How Do You Organize Your House When You Have a Large Dog?

Pets are cute, no doubt, and they make a welcome addition to the family. They’re fun, love to play, provide great company and comfort. However, they have zero organizational skills – except they have been trained. For people with large dogs, it’s easy for the house to become messy. The first thing you need to do is add a dog bed to your bedroom or living room and teach the dog how to stay on the bed when it’s time to sleep.

Keep Your House Organized With These Tips

1. Keep Pet Gear Handy

Dogs love to play and having a plethora of things that constantly excite your dog is important. However, it can be hard to find the right gear if you depend on your dog’s organizational skills. Leashes, water bowls, outdoor toys, and other related items should be kept in a designated station for easy accessibility. Also, put mud-catching mats on both sides of the door. That way, even if your dog has been in the mud, you can minimize the mess.

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2. The Toy Situation

Toys are a good way for your large dog to keep boredom away. Having them virtually everywhere around the house is common. Be sure to put toys in an open box or basket. That way, you or your dog can reach them whenever. Also, because large dogs tend to be more reserved than smaller dogs, they may not need as much exercise. Take them on walks, or have them go up and down the stairs. Some laps on a treadmill can also keep them sufficiently exercised. A bored dog would chew on table legs and tear sheets, and a hyperactive large dog is like a hurricane. Both have their fair share of trouble, so moderate exercise is key.

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3. Sort The Food and Medication

Owning a large dog often means buying stuff in bulk. This also means some stuff can go unnoticed and expire or go bad. Set aside a day every two months or so to sort through your pet food and medicine storage. Get rid of anything not needed. You can also donate the good stuff to your local animal shelter. Remember to store medicines out of the reach of your dog to avoid unfortunate situations.

4. Update Your Grooming Supplies Cabinet

Dogs shed -like a lot. If you’re lucky, your large dog hasn’t got much fur to shed. However, if you have a furry dog, some things can make cleaning fur easier. Get soft-bristle body brushes, a lint roller, stain remover, some nail clippers, and some pet-safe air fresheners. Also, keep towels and extra sheets handy for spots your dog likes to relax or nap in.


Here’s a bonus tip. Even though training your furry friend isn’t fun in the beginning, try to get them started early. Don’t wait until your dog is fully grown to start training them or organizing your home. You want to be careful how often you bathe them, especially during the winter. If possible, take the dog to a professional groomer from time to time. Training your dog and keeping your home organized is bitter work at first. With time, however, things will become easier for you and your pet.