How to choose a H7 led bulb?

A driver must be able to see the road in all circumstances thanks to its headlights and quality lighting. For this and to optimize the use of high beam lights, it is important to know the characteristics of a H7 led bulb. To choose your H7 led bulbs (different from the xenon bulb), we give you a summary of the H7 led bulb, essential on a car.

What is a H7 led bulb?

It is essential to equip your car with the best bulbs in order to obtain a headlight illumination of suitable power. The H7 led bulb is stands out clearly from the market by its power, quality, durability and price . Available as a kit, it is the reference in terms of lighting for car lights.

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A H7 led bulb is a vehicle lamp. She has a PX26D type cap. The peculiarity of the H7 led headlight bulb? It has special filaments that make the light produced white and approximate the light available during the day. The H7 led bulb fits all brands , making it a powerful, competitive and standard bulb.

Besides, this bulb is much more economical than a standard H4 bulb, which requires less electricity from your car’s battery. The H7 led bulb also allows you to have a better vision of the road when you are driving at night.

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There are several types H7 led bulbs on the market. It is the material that will differentiate them as well as the way they work.

Different H7 bulbs for car headlight

It should be known that there are different H7 bulbs. The H7 monofilament iodine bulb, very powerful, the Xenon H7 bulb, with gas and electrodes, and finallythe most common H7 led bulb . Today, modern cars are almost all equipped with these H7 led bulbs, due to their power on your headlights and their durability over time.

How to choose your H7 led bulb correctly?

Whether it’s for your dipped-beam, full headlights or even front fog lights, the H7 led bulb is ideal because it is capable of producing safe and intense lighting. Attention: the wrong choice of a H7 led bulb may put you in danger at night. In addition, riding with a burned light bulb is punishable by a fine of 135 euros and 4 points less. There are 2 types of H7 led bulbs:

  • H7 led SMD bulb
  • H7 led COB bulb

The H7 SMD LED bulb

The H7 LED SMD bulb is the cheapest H7 led bulbs, it has a 360° SMD chip around the bulb. Its peculiarity: it is very bright. You get a very intense headlight lighting but that does not illuminate very far . For unsavvy and unused drivers, this type of H7 LED bulb is not recommended and can be dangerous. If, on the other hand, you are used to it, then no risk.

H7 LED COB bulb

On the H7 LED COB bulb, it is a circuit that is integrated (chip on board). The H7 LED COB bulb is more efficient in terms of lighting . In effect, it will illuminate up to 200% more than a conventional H7 bulb.

The light of the H7 LED COB bulbs is slightly bluish (6500K) and provides comfort in driving and vision. This bulb needs to be cooled (built-in fan) but remains highly appreciated in terms of performance.

You formerly have a xenon H7 bulb kit? You can quite decide to abandon your xenon kit and opt for a kit of H7 LED bulbs, which will be more economical. Preferably choose a kit H7 led bulbs for your car, to make sure you have all the bulbs available and adapted. Order now your H7 LED car or motorcycle lights kit and choose power and safety!