Who is Omari Hardwick’s “Power” wife, Jennifer “Jae” Pfautch ?

Power fans had the pleasure of seeing his star, Omari Hardwick, play the role of Ghost for six seasons. It’s no secret that Hardwick is a candy for the eyes and women enjoy his scorching love scenes aired on the show. Unfortunately for them, they have no chance with their TV crush. Harwick is a happy married man and father of two children. He has been married to Jennifer Pfautch-Hardwick since 2012 and was with him long before he took the decisive role of his career.

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Who is Omari Hardwick’s wife, Jennifer “Jae” Pfautch-Hardwick? Omari Hardwick and Jennifer Pfautch 2017 | Shannon Finney/Wireimage

Pfautch-Hardwick remained private compared to her Hollywood husband, but she had her own professional success, and at one point she was the highest in their relationship. She started public relations as an advertising assistant with the famous Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for a year before becoming a celebrity publicist with Paradigm Talent Agency.

Not sure of you, but the more I live, the more I realize that life is an exercise in managing disorder. Young me really wasted too much time trying to erase my beautiful human mess. I was not yet aware that each of us comes with emotional disorder, soul disorder, mental disorder, family disorder, stress disorder, disorder of abandonment, disorder of fear… I could continue for days. I was afraid MY mess would make me imlove, difficult, too much, not enough… This fear instigated two things. My hiding place from my mess until I understand how to better handle with it (not the most movement ♀️) and 2. My first dive into the course of treatment, forgiveness, healing and organizing my disorder. (Thanks to my Hubbz for always being a master to keep me lovingly honest on my ownYou see, the mess won’t go anywhere, you can’t erase your past or experiences (mess makers) BUT you can learn where to put what. You can “Mary Kondo” get out of your drama so that when others enter your life, they enter into an organized chaos that you put in her place, rather than joining a crap show that you have ignored. You can’t arrange what you didn’t unpack. NOW, old me, greets others into my mess because I am at peace with her. I know where he comes from, why he’s there, where he put it if he sneaks again AND most importantly, I can confidently say that my “mess” helped me make who I am today and I love the crap of introducing myself. ❤️ #Life #Lessons #EmbraceTheMess #TheProcess #TheJourney #ILoveJesusButICussABit

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Source: Instagram Pfautch-Hardwick received his official training for the company as a communications major at Lutheran University of California. She did an internship at NBC’s Primetime Entertainment advertising department in Burbank, California during her college career.

After the start of Hardwick’s career and they founded a family, Pfautch-Hardwick changed speed and left the world of public relations. According to her website, she now uses her platform to promote positivity through motivational blogs. His website also offers advice on lifestyle for the everyday woman, including fashion, relational tips and recipes.

Exactly 11 years today, I heard the news that no future mom can ever prepare to hear…” Jae, I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat.” My ears began to ring and the coin swirled around me. How could this happen? I was not at first and “ify” the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I was almost 8 months old. How could he be gone, my God? ? ? What happened over the next two days was the most difficult, heartbreaking and invigorating experience that Omari and I have ever gone through. So many questions have been asked, none of which I wanted to answer. I didn’t want to be there… you want to deliver it vaginally or by cesarean section? Do you want to bury him or create it? Can you sign this? Can you take that? It was so routine for them, but it broke my life. It is impossible to explain the devastation of a pregnancy loss if you have not experienced it. You so desperately want someone to understand your pain, but you do not wish to experience anyone. People advise you to “try again,” or they think that you will find comfort in their misplaced words of “God makes no mistakes.” There is nothing anyone can say to alleviate the anguish of housing another soul and then the void that replaces it after a loss. No one can turn you away from the illogical blame you put on yourself or from the overwhelming feeling that you, your body… have failed. For those who are in this unique and paralyzing pain of losing a baby, know that it is better. The pain decreases but love remains. For those who are trying to comfort a mom who has lost a baby, be silent but be so present. Let them talk, remember or say nothing. Let them cry, look strong and lose everything again. Never tell them when they should be “on”, there is no erase sadness, just learn where to put it. To all my sisters who are in this twe sorority never asked to be part of, I know your pain, your fear, your anger, your confusion and I understand your unanswered question. You’re not to blame. You’re enough. I continue to share our experience in the hope of reducing any woman feeling alone in this situation and to show that there is light on the other side.

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Source: Instagram She is a great supporter of her husband’s work and is often alongside Hardwick at entertainment events. Her Instagram account is filled with family photos and artistic photos of herself and her favorite things.

