How do I keep an SFR email address?

You plan to cancel your internet or mobile phone subscription with the SFR operator and you want to keep your SFR email address? If you are wondering if you risk losing your email address, then you are in the right place. Follow the guide!

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  • Is it possible to keep your address with @sfr .fr?
  • Keep your SFR email address after a subscription termination
  • Have access to your SFR email account after termination
  • Automatic deletion of a SFR mailbox
  • Use the SFR mail application

Is it possible to keep your address with @sfr .fr?

When subscribing to a mobile and internet operator, the operator offers you access to an email message. The time of your subscription, you can use the email of your operator, which offers you an email address @sfr .fr . You then choose how to create an email address for personal purposes.

Most of the time, SFR subscribers choose a format name and can then use their email address. It is quite common for users of an internet /mobile/box subscription to have a single email address .

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If you are moving or simply want to change operators, is it possible to keep the same email address at SFR? The Internet and its uses make the email address indispensable. If you only have the email address provided by your operator, do not panic, be aware that the mobile operator SFR allows, following the breach of the subscription contract, to keep its email address beyond the 6 months imposed by law .

Keep your SFR email address after a Subscription termination

The law requires all mobile and internet operators to leave email access to their subscribers within 6 months of termination of the subscription or mobile plan. SFR therefore lets its users and former subscribers use their SFR email address beyond the 6-month deadline imposed by law.

That said, if inactivity is detected for a period of 12 months, then the blocking and automatic deletion of the account can be implemented by SFR. For example, it should be noted that from 6 months of inactivity on an SFR email account, the reception in the mail is blocked automatically. After a year of inactivity, the electronic mailbox is permanently deleted.

If you regularly use your SFR email address and receive regular news in your box mail while returning, this generates an activity . You can then keep your SFR email address and access it from any Internet access point.

After your termination of contract with SFR, no fear, therefore, if you regularly use your account and mailbox. This offer is also completely free even after termination of your box subscription.

Having access to your SFR email account after termination

To find all your mail in a very simple way on smartphone, tablet or PC, you can of course access your mailbox from a browser like Chrome, Explorer or Firefox, or Safari if you are on iPhone.

The easiest way is to take advantage of the SFR offer, which has developed an application to consult your emails safely. Download the SFR mail app on mobile, tablet or PC and simply have access to your email, even if you have been to another internet and mobile operator.

The termination of an internet and mobile box subscription does not therefore include the automatic deletion of the email address attached to it. If you wish to continue to have access to your mailbox, it is important to maintain an activity on it. Sending mail, receiving, replies, sorting mail, etc.

If no activity is automatically detected on your mailbox, SFR will consider that you are no longer interested in keeping your SFR email address. This can take place for several reasons. The termination of a subscription invites subscribers to subscribe to another offer and sometimes to use an email address in connection with their new box and internet operator.

Automatic deletion of a mailbox SFR

Automatically deleting your old SFR mailbox can be troublesome, especially if you have important documents or information you would like to keep.

If you choose to subscribe to another offer and change mailbox at the same time, it is advisable to save your documents by exporting them or downloading them to a USB stick or cloud. If you want to change operators while keeping your SFR email address, be sure to feed it with email, replies and sorting, in order to avoid deleting an email account by mistake, without having saved your data and documents.

It is sometimes possible to migrate an email account, depending on the operator and depending on the possibilities offered by the mailbox. If you do not have any important data but you want to keep some emails, you can also Transfer them to your new email address to keep track of them.

Use the SFR mail app

SFR offers all subscribers and former subscribers the free use of the SFR mail application in order to have easy access to SFR messaging. If you have a smartphone or tablet, nothing simpler.

You can go to the download page of the SFR Mail app, either on theApp Storeor on the GooglePlay Store , if you have a smartphone that runs Android.

The SFR mail application is very intuitive and allows you to have access to your emails very simply, whether you have decided to subscribe or terminate your contract with the box and mobile operator SFR. The activity of your email account can be detected as soon as you log in with your usual SFR login and password.

The SFR Mail app has been designed to be convenient to use and ergonomic for all SFR users. Once connected to the application with your credentials, you manage your mail like on a browser, from a mobile or tablet connected to the Internet. It should be noted that the use of SFR Mail works with all operator subscriptions (not onlySFR).