhone Widgets

Another major evolution of the iPhone, is the possibility to add Widget to your phone. Widgets are small interactive icons, they vary in size and allow you to have an overview of important information. For example, you can add a widget of medium size to the home screen, it gives you the possibility to watch important information displayed. For example, you can add widgets about your fitness tracking app. You can see your information without having to open it.

To add widgets enter the jiggle mode on your home screen and tap the ‘Plus’ button and choose to add a widget. You can choose the size you want.

iPhone Apps

You can choose your own photos or opt for a third-party application such as Aesthetic Kit that is specialized in customizing your iPhone screen. The App has various themes such as: Aesthetic, Neon, Minimalist, Nature, Christmas, B&W, Halloween, Fun, Color, Retro, Events, 3D and so on. The choice is yours.

Let’s say that New Year is approaching and you want a complete makeover of your phone which will match your New Year resolutions, it is now possible. The designers of the App keep on updating the designs available on the App. It allows you to change your iPhone icons, Wallpaper, keyboard and widgets to high quality images for a more aesthetic way. The App requires a paid subscription but you can still have some beautiful free icon skins

To get an overview of aesthetickit-app, click here: