What are the reviews on the Bridgestone Turanza T005 ?

Sold on the market since the beginning of 2018, the Bridgestone Turanza T005 tire is intended for all types of vehicles and aims to satisfy users of premium tyres. This tire is available to users in several dimensions ranging from 155/65 R14 to 295/40 R21. With many slats and thanks to the use of the polymer “Nano Pro-tech” in an eraser made of silica, the Japanese designer has manufactured a tire that promises extraordinary performance in the rain and displays the index A for braking on wet ground according to the European rating.

Bridgestone Brand Presentation

Founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi in Japan, Bridgestone is a Japanese tire manufacturing company. The name of the company “Bridgestone” comes from the translation and transposition into English of the name of the founder of the company, thus, Ishibashi means in Japanese “stone bridge”. The Bridgestone brand is one of the best companies in the pneumatic sector : in 2015, the company’s turnover made it the largest tyre group in the world ahead of Michelin.

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Since the group’s main activity is pneumatics, it makes it a point of honor to be present in all segments of the sector: Bridgestone is therefore one of the largest manufacturers . His productions cover all TC4 (passenger cars, utilities, 4X4/SUV), motorcycles, agrarian, heavy goods vehicles or civil engineering. On the European market, the multinational company has a registered office in Belgium, with 9 factories located across Europe and a research and development centre in Italy.

Bridgestone is a brand that innovates regularly and the Turanza 005 tire is one of its latest novelties. Many users have given their opinion on the performance of this summer tire that can also be used in the rain: find the reviews here!

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Turanza T005 Tire Presentation

Designed to help the driver stay in control even in complex driving situations, the Bridgestone Turanza T005 tire delivers maximum braking and turning performance even when driving in the rain. This tire has therefore been designed to guarantee optimal braking and turning in the rain and obtained the mark A in the European labelling for its adhesion on wet pavement. It enables reliable and homogeneous driving while guaranteeing low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

In addition, the high volume of flange strips and a maximized vacuum distribution in the central area of the tire profile ensure the discharge of water into the central contact . This tire also has increased resistance to deformation, thanks to the various links between the shoulder pads, which ensures permanent contact between the shoulders during braking.

In addition, the special rigid steel and polyester reinforcement on the tire also guarantees superior handling and rolling resistance to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. In addition, the new mixing technologyimproves the dispersion of silica in the Nanopro-Tech compound. The synergy of the profile and the raw material makes it possible to optimize adhesion to the surface to improve contact on the wet pavement.

Consumer reviews about this tire Turanza

You’ve always heard about the Bridgestone Turanza tire, but you don’t know what to think about it? Not sure if you need to buy it, because you have no idea of its performance? Here is a summary of the customer reviews who used the Turanza T005 tyre from the Japanese manufacturer!

Good grip on wet road

Reviews of customers who used this tire are positive when it comes to the appearance of driving in the rain. The T005 tire appears as a reliable ally and performance when the weather becomes capricious. However, it is necessary to take into account all the restrictions that are peculiar to all summer tires. Therefore, if the ambient temperature drops and reaches a value below 7°C over a long time, the tire will no longer be able to offer the performance for which it is appreciated. Considering the Turanza T005 for what it is, that is, a summer tire, the level of performance it offers is very appreciable.

A sporting DNA

Vehicle drivers appreciate the ability of this tire to accurately transmit all chassis reactions . Thus, they are informed of the approach of adhesion limits before reaching or exceeding them. This is the main reason why the majority of users of this tire consider it a sports tire.

However, on this point, the results of the tests performed are not consistent with user feedback. According to the results of several of these tests, the Turanza T005 tire is not suitable for a circuit, which is not surprising since the tire has not been designed for sport use. Consumers only gave their feedback based on the driving sensations that the Turanza T005 tire gives them. These reviews can therefore guide those who are looking for such sensations.

The T005: an excellent quality runflat tire

Some users have had the opportunity to test the “Run on flat” system during its operation after a puncture. Their opinions on this option are also favorable. Even after a puncture, the tire ensures exceptional safety and practicality . By the way, users found that the Bridgestone Turanza T005 has a Very high service life and makes little noise.

In short, user reviews about the Turanza T005 passenger tire from the Bridgestone brand go in the same direction. It is therefore possible tosay that the brand has met the expectations of each other and has been on the whole up to its reputation.

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