Omari Hardwick publicly shared his love for his wife

Hardwick kept his family out of the spotlight as much as possible through access to the media. They hardwicks try to raise their two children, Nova and Brave, with as much normality as possible, despite Hardwick’s acting career.

And so she prayed… for a man born under perhaps the same zodiac star as hers. She prayed that this man would accept his star. & UNAPOLOGETICALLY. After hearing a sermon by Reverend John Gray on the dominion… This woman (you… Jaebird) asked God to allow this man (me) to embrace my dominion on my march in this industry. In every role I would ever play. In front of the camera and behind. Dominion is defined by words synonymous with weight and merit. Words like power. You prayed that I would embrace the power you thought you expected, but that you knew I was already born with apology. You & The Big Man top must have a cool shortcut between each other because your prayers were answered very shortly afterwards. We all have power in our own right. The more you have, however, the more duty there is, the more “clock” is needed. Mine came in the form of a job withthis title. #Power. Then God brought it in the form of my abnormally high amount of octane of spiritual, mental, physical and physical gifts emotional… shared with legions of people. Including the most important of these shared gifts… YOU Talking of OWN… hats to you @oprahmagazine for recognizing what her fans all do… the power of Jae & the journey she shared with so many people even when she is received with repelling. @mrsjaeh… your journey has advanced in the class of grace, love, compassion and resilience. A Journey NO DOUBT #PoweredByGod A trip that included the complexity of ALL the ghosts in me when the cameras were down… for 1,080 days. #GodGotTheLongestRedCarpet #HesTheOnlyInterviewerOnIt #ThePrayerOFaMamaBear. We love loving you mom bear _______________________________ Grooming: @billieegene @staycaked @ryancunninghamhair Adjustments: @dapperdanharlem The Power: @God

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Source: Instagram Their relationship has been criticized extensively because of an interracial marriage. Many fans, especially women, criticized Pfautch-Hardwick in particular, and his appearance. Hardwick always came to the defense of his wife.

In a memorable debate with a fan, Hardwick responded to a fan who called on the popular radio show, The Breakfast Club, and complained about Hardwick’s reaction to his photo request, and he screwed her for not recognizing his wife or children — who he was with at the time.

“ It can be half a look “hi”, that’s all we need. Recognize that it is a breathingentity,” he said of the event. “Lack of respect is a lack of respect. Every day of the week and two Hardwick then posted an open letter to his family on Instagram about the incident.

Dear Super Nova & Brave Boy, When you get older, you will read things about your dad and mom. Some of these things will be true. Some of these things could not be the farthest from the truth. For the latter… I say this: Your Dad cared about his fans (especially his real ones) ALWAYS. But Dad will never care about anyone more than me about you two. Nobody and nobody made your daddy. God made your dad. And your mom. We were that kind of thing. And God blessed your dad with so many colors that many were confused about who I was. They can read this with both of you if need be. I was someone who struggled with glory who came with all that God blessed me. My negotiation with God was: Ok I’m going to make glory… as long as the FAME minus the E = remains the most important thing for me. Nova & Brave, you’ll read too much as you say that their father or relative who was in your dad’s position… neglected them or forgotten that they were his inheritance. Not his performances within characters and history. Read this: I WILL NEVER FORGET. Including that day off when all I wanted to do was focus on you. Not a drama in which I haven’t been paid to play. #iRepeatRelax #MaybEiWontChangeTheFaceOfActing #BuTiCanHelpChangeTheFaceOfCelebrity #AndARTistry #ThankYouFans #LoveYouGhostRiders #LoveMyBrotherJamilForHavingMyBack #MamaBearJaeYouStrong #LOOOOVEyouNOVABRAVE ❤️

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Source: Instagram Hardwick also credited his wife for saving him and having taken care of him in his darkest days. The actor revealed that his wife prayed for him to land the role on Power, which brought his career to the next level. When she spoke with Ebony Magazine in July 2018 about Harwick’s praise, she explained that she was simply encouraging him.

“ I wouldn’t say I convinced him to play the role in itself,” says Pfautch-Hardwick. “His soul knew it was time to embrace what God had for him in his career, and to do that, Ghost’s role was the next step in this process. Honestly, I said very little; just enough to remind him of his call and purpose.”

It’s amazing to see that in the chaos of celebrity Hardwick has a solid foundation.