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  • When seeking a firm that specializes in interior, you have to look out for one that creates outstanding projects. Also, an interior specialist who can transform the vision you have into spectacular architecture is the one for you. This is what Miguel Rueda Designs offer. Every homeowner who has a dream will see that dream come alive with Miguel Rueda

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    Which tax tax product to choose?

    With the many tax tax solutions that exist today in France for taxpayers paying taxes, it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice. What investment and tax product to choose, and under what conditions? Update on tax relief schemes applied to the real estate sector.

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    • How to choose your tax tax product correctly?
    • Tax tax with Pinel
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    Recoverable charges rental: the list

    Have you heard of recoverable charges? What exactly is it about? Recoverable expenses are expenses incurred by a landlord in a rented dwelling. Any owner of a rental property may require the reimbursement of advanced expenses to pay these charges. The point below.

    Charges recoverable from the tenant: what is it ?

    The expenses initially assumed by the lessor for …

  • Are you going to buy real estate soon? As a future purchaser, when it comes to signing the sales agreement, you have several options available . You can sign the sale agreement in the presence of a notary or not, or with a real estate agent. We give you all the keys to signing a sales agreement.

    The sale compromise …

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    How to build a damping board?

    At certain stages of his life, man needs to make some investments. This is the case of the birth of a newborn. Indeed, such an event normally requires the purchase of real estate if you do not have one in order to guarantee a stable environment for the infant. However, before taking out a loan, it is essential to know …

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    How to desinherit your children legally?

    In real estate jargon, the term “natural object of generosity” refers to the person expected to receive a share of a person’s estate after death. Normally, the natural objects of a person’s generosity are family members, including children who are entitled to equal shares in the estate of their spawners. However, a parent may legally disinheriate a child in France …

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    Calculation of VAT on merchant margin of goods

    The real estate field, like all other areas, requires some flexibility on merchant goods. Property dealers are professionals who deal with the purchase and resale of real estate. Adjustment at each transaction is a constraint for merchants of goods, who are subject to VAT on the gross margin. They often face difficulties in calculating margin VAT, especially those who launch …

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    Manage your real estate agency

    The real estate sector is expanding. This expansion is not limited to in the city of Paris, but it also concerns all major French cities.

    So, it is crucial to properly manage the accounts of real estate agencies so that they maintain their economic health while staying safe from cash flow concerns.

    How to manage your real estate agency?

    Concretely, …

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    Leakage: before or after counter?

    A leak is an unpredictable incident. In order to take the appropriate action as soon as possible, it is important to detect it promptly. Whether you live in a detached house or a condominium, see through this article the steps to be taken and the rights granted to you in case of leak, before or after counter.

    Accurately detect the

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    Should I buy a mobile home in a campsite?

    Investing in a mobile home or stone?

    Investing in a mobile home can allow you to have a pied à terre for your future holidays. This is often practical in the current context of recomposed families with children who unfortunately live at a distance from one of the two parents. For example, if you live in the Atlantic Loire all …

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    Notary fees of the merchant of goods

    The merchant of goods deals with the purchase and resale of real estate and has the main objective of making a profit. Reduced notary fees are one of the main advantages of merchant status when performing acquisition transactions. Despite this, notary fees seem to be overestimated for traders, who still hope to receive discounts from the notary by “nibbling” on …

  • Real estate investment remains an investment that is both ideal and risk-free. Even for 2018, this activity will still be considered a better source of income. By the way, professionals are increasingly interested in investing in stone. But will real estate still retain its place as a profitable investment for the following year? It should be noted that real estate …

  • Switzerland is one of the countries most sought-after by expats, and not just for its chocolates. It offers a better quality of life. The French, in particular, moved to Switzerland because the wage is high and the distance between the two countries is less. As for the real estate market, prices have declined slightly recently, but they vary from …

  • As a future winner and effective investor, you and I can’t afford to waste time. Real estate is a succession of fairly long steps and deadlines. It’s not about moving to the local dealer, negotiating, buying 1 beautiful car, and getting out 2 hours later behind the wheel of a “pretty passive” that will depreciate over the years (Boyfriend tip: …