Zodiac Capricorn (character, personality, compatibility)

Are you interested in the horoscope and all the astrological signs? Are you Capricorn or you know someone from the astrological sign of Capricorn? Do you want to know more about this enigmatic sign of the zodiac, determined by your date of birth? Woman or man, follow our Astro Capricorn Guide and discover the specificities of this sign: character, personality, compatibility.

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  • Characteristics of Capricorn
    • Capricorn in a few words
    • The personality of Capricorn
      • Lonely and conscientious
      • A person sometimes hard but very endearing
      • Achieving and going ever higher
  • Capricorn and the love
    • Tenderness and clumsiness
  • Being Capricorn today
    • Compatibility of Capricorn with other signs astrological

Features of Capricorn

Capricorn is the zodiac astrological sign that extends from December 23 to January 19. Capricorn signs the arrival of winter. It’s a feminine sign, cardinal. This earth sign is ruled by Saturn.

In Greek mythology, Capricorn refers to the myth of the son of Hermes, the god Pan. He was born half man and half goat with the gift of music. Capricorn can also refer to the goat that feeds Zeus (Amalthea). When one of its horns broke, the nymphs decided to fill it with fruit, hence the myth of the Horn of Plenty . Amalthea was then placed in the constellation of Capricorn (Capella star).

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Capricorn in a few words

Here are in a few words the terms that define best the person, man or woman, who is of the astrological sign of Capricorn: ambition, social elevation, perseverance, method, maturity . Capricorn is also commonly synonymous with prudence, loneliness, frugality, patience, and to a lesser extent, greed.

For Capricorn, certain values are paramount: he wants to reach the heights and is ready to work hard to prove his worth. He thus fulfills his mission, in responsibility, in confidence, with a strong sense of duty , integrity and organization in his life.

Any native of Capricorn will also be renowned for his great knowledge and expertise in his field. He will be able to show detachment, prudence, restraint, rigor in a way, wisdom in the face of the situations he encounter.

The personality of Capricorn

The person of the sign astrological Aries, in the zodiac known in the West, is associated with ambition . She is a thoughtful personality who does not get into head-down projects. Serious and rather reasonable compared to other astrological signs of the zodiac, Capricorn knows his sense of duty and is assiduous in the field of work.

Entertainment and all forms of entertainment or free pleasures are for him all superficialities. Considering certain activities unnecessary, he will prefer to put his energy into cultivating an honest, straight, reliable life . These qualities are also expressed in Capricorn by its ardor. He often likes to devote himself to work rather than getting lost in the holidays, where he sees too much waste of time. A time he could spend better organizing his life.

Solitaire and conscientious

The native or native of the sign of Capricorn loves loneliness, where it is easier to find himself in his landmarks. He loves to assume himself alone and feels the need to realize himself in the professional field in order to feel the fullness sought.

Having a strong need to prove its worth, Capricorn wants, above all, his employer to give him his confidence: thus, he will be fully realized. Capricorn is conscientious. He feels concerned about social issues and likes to learn from his experiences, but also to cultivate himself.

Over time, Capricorn can embark on a work of introspection that will bring him serenity and inner peace. He becomes aware of his patterns but also of all his qualities, even if it takes him time to achieve it.

A person sometimes hard but very endearing

The experiences of Life will be able to make Capricorn taciturn and hard. He will nevertheless remain endearing in his quest. The years will make him know how to improve himself and learn, while rediscovering himself and learning to become light again. Appreciating simple things will be the great strength of Capricorn, who can sometimes go astray in need of proving everything to himself and others.

If he is a fan of his loneliness, the Capricorn can contain himself and become a misanthropic, which serves his mission! Suffice for oneself is certainly a quality, but it can lead to isolation if Capricorn surprises itself to be delight in the absence of quality interaction.

Capricorn has a cold image that may suggest that it is fleeing the outside world. At the bottom, and behind this shell, Capricorn is a sensitive being . It is also a sign of the horoscope who is quite shy and discreet and can even suffer from his own lonely through. By sending the message that he needs no one, he ends up realizing that this attitude is double-edged. He can then return to his steps, in all areas: professional, friendly, romantic, family.

Achieving and going always higher

Capricorn is known for his desire and need to achieve the goals he has set himself alone. He may forget to think about others, which are essential in his balance. Socially, the native of the astrological sign of Capricorn wishes to realize himself and obtain a satisfactory social position , and then rise again and again.

His ambitions never stop. Increase his earnings, make a career, buy, resell… Capricorn can also quickly be gangrened by its own ambition that can hide a selfishness tinged with greed. The encounters that Capricorn will be decisive to help him break this loneliness and his crazy race to the podium.

Capricorn has few friends, but knows how to be faithful. His heart friends will soon understand how it works. Hard to ask a Capricorn to take time to give to someone other than him! However, this relationship disability can cease if Capricorn opens its eyes to the richness of the relationship with others.

Capricorn and love

In love, the sign of Capricorn is to be discovered! Shy and very complex, he actually has only one desire: to be loved. Once a partner has broken his layer of ice, you can be sure that Capricorn will give the best of itself.

Faced with emotions and feelings, Capricorn is quickly outdated. A little awkward with everything that relates to the expression of his feelings, however, he will learn throughout his lifetime to improve himself and soften his relationship disability. Patience!

Capricorn has a great sense of family despite his personal ambitions. Its balance will be created on its own and will lead to unlocks if it becomes a parent and is located in the transmission.

Tenderness and clumsy

Capricorn’s love life can be filled with pitfalls, as it will oscillate between taking the risk of embarking on a love story and his own awkwardness. These will send him back to reviewing his conquest strategies.

Once “conquered”, Capricorn is tender, affectionate, and even passionate, sensual, fiery. Capricorn is aware of his awkwardness and will know how to review his copy if his partner takes him on this personal journey in confidence. He deserves to be given his second chance, because it takes time to open up to the hearts of others. Once well in its element and skin, without the need to prove or prove itself anything , Capricorn offers stability, confidence, loyalty and durability to the couple.

Being Capricorn Today

Capricorn, in order to develop its full potential, will have to put water in its wine during its lifetime and revisit its ambitious nature . Thinking too much about his own personal realization, he may miss out on the beauties and joys of the relationship with two.

Same in work or with his friendships: the unique sense of the relationship imposed by Capricorn can play tricks on him. Be careful, therefore, to care for the relationship , without letting go of his ambitions.

Capricorn will find answers on his way through meditation, reflection and counting. He will help himself by going ahead and facing his coldness and episodic relational inability. A native of the astrological sign of Capricorn will give the best of himself once he has walked the way; let him read his horoscope!

Compatibility of Capricorn with other astrological signs

Astrological signs in affinity with Capricorn: Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces.

Astrological signs that pose problems to Capricorn: Aries, Libra, Gemini.

Complementary sign of Capricorn:Cancer .