Which tax tax product to choose?

With the many tax tax solutions that exist today in France for taxpayers paying taxes, it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice. What investment and tax product to choose, and under what conditions? Update on tax relief schemes applied to the real estate sector.

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  • How to choose your tax tax product correctly?
  • Tax tax with Pinel law
  • Less conventional tax products

How to choose your tax tax product correctly?

By reviewing the various solutions available to you, your choice will be based on several criteria:

  • The geographical area of your investment;
  • Your tax will determine your choice: the most taxed will choose more interesting tax tax solutions;
  • Depending on your financial capacity, income and eligibility , some tax tax products will not be available.
  • Ceilings strictly cover most tax products, so your project must comply with these imposed ceilings;
  • The choice of the new or the old one .

Tax tax is a simple principle that allows you to make a real estate investment while recovering part of your investment, in the form of a significant tax advantage. Reduction, deduction, recovery of VAT, etc. Tax relief solutions sometimes allow you to become an owner without contribution , which minimizes effort and maximizes your chances of making your investment, subject to eligibility conditions.

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Se launching into a tax system and in a real estate investment implies a certain knowledge of the sector. Its main advantage? You create wealth effortlessly by building on your income tax savings. If you are planning a retirement and already thinking about your wealth transfer, investing in tax is a practical solution to become a homeowner while investing in stone in a sustainable and profitable way .

Tax tax with Pinel law

Tax tax under Pinel law is the best known classic way of reducing taxes. If you are willing to invest in real estate, then the Pinel law guides you and encourages you to make a profitable investment in new real estate to make rental. For 2020, the Pinel law applies to zones A, A Bis and B1 , so-called tense areas in the real estate. With high demand for rental, investment in the new is strongly encouraged by the state.

The Pinel device allows you to benefit from a tax reduction of 12%, 18% or 21% of the initial amount of your real estate investment in new. You agree to the respective periods of rental of the property of 6 years, 9 years or 12 years . One of the essential conditions of the Pinel tax incentive law is that it allows you to make 2 investments or acquisitions maximum per year, within the double limit of 300,000 euros, and 5,500 euros per square meter.

Less conventional tax exemption products

Among the lesser known tax products available to any taxpayer in 2020, you will find:

  • Industrial Girardin : this investment is oriented towards a certain sector of activities, in the overseas. Its profitability will fluctuate between 11% and 28% depending on the modalities;
  • Pinel Overseas : just like the classic Pinel, it is possible to make its investment in Pinel Overseas. This measure restarts new building construction and responds to a demand;
  • Managed furnished rental : this is the NPMA, which makes your life easier, just like theCensi-Bouvard device. The investment involves non-professional furnished housing. Its profitability can range from 11% to 25% depending on the date of acquisition of the property;
  • The Denormandie scheme : the investment is made on old real estate and is entitled to a tax reduction. The counterpart is to carry out a certain type of renovation work, on real estate located in areas defined.
  • The Malraux law : with the Malraux law, you are also in old real estate and heritage. The tax reduction can range from 22% to 30% of the amount of work performed.