Japanese lanterns and balls

Are you moving in or looking to redecorate your apartment or rooms? Discover Japanese paper lanterns and balls. This light fixture is highly appreciated as a pendant lamp in any room of the house. You are told everything about the Japanese ball and the interior decoration that will go well with your design lampshade.

Japanese ball of paper: an ideal luminaire

The Japanese ball is a very light hanging lamp shade made of paper. She looks a bit like a paper lantern or paper lantern. Japanese ball paper can be plain white, with pattern, colored (pink, black, fuchsia, blue, red, yellow, star patterns, various colors, geometric patterns, etc.). The Japanese paper ball is therefore a light sphere to hang in any room to enhance its decoration.

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The Japanese ball or Japanese paper lantern is in various and varied diameter, with or without pattern. Easy to hang because it is very light, it is in store in the form of a flat light fixture, the poles of the Japanese paper ball are folded over each other for convenience.

Decorate its habitat with a Japanese ball

Why decorate his house or apartment with a Japanese ball?

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  • The Japanese paper ball or lantern is cheap and remains an ultra accessible luminaire in price terms
  • Having a Japanese ball of paper at home brings light but also beauty
  • The aesthetic design of the ball /Japanese lantern does not overload space
  • You get a very nice brightness with this very thin lampshade
  • This paper lampshade is available in many models , to really choose the Japanese ball you need
  • A Japanese ball denotes zen and calm , what to make your home a haven of peace
  • The Japanese paper ball is a lantern available in all colours and diameters

Choosing your Japanese ball

When choosing a Japanese paper ball, you need to make sure of several small details for your home decoration.

The size of Japanese paper ball

The Size of your Japanese ball or lantern depends on the space of the room. In a small living room or in a large bedroom, you will not choose the same size and diameter of Japanese paper ball.

Japanese ball of plain paper or with pattern?

This is a great matter of decoration, which can lend a smile, but is very important. The light of a room dictates the atmosphere and mood . It’s up to you to see if the colors and pattern of the Japanese paper ball match the mood you want to give to the room. In a dining room, she can go just above the table. In a bedroom, this pretty paper lantern is well in the center of the room.

A light pattern or Japanese or Chinese calligraphy on a white Japanese ball will not change the brightness once the lampshade hangs from the ceiling. The colors of the Japanese ball are to choose carefully: in red, blue, white, pink, green, orange, turquoise or black… The Japanese paper ball is a popular product and is found in various models.

Japanese balls for a party decoration

For a wedding, christening, birthday or any other party, you can also choose a smaller diameter of Japanese ball and make it a hanging garland for your decoration. Avoid damp places that will damage Japanese balls.

Finally, as a gift, the Japanese paper ball or lantern is offered very simply. Keep them in stock, for example, housewarming, or even when moving in. Buy Japanese balls and lanterns online, with careful delivery, and treat a friend! The flying lantern is a nice cheap gift to make or give.

A Japanese paper ball for your Deco

If you are looking for a full-fledged decorative object that can transform your mood, we offer you this accessory. The latter is very affordable, but also practical even if it remains a little fragile. You can then complete the decoration of your room with a Japanese paper ball without spending fortunes and debt. Indeed, a few euros are ample enough to buy these Japanese paper balls that you can keep for a very long time.

  • These items are perfect for decorating inside or outside your home, just protect them from the bad weather.
  • These balls are available in several shades, you will have light tones and others quite colorful.
  • Of course, you will have different sizes depending on the desires, some balls are practical especially for small spaces.
  • Others are much more large and they can dress your walls without any difficulty.

Don’t hesitate to juggle formats, colors as well as concepts, you will be able to fully enjoy quality decoration. In addition, prices are relatively low, you have to plan less than one euro for a copy. With this tariff, so you can buyseveral.