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RALLY DES VINES DE CHAMPAGNE 2015- The DS3 of SEB-LOEB and Sandra REBOUT in the ES of Bouquigny-Photo-Gaston-Berger

At the Champagne Rallye du Vin d’Épernay, GRAND CHELEM and Champagne for Loeb!

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Faced with fans delighted with his presence and availability, Sébastien Loeb made a real sports demonstration, winning all the specials of the weekend menu on Saturday and Sunday.

The podium was completed by Skoda Fabia by Belgian Eric Cunin and Citroën DS3 R5 by Quentin Giordano after a big fight in which Laurent Viana and Dominique Rebout participated.

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In mixed weather conditions, alternating fine rains and shy sun rays, former Alsatian World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb sailed by his sister-in-law Sandra Rebout, did not make any details, winning all the special events on slippery but dry roads, on very roads precarious. Sébastien Loeb followed the best time, confirming his dominance over the event he had already won twice at the beginning of what would become exceptional.

CHAMPAGNE-WINE-RALLY-2015 — The Peugeot 207 S2000 of Séverine-Loeb-Bouquigny-Photo-Gaston-Berger

Loeb, Séverine, and Dominique Rebout, her brother-in-law, who lined up with a Bastien Racing Peugeot 207 Super 2000, finished fifth.

So the rally had two Loeb-Rebout crews!

At the finish, Sébastien Loeb, who won the wheel of his Citroën DS3 WRC at PH Sport, a structure based in Chalindrey, Haute Saône, confides at the end of the second stage:

“ With the changes in adhesion, we don’t know where the grip is. We discover it every time we change routes. It’s tricky. It went well, but it’s delicate.”

And he said,

“ Easy. I attacked in the long stage. She’s nice. I liked it when she was fighting in dry conditions for the first time of the day.”

For his part, Eric Cunin, Belgian driver of the Skoda Fabia, dropped:

“ Until the last meter, we had to fight. It’s a very nice race. When beautiful fights fight like this, it’s great especially for a first rally in Epernay. I was aiming for a place in the Top 10 and finished second. I will return to Burgundy and Vosgian.”

Quentin Giordano, who drives a Citroen DS3 R5, explained:

“ It was my second race with the DS3 R5. We made mistakes that we pay and good times. If we’re on the podium with Seb, it’s great. I didn’t make the best choice of tires (super soft) for this last loop.”

Frederick DART

Pictures: Gaston BERGER


RALLY DES VINES DE CHAMPAGNE 2015- The DS3 of SEB LOEB in the Special Bouquigny-photo: Gastonberger

1. Loeb, in1:22’59” 7 — 2. Cunin, at 4’46” 6 — 3. Giordano, at 4’54” 9 — 4. Viana, at 5’24” 9 — 5. Rebout, at 5’27” 4 — 6. Galpin, at 6’20” 3 — 7. Barbara, at 7’50” 3 — 8. Blanc-Garin, at 8’43” 5 — 9. Vigion, at 9’09” 3 — 10. Gilbert, at 9’12” 6.

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