White tongue: the effective grandmother’s remedy

Did you notice any white traces on your tongue? Perhaps this is a mycosis of the tongue, also called white tongue. What are the remedies for mycosis of the tongue and how to recognize the first signs of it? You are told everything about the pathology of the white tongue.

The remedy that works against the tongue

When it comes to oral health and hygiene, white tongue syndrome is commonly returned. A white tongue can denote many worries, but notably mycosis of the mouth,white much less known than genital mycosis but reflecting a similar problem. What solution is there to get rid of a white tongue and its drawbacks?

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One of the best known remedies for treating white tongue is the use of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. A doctor’s consultation will determine whether or not this is a mycosis of the mouth and whether it is advisable or appropriate to start a local treatment with baking soda.

Preparing his remedy for the white tongue

  • Baking soda prevents the proliferation of oral fungus thanks to its antacid properties.
  • Prepare a baking mouthwash with 1 teaspoon of baking soda diluted in 100 ml of water
  • Make a mouthwash morning and evening with the solution

By following this remedy, you give yourself every chance to regain the health of your teeth and mouth. That being said, before embarking on any simple remedy, it is important to successfully recognize the signs of mycosis of the mouth.

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White tongue: recognize the symptoms of this mycosis

Mycosis of the mouth can be a sign of many imbalances in the mouth. If the causes can be diverse and varied, it is important to know how to quickly recognize mycosis of the mouth in order to preserve your oral health as long as possible.

Acting quickly, it is possible to prevent the proliferation of bacteria responsible for mycosis of the mouth, also called candidiasis. This condition affects more people than we think, notably due to the use of antibiotics and the weakening of the immune system.

Signs that should alert you

The signs of the white tongue are quite marked and recognizable:

  • Tongue of color and appearance white and not red/dew;
  • Progressive occurrence of plates of color and whitish appearance, resembling curdled milk;
  • Potential burning or pain sensation;
  • White plaques do not disappear even after drinking;
  • Mycosis or candidiasis of the mouth may be associated with loss of appetite in some cases.

Do you have any doubt about the symptoms you have? Consult a doctor is Recommended, in order to establish an accurate diagnosis on your condition. This diagnosis in turn will allow to be able to prescribe a suitable and adequate remedy. The balance of the flora of the mouth is fragile : it is important not to try to treat yourself alone without taking precautions and without serious consultation.

Many diseases of the mouth exist and can affect the taste buds, tongue, teeth, etc. To find out exactly what pathology or disease you are dealing with, only a medical diagnosis will guide you professionally, even if the pathology of the white tongue does not seem important to you.

White tongue: when to worry?

If the white tongue appears suddenly and not gradually, it is necessary to consult urgently. Whitish deposit can be thick, painful and even burn and cause great difficulty in swallowing and swallowing.

A doctor will examine your tongue and analyze your symptoms. He may take a blood test if he deems it necessary.

Possible causes of the appearance of white tongue

Alcohol, cancer, food, dental problems, tobacco, stress… What is the cause of white tongue and how can this mycosis make its appearance?

The causes of a white tongue are diverse and varied:

  • An infectious cause and fungus: candidiasis, often occurring after taking antibiotics
  • The presence ofaphthae may be accompanied by a white tongue
  • Gastric reflux may be responsible for mycosis
  • Constipation can also be the cause of a white tongue
  • Tobacco use can promote development of a white language
  • Stress can promote the development of mycosis of the mouth
  • Taking certain medications may permanently unbalance the oral flora (antidepressants, antihistamines)
  • An allergic cause is not ruled out.

The properties of baking soda against the white tongue

Baking soda, advisable as a grandmother’s remedy, has various properties well-known to our ancestors.

If it acts effectively against the proliferation of bacteria present on the tongue and in the mouth, it is because baking soda has antacid properties .

Baking soda is therefore used to prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria, but will not cure the cause of mycosis.

Treating the causes of the tongue

In any case, it is important to cure the cause of the white tongue and not the symptomswhite . That is why it is essential to consult in order to have a serious medical opinion.

If, for example, the cause of your mouth fungus is reflux, it will be necessary to tackle reflux itself. If it is constipation, idem, it will be necessary to cure constipation upstream. If cancer therapy is at the root of your problem, then it will be necessary to take your pain in patience and think about a more comprehensive solution of care.

An anti-fungal agent may be prescribed by your doctor in case of proven candidiasis.

How to avoid the appearance of white tongue?

Some tips to avoid the development of mycosis of the mouth:

  • Hygiene: brush your teeth 2 times a day minimum
  • Make baths from Mouth adapted
  • Sprinkle baking soda from time to time on your toothbrush
  • Food hygiene: drink enough water and eat healthy
  • Fermented nature yoghurts are indicated in oral healthoral-dental.