Word: What is the difference between doc and docx format ?

We’ve all used Word at least once in his life. With file format changes, the doc is switched to docx, even if the doc format still circulates. We’ll tell you about the differences between Word doc file format and Word docx file format.

Word: the classic word processor

With Word, a software launched many years ago by the giant Microsoft (with the Microsoft Office suite), it is possible to do word processing with ease.

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With Word, the format doc and docx format have been developed. These formats belong exclusively to Microsoft Word but can still be opened by other software.

Word: what is doc format?

In the Microsoft Office office suite, Word is the dedicated word processing software. Word was developed in the first place with the doc format. This format belongs to the oldest versions of Word.

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When creating a new text document on Word, it will be saved in a format, also called an extension . This extension is in.doc, which means that behind the name of each document you will find this.doc, which tells you what the format of your text document is.

Since 2007 , the docx format replaced the doc format is found in all the most recent versions of Microsoft Office Word.

And the format docx file?

The docx format is a little more advanced than the doc format. When you create a Word document, the software asks you to save it in a format, or extension. You will then have the choice, on a Microsoft Office Word version after 2007, to save your text document in doc or docx format.

The corresponding extension will be the.docx extension and has become thestandard extension of the new Microsoft Office Word format.

Differences between doc and docx

The “x” of the.docx extension means that the xml encoding has passed through it. This xml encoding implies that the document is lighter and smaller in terms of space and weight. Document images are better compressed than with doc format and older versions of Microsoft Office Word.

An xml encoding

XML encoding is also more reliable and prevents your file from being corrupted and unreadable. So the doc format is no longer relevant, even if reading is entirely compatible with a newer version of Microsoft Word. It should be remembered that if you re-save the document, the document is likely to be automatically saved as docx, inreliable order to update the document.

Reading a docx format with MS Word pre 2007

Also be aware that the other way around, that is, trying to read a docx format with a version of Word earlier than 2007, the file can quite be read, thanks to the compatibility mode developed by Microsoft Office. So you won’t have to worry about opening your files in either direction, in any format, be it doc or docx.

Open a document in doc format or docx file?

If you have any doubt about having to open a doc or doc file with a version of Microsoft Office Word that is theoretically not the same, you have a choice:

  • You can download a Microsoft Office Interversion Compatibility Pack;
  • You can force the opening, and you will see that the software adapts itself as it was designed for.

If you do not want to use the Microsoft Office suite, be aware that both doc and docx format can be opened by free word processing software . With Open Office and Libre Office, you can quite receive a document saved in doc format and read it without problems.

Note : The document may undergo changes during conversion, including line spacing andlayout . There may also be some errors on some characters.

All document and word processor editors theoretically support Word doc format and docx format.

An Online Alternative to Open Doc File

By receiving a text file in Microsoft doc or docx format, you can also view it in Google Drive, convert, download, edit, etc.

These alternatives are very convenient because they allow the exchange of files without having to have the entire Microsoft Office suite with you.

However, if you want to download a document from Google Drive , it can be downloaded in docx format but not in doc format, which is considered too old or obsolete.

Now you know everything about Microsoft Office Word files and doc and docx formats. You can easily re-register them with the expectedcompatibility byMicrosoft.