Who is Austin McBroom and why is he currently dragged by the YouTube community ?

By the time we thought we had reached the end of the YouTube scandals, another came to the spotlight.

Over the years, YouTubers have been confronted with intense reactions to their past actions, and Austin McBroom is now witnessing this.

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Social Media Personality Austin McBroom | Paul Archuleta/ The content creator is accused of infidelity and rape by a YouTuber colleague and while many of his loyal fans stand in solidarity with him, others no longer support McBroom and his career on YouTube.

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McBroom became famous with its popular YouTube channel

There are a few YouTubers who have met our radar in recent years, and Austin McBroom is one of them.

The native of Southern California gained fame in 2016 after the launch of The ACE Family account on YouTube.

TO At the time, the channel included vlogs that followed McBroom, her girlfriend Catherine Paiz, and their newborn daughter, Elle, throughout their daily lives.

Viewers loved watching this family joke, challenging and enjoying unforgettable family moments together.

Many videos have been devoted to McBroom and Paiz dates and flourishing romance. In August 2017, McGroom proposed to Paiz and the following year the couple welcomed their second child, Alaïa.

Austin McBroom of the Ace and Catherine Paiz family | Alberto E. Rodriguez/ for Thirst Project Fans have seen the rise in the fame of this YouTube family and their number has increased dramatically over the past three years.

Today, The Ace Family has 17.7 million subscribers, but after recent allegations against McBroom, it seems that begins to decrease.

He is now charged with sexual assault

On October 14, McBroom found himself at the centre of an unexpected allegation and his fame of the internet could perhaps pay the price because of this.

It all started when makeup guru and YouTube vlogger Cole Carrigan posted a video titled “The Truth About The Ace Family”.

In the video, Carrigan states that McBroom raped a woman while her father and guardian were present in the same room.

Carrigan presented text messages that he believes were a dialogue between the woman and McBroom, as well as pictures of bloody bedding from the alleged incident. He also claims that YouTuber Keemstar of the “Drama Alert” channel was paid $500,000 by the family to keep quiet about it.

Carrigan also shared several messages from viewers and fans claiming to have had an inappropriate dialogue with McBroom.

Although these allegations have not yet been proven or verified, this has not prevented fans from calling McBroom and his so-called social media actions.

McBroom has since delivered one which reads as follows: “If you haven’t heard, I have recently been the victim of extortion, defamation and slander. I knew it was a cold world, but I never guessed anything so worrying to me. Thank you to all my Ace family members for all your concerns and thank you to those who know my character and heart.”

I hope you really understand what’s going on here… pic.twitter.com/rq2heobfnw

— Austin McBroom (@AustinMcbroom) October 15, 2019 Paiz also responded to allegations on social networks tweeting: “I don’t know who is the worst? The person who photoshop conversations OR the people who believe in it? NEXT. I can’t break us, ever.” she added, “I literally died of laughing with everything that happens.”