How to preserve souvenirs

Every time we go on a journey or holiday we are tempted to buy everything that catches our fancy. The joy of family members and loved ones is complete when we return from the journey with souvenirs.

Without souvenirs of the place you visited, a lot of fun things you did while on your trip would be forgotten. Buying is not the issue but keeping it. However, when you travel, you can’t bring everything you see in the stores with you. This is why you have to choose your travel souvenirs carefully. Here are 5 ways you can preserve memories of your travels.

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4 ways to preserve souvenirs

Get a place for your souvenirs and travel photos. You can get a display shelf or a small corner in your home where you can put your souvenirs and photos. Items like seashells or framed pictures are better suited to be put on a display shelf. Your mementos can also be placed there as they would serve as the focus and point to start discussions when guests visit.

Decorate your home with an artistic map of the cities you visited

If you especially liked visiting a specific city or a part of a city, you can transform the map of this city into a travel souvenir with Mapiful. Mapiful will offer you a template to personalize the map of your favourite cities, as a poster to decorate your home. Thus, you can be reminded of your favourite walks around the city, with maps of your favourite neighbourhoods.

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Get a scrapbook

Do you have lots of pictures, postcards, and prints? If you do, then getting a scrapbook might be necessary. You can decide to have a scrapbook for all your travels or different ones for each travel. The scrapbook would help organize your photos, stickers, invites. If you do this, any time you go through it you can’t help but smile.


If you are less into taking pictures of your surrounding during your travels, you can purchase postcards. They are not expensive and can be found anywhere. The postcards give a visual reminder of the place you visited, the monuments you visited, your favourite works of art in a museum, or the city places you strolled through. It can be sent to family and friends. You can save them and add them up to your scrapbook or travel book.

Travel journals

Writing has always been the best way to preserve memories. It is a wonderful way to reflect and ponder on your adventures, by describing your experiences and putting your own words on what you did during your trip. Children and book lovers prefer travel journals because it gives an accurate and lucid mental picture of a journey.


With the tips given on how to preserve souvenirs and memories, you can make the most of what you experienced during your journey. So buy whatever you fancy, take as many photos as you want and write as much as you want in a scrap book or a travel journal.