Who needs to take care of the bachelor party?

Absolute temperature records recorded during last week’s heat episode remind us, summer has finally arrived. And as every year in the beautiful season, hundreds of thousands of couples will say “yes” and unite for better and for worse. Before the stress of preparations, where every detail of the ceremony needs to be carefully checked, the bride and groom give each other a few days of respite with their friends at traditional “bachelor parties”. Somewhat to release the pressure before that day that must remain as the happiest of their existence. But what to do to celebrate your EVG/EVJF with dignity?

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missed EVG companies around the world

The question comes back tirelessly before each marriage. Where to celebrate his bachelor party and with how many people? To put an end to these organizational galleys, Alexandre Martucci and Aurélien Boudier launched their company “Crazy-EVG” in 2010. This online travel agency offers to take care of the bachelor party of their customers from A to Z. The groom can choose from 75 destinations in France or abroad (Budapest, Prague, Barcelona and even… Las Vegas). Crazy-EVG then takes care of booking tickets and on-site activities to satisfy every bunch of friends. But since 2017, both entrepreneurs see even further .

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Villas designed to spend an unforgettable EVG between friends

With the success of their formula, Alexandre Martucci and Aurélien Boudier decided to diversify their activities with the “Crazy Villa”. The principle is simple. The two young men have renovated and refurbished 5 secluded villas in the countryside to transform them into real paradise for bands of buddies. Games rooms, billiards, table football, large reception rooms, heated swimming pool, multisport field in the property, the “Crazy Villa” offer all kinds of activities without the slightest neighborhood in the surroundings. These large residences, all located less than 2 hours in Paris (two in the Loiret, two in Eure-et-Loir, one in the Yonne) were designed to accommodate 32 people thanks to the dormitories arranged on square.

And success is at the rendezvous. If both entrepreneurs hoped to fill them at least 50% of the weekends of the year to make their investment profitable, the Crazy Villas now display full on average 48 weekends a year, in addition to a few weekdays bookings. In addition to the EVGs, these homes are popular with family cousinades and companies that organize seminars there. Between 2000 and 2500 euros rental per weekend . Very advantageous rates when the 32 berths of the villas are busy. Building on their success, the two bosses would like to open 50 new homes by 2022.

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