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    Ile d’Oléron: find a campsite

    For your holiday in Île d’Oléron, are you looking for a campsite with or without a pool? To find the ideal campsite for your stay on the Île d’Oléron, we…

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    Where’s Mecca ?

    Introduction For more than 1,400 years, Islamic civilization has taken the direction of sacred space more seriously than any other civilization in human history. The sacred direction towards the sacred…

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    Getting a visa to Dubai: how to do it?

    Whether you want to visit Abu Dhabi or simply go on a business trip to Dubai, you will usually need a visa to enter the UAE. However, depending on your…

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    Visiting Sri Lanka: our tips

    Why visit Sri Lanka? Is it a safe and welcoming country? When to leave? How to get there? Do I need a visa or vaccines? What itinerary? How many days…

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    Driving well in Morocco : tips to remember !

    To discover the most beautiful landscapes that Morocco can offer during your stay, there is nothing better than driving by yourself. However, this part of the world has a high…

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    What is the direction of Mecca ?

    Muslim prayers have a geographical angle that is not found in other religious traditions. The holiest place in Islam is the Kaaba, a mosque in Mecca, and observing Muslims fulfill…