Why use a chatbot?

The 21st century is well engaged and, more than ever, automation of time-consuming tasks is at the heart of the concern. It is in this context that chatbots, a concentrate of artificial intelligence and tremendous invention for support services intervene. But what is a chatbot and why are they essential to your business?

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What are chatbots?

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Composed of the term “cat” — the online chat and not the animal — and the term “bot” for robot, the chat bot is software. It relies on artificial intelligence that allows it to adopt natural language and chat with users directly from a website or instant messaging app. A chatbot encourages conversions in an Inbound Marketing strategy by example.

How does this conversational agent work?

Let us take the example of the Ouisncf website and its chatbot, which is an example in this matter.

The banner of the cat bot Ouisncf is located at the bottom of the homepage of the site

With this chatbot, we can have access to all trains in the SNCF network and their schedules. We can also know their availability and book them directly via the bot. He’s a voice and text conversational agent.

More globally, once the conversation is started, chatbots will use different applications and rules to understand the query. They will then propose actions to the user, in real time, to respond to the requested request.

A chatbot, what to do?

Simply to create an exchange with the site visitor, the goal is to become a conversational agent and respond to the questions of Internet users, from the simplest to the most precise. It must be efficient and efficient.

We will see it afterwards, but the chatbot can be a real saving of time and money externally as well as internally.

Launching a chatbot is therefore an important decision, it is a strategic project that needs to innovate in the relationship you have with your customers and must satisfy the information needs of customers.

Significable benefits

Answering common questions

Customer service is often mobilized to answer the same questions, problems logging into their account, tracking orders etc… Using a chatbot can answer these questions using the FAQ as source for example. Thus, the support team will have more time to focus on important topics .

Decrease costs

The chatbot will be able to respond to all requests, as long as the information is in its applications. If the customer still wants to talk to a human about an intervention, they will only have to ask for it and the chatbot will pass on to the company’s teams.

Decrease request processing time

As the first point of contact with the company, the chatbot eliminates all recurring issues. Its availability allows it to respond quickly and at any time, which has a strong impact on reducing request processing time . Finally, it pre-qualifies the requests, responding to all requests to which it can respond, before transmitting the others to the support team.

Put customer experience at the center of the strategy

The big advantage of a chatbot is its availability and the resulting satisfaction. It is available to answer questions from Internet users at any time, and it always transmits the information corresponding to the request. A customer who does not wait is a happy customer.

Responding to internal requests

Internal topics such as human resources, technical or legal issues are often a source of tension between teams. The workload that prevents teams from effectively communicating information to each other. A chatbot will give access to information quickly by ensuring anonymity of questions, allowing questions that may seem stupid. It will also provide statistics on demand and will have no problems responding to recurring questions, unlike your employees.

More than a lead generator

Starting a chat with a chatbot is a proof of interest in your business or products and therefore makes the visitor a prospect. It is then up to the bot to help with the conversion of this prospect by accompanying him during the conversation, giving him the information that accurately answers his questions. Finally, to generate a real conversion, the bot will be able to offer the download of a white paper, a discount on your products or a registration form for your newsletter.

More than a conversational agent, a sales platform

Chatbots also have an advantage that is not always put forward, that of allowing the customer to pay for their purchases immediately and without leaving the chatbot interface . The bot can also record regular customer information and thus facilitate the entire purchase process.

In addition, they allow to automate the entire purchasing process , guaranteeing a saving of time and money for the company while increasing sales.

In conclusion, chatbots, although recent and in full development, offer your business benefits that will allow you to take the lead over your competitors.