Zodiac Cancer (character, personality, compatibility)

Are you interested in the horoscope and all the astrological signs? Are you Cancer or do you know someone with the astrological sign of Cancer? Do you want to know more about this enigmatic sign of the zodiac, determined by your date of birth? Woman or man, follow our Astro Cancer Guide and discover the specificities of this sign: character, personality, compatibility.

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  • Features of Cancer
    • Cancer in a few words
    • The personality of Cancer
      • Tenacity and intuition
      • A person who needs to evolve safely Cancer
  • and love
    • Sensual and generous
  • Being Cancer
    • Compatibility of Cancer with other astrological signs

Features of Cancer

Cancer is the sign astrological zodiac, which runs from June 21 to July 22 . This is the very first sign of summer, ruled by the Moon. This sign is a cardinal sign and a sign of water , feminine. In mythology, Cancer refers to the crab myth that Hera, the wife of Zeus, placed on the way to Hercules during his second work to be done, fighting against the Hydra of Lerne. Crushed by Hercules, the crab was then placed by Hera in the constellation of Cancer.

Cancer in a few words

Here are in a few words the terms that best define the person, man or woman, who is of the astrological sign of Cancer: Cancer is very family and home. He likes to take care of the home. This astrological sign is very focused on the past and the origins as well as all his childhood history with his parents, including his mother.

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Nostalgic, Cancer is also endowed with an overflowing imagination and greatsensitivity . Associated with the feminine, it represents fertility, gestation, matrix.

The Personality of Cancer

The person of the astrological sign Cancer, in the zodiac known in the West, is associated with insecurity. In this sense, he will be all his life looking for the security he loves so much and will do everything he can to achieve it. As an astrological sign connected to water, it is also considered in astrology as the gateway of souls coming to incarnate in this world. Cancer is of a disturbing nature but also unconscious , in the sense that it struggling to gain access to its pure consciousness and to rise above its crossings.

The personality of Cancer is characterized by its fluctuations, his mood movements, his capricious side. Despite the behavior that this may cause it to have, Cancer is a sign that has a great need for safety, sweetness , a dream of love and compassion. It is there, in this key, that Cancer will raise its consciousness.

Tenacity and intuition

Cancer is known for its tenacious side, whether it be in appeasement or anger! Cancer is a big worried about life that has a great intuition. He loves the crowd , the public aspect: he nourishes relationships and contacts and knows how to make himself indispensable to his people. It is very endearing in this sense, if however he manages to give without waiting in return!

Despite his appeal to the public, he remains shy and protects himself from the outside world. His “crab” shell can play tricks: life will have to teach him to open up, not to be afraid to trust. Unfortunate, Cancer may tend to close and not take the first step towards peace. Watch out for the slurry! Cancer, however, follows his intuition , even if it can be guided by his ego.

A person who needs to evolve safely

Cancer is governed by the need for safety, which sometimes makes it impervious to many opportunities. His familiar world is his cocoon and he is comfortable with his own landmarks . In order to open and flourish in peace, it sometimes takes time.

By evolving in a welcoming atmosphere that heals its need for safety and fear of abandonment, Cancer gives the best of itself! He is marked by his loyalty , his conscientious side and very serious — sometimes too much. A little lightness does not hurt Cancer. The responsibilities entrusted to him are challenges he takes and that he is committed to honouring.

Very attached to work, he tends to go very far and give more than what is asked of him. A latent narcissism, a need for recognition and attention? Mistreated, Cancer can be arrogant, which will prevent it from developing the full potential of his creativity and imagination. His lack of sense of security will lead him to raise barriers and walls. When he is finally ready to let go of these beliefs about himself and the negative aspect of vulnerability, he will be attentive and will be able to enjoy the present moment without fear. With his children, if he manages to open his heart, he will know how to be affectionate and protective.

The Cancer can have a narcissistic pendant that will make it a sometimes sufficient and superior being. If he loves crowds, then it is his creativity that will be able to express himself. Cancer can quite make a career with the public, which will bring him recognition and admiration . Cancer knows how to show itself deeply tender and affectionate to the elderly, whom it gladly helps: great strength!

Cancer and love

In love, Cancer can easily close as a result of clashes or betrayals. Its strength will lie in resilience and its ability not to be overwhelmed in the past and nostalgia.

It is in confidence that he will then give, in harmony with the world of childhood to which it will be important to reconnect. Evacuating seriousness in the couple will make Cancer a reliable and endearing personality . By letting go truly the impression that it is helpless and by standing in the palm of someone’s arms guided by love and not fear, Cancer will flourish and make a partner happy.

Sensual and generous

Great sentimental a little too repressed, Cancer is a very private person. He needs a partner who gives him a great sense of security and will have to free himself from a form of emotional dependence that can scare away. Sometimes possessive or jealous, Cancer has the very good sides of the lover when he is calmed internally. Generous, attentive, sensual and very greedy, it gives and cuddles.

Founding a home will be in his deepest desires, even if life does not direct it in this direction. Faithful once as a couple, Cancer will finally show its true positive nature when will become a parent. This adventure will liberate him and he will devote himself passionately to the protection of his loved ones. Comfort and softness of life are at the key! If his home is endangered, Cancer will pull out the clamps and will be aggressive to protect his interests.

Being Cancer Today

Being Cancer will involve an essential path of fulfillment in order to be able to get away from one’s patterns. Cancer will learn from life experiences to know how to say yes and to open one’s heart. His shell will be hard to break. In the professional, family, friendly or love field, Cancer will also have to learn to disable its beliefs of superiority, which hide a fear of being abandoned and delivered to insecurity.

By ceasing to attract attention, Cancer will be able to showcase its strongest and most beautiful potential: that of giving give. His loyalty, tenacity and hardworking side earned him recognition by his peers. If he eventually succeeded in pursuing a career with the public, he will be able to develop artistic activities with passion. Be careful to work on humility and jealousy: it will be a real force to evolve with serenity in all areas of his life.

Compatibility of Cancer with other astrological signs

Astrological signs in affinity with Cancer: Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo.

Astrological signs that cause problems in Cancer: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius.

Complementary sign of Cancer:Capricorn.