What is the tax amount for a pool?

A swimming pool gives value to your home. And when she takes it, your local taxes can fly away. In the case of a swimming pool, several criteria are taken into account, recalls Le Figaro. The local tax is, in fact, calculated from the cadastral rental value of a property.

To affect your property tax or housing tax (some households will pay one on their main residence until 2023), the pool must be fixed to the ground in such a way that it cannot be moved without damage. As a result, even a kit pool can be affected. Everything will depend on how it was installed.

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Ten square meters

The size of the pelvis is also taken into account. As soon as its area exceeds 10 m², the pool will have an influence on the amount of your local taxes. But before starting construction, it is necessary to make a declaration of work in town hall. Later, when everything is completed, it will be necessary to declare the new equipment to the cadastre office of the tax service to which your accommodation is attached. You have 90 days to get in good standing.

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At this time, you will have to pay the development tax to which the construction of a swimming pool is subject. It is calculated from a communal rate defined each year by the town hall and a departmental rate and its amount increases at the same time as the area of your pool. And good news, this tax is only to be paid once.

An exemption

Finally, if your pool is taxable, you can however benefit from a temporary exemption from property tax. To take advantage of it, it is necessary to declare a change of consistency or assignment of built and unbuilt properties, using Form 6704 IL. But be careful, the duration of the exemption will not exceed two years.