Which packaging to choose for your goods ?

Creating your business is a giant step in the business sphere. This follows the stage of the manufacture of the products. These, to be competitive in the market, must have attractive packaging. If the latter is original and showcases your products, you will not have trouble having customers from the 4 corners of the earth. Delivery is then the decisive step. It must be secure. Hence the need to opt for packaging of regulatory products!

What are the different types of packaging available on the market?

There are several types of product packaging on the market. These include primary packaging, secondary packaging, shipping packages and transport packages. The former are in direct contact with the products while secondary ones aim to promote them. As for shipping packages, they are intended to protect products during transport. Better than these, transport packages are used not only to transport, but also to store and handle products.

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Some examples of packaging

As you can see on https://www.fis.fr/, the most popular packaging on the market are the cardboard box and the wooden case. They are aesthetic and offer a great impact resistance. In addition to these packages, we also distinguish:

  • Plastic bag, paper, bubble and foam;
  • The pallet carton, plastic or wood;
  • Briefcase pouches;
  • Kraft archive boxes;
  • P.O. Boxes;
  • Cardboard tubes; etc.

It should be noted that it is possible to order a custom cardboard box to have a packaging that best suits the shape, size and weight of your products.

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What packaging for which products?

The choice of packaging type must depend on the product for which it is intended. Thus, before making a choice of packaging, consideration should be given to the product to be packaged.

In the agri-food sector, packaging must comply certain standards. They must protect products while providing them with the best storage conditions