Green tea: when is a cure ?

Green tea is a plant that has many virtues and does a lot of good to the body. It has been exploited for almost 5000 years as a very effective medicinal plant. It should be noted today that green tea can also be eaten as a dietary supplement. Moreover, be aware that green tea accounts for 18% of the world’s tea consumption. But, do we really know when to cure it? Discover everything in the lines that follow.

Detox cure with green tea

Dynveo organic green tea has the ability to detoxify your body. Also, green tea is very useful for limiting the risk of cancer. For example, according to one study, women who drink the most green tea would reduce their risk of breast cancer by 22%. With green tea, you will also be preserved from cardiovascular disease as well as arteriosclerosis. It is also a real detoxification. It is also a product that you need to take if you want to neutralize free radicals. That said, it is a real antioxidant. By the way, be aware that green tea will also help you lose weight, because it is a natural fat burning . It acts especially on the circumference of the waist and helps reduce abdominal fat.

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In addition, if you find it difficult to digest, green tea is often used to facilitate digestion. Similarly, it prevents the arrival of oxygen to tumors. Also, it should be noted that green tea is good for your brain. By the way, if you are facing type 2 diabetes, you can appeal to green tea. Indeed, the present tea has the potential to reduce blood sugar in your body. In addition, by using it regularly, you will reduce your risk of getting this form of diabetes by 42%. You can make a green tea cure to keep different ailments away.

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When is the right time to drink green tea?

Greentea can be drunk in the morning without anything in the stomach. Drinking it on an empty stomach, you will manage to evacuate the toxins which are in your organism. In addition, your body will be well hydrated. After 16 hours, it is not advisable to take green tea especially if you are sensitive to caffeine. Indeed, green tea contains theine. This component is similar to caffeine. However, if you want to take it before sleeping, consider reducing its component to theine by making two infusions. The water of the first infusion contains more theine. Finally, it is not recommended to drink green tea during the meal. It is advisable to take it before or after meals. Otherwise, your organism will not be able to absorb the iron well.