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  • Tech

    What are the types of chatbot?

    Generally speaking, a chatbot is a program capable of automatically executing a dialog. This essential agent for your conversational marketing relies on a variety of apps, …

  • Tech

    What are the different types of chatbots?

    Popular since 2016, chatbots were initially overestimated and then criticized. Today, they settle permanently in the world of customer or collaborating relationship. Zoom on a phenomenon …

  • Tech

    What is the best chatbot?

    More and more brands and companies are offering their customers to chat with a chatbot. They give themselves a modern image, at the cutting edge of …

  • Tech

    What chatbot for WordPress?

    You’re probably a little familiar with chatbots, or at least seen a pop-up in the bottom-right corner of your computer screen while you’re browsing online. Try …

  • Tech

    Which chatbot to choose for WordPress?

    Do you want to communicate with users via Live Chat? Develop a better version of your page, blog or website? Installing a WordPress chat plugin on …

  • Tech

    What was the first chatbot in history?

    Oyez Oyez, we meet this week for an article about the history of the chatbot, from birth to today. Before you start a few keywords to …

  • Tech

    Why use a chatbot?

    The 21st century is well engaged and, more than ever, automation of time-consuming tasks is at the heart of the concern. It is in this context …

  • Tech

    Where to put a Chatbot?

    The chatbot is to integrate into your digital marketing strategy, but be careful not to fall into certain pitfalls. It is widely sought by users of …

  • Tech

    How do I use a chatbot?

    by Matthias Clairiot 26 Sep 2018 in Laboratory A chatbot is an artificial intelligence system that will allow you to communicate directly with your customers. Today …

  • Tech

    How to use Chatfuel

    Definition of the chatbot The sculpin (chat: conversation bot: robot) is a conversational agent , a program capable of communicating with a human user. The conversation …