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  • House

    What coating for a pool beach?

    Covering a pool beach is an important step in the process of developing a pool. The materials used must be non-slip, resistant to chlorine and water. …

  • Tech

    What are the features of a computer?

    From its inception, Easy Rental has built a privileged relationship with its customers by the quality of the equipment provided and these unbeatable rental solutions. We …

  • House

    What space between 2 deck blades?

    To build a terrace, it is necessary to proceed in stages. Tools are needed to carry out this wonderful project of the construction of a wooden …

  • House

    What is the tax amount for a pool?

    A swimming pool gives value to your home. And when she takes it, your local taxes can fly away. In the case of a swimming pool, …

  • News

    When to make the wine of honor?

    Just after the ceremony, the wine of honor launches the wedding festivities. Cocktails with or without alcohol, quantities, culinary workshops, and favorite addresses, today on The …

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    Which tray to choose to do a job in sport?

    Medhi, a student in L3 STAPS specialty sports training in Rouen, presents us the STAPS sector. Subjects, difficulties, internships and opportunities, he tells us all about …

  • House

    Which amperage to choose?

    The charging capacity of a charger depends on the intensity of the electric current supplied for charging and the charging capacity of the battery. In the …