Wool wrench or Allen key?

In a toolbox, there are several elements. You’ve all heard about the Allen key, or Allen key. But do we write Allen key or wool wrench? What is this tool and what is it for in everyday life? The point on the Allen key.

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  • Demystifying the spelling of the Allen key
  • What is an Allen key used for?
  • What does an Allen key look like?
  • Revolutionizing DIY and the world of DIY The
  • Allen key, to effortlessly mount your furniture

Demystifying the spelling of the Allen key

Allen key is written well Allen key and not wool wrench. The wool wrench does not exist. It would correspond to a key that can be used on wool, which makes no sense. The way to write Allen key or key is well Allen. Why is the Allen key called Allen key? The Allen key takes its name from its inventor, who is none other than William G. Allen . In 1909, the latter filed a patent on a hexagonal head screw by cold forming.

The Allen key is found in many sets of furniture to be assembled, regardless of the brand. Ikea, Alinea, etc. The Allen key must be written with a capital letter since it refers directly to its inventor William G. Allen. You can then write Allen key in the modern way , or choose to write key with an f (Allen key). The keyword is more modern while the keyword is somewhat old and refers to an old spelling, always accepted and correct.

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This choice is personal. The French spelling allows the 2 writings: Allen key, Allen key, Allen keys, Allen keys. The proper name Allen remains of course invariable even though you refer to several Allen keys.

What is an Allen key (or Allen key) for?

This tool is innovative in the sense that the Allen key comes from a manufacturing process that allows you to deform a piece of metal without the process of heating the metal .

One of the great advantages of this manufacturing process is the ability to produce many parts and Allen keys in a minimum of time. Regardless of the complex shape of the tool (here, a hexagonal head), this process is extremely economical and avoids waste due to no loss of material.

What does an Allen key look like?

The Allen key has a characteristic shape: the Allen key is L-shaped and is used as a lever arm, rotating to screw and unscrew a screw that matches the Allen key.

The Allen Wrench is a small tool that remains very maneuverable by any person. There is no need to know how to use tools to use the Allen wrench. An Allen key is not larger than a maximum of ten centimeters, if we mention the most common Allen keys.

These Allen keys can be found in the furniture boxes that can be assembled at home with ease and without a screwdriver. The Allen key revolutionized DIY and has allowed novices in terms of DIY and DIY to get their hands to the dough.

The Allen key, by the way, can be in the raw state, i.e. metal color, or painted, black or color, depending on the size and manufacturer of Allen keys.

Revolutionizing DIY and the DIY world

The world of DIY and small tools has literally been revolutionized by the arrival of the Allen key. Today it is very simple and fast to Assemble a shelf, bed, cupboard as a kit or any storage cabinet thanks to the Allen keys. The parts of your furniture in kits come together with simplicity and a rather disconcerting ease!

Many brands make their own Allen keys and offer them in different sizes. Just as with “normal” keys, these massive and heavy tools, there are several sizes of Allen wrenches. These are usually found in general or specialized trade in the form of small keychain to be transported everywhere in a very convenient way.

You need to pick up a second-hand piece of furniture and you didn’t plan that it wouldn’t fit into your trunk? With your Allen key or keychain of various sizes of steel Allen keys, you can disassemble and assemble your furniture in a blink of an eye and effortlessly.

The key Allen, to mount his furniture effortlessly

The very principle of the Allen key, with its L-shaped shape, is to rotate lever . Thus, you do not use your force because it is transposed to the screw effect of the Allen key.

You’re not used to assembling furniture, DIY or DIY at home? All you have to do is make your own opinion on the ease of use of the Allen key. You find your keychain of Allen keys in general trade (large stores) or specialized (DIY store, for a few euros, and with all common sizes of Allen keys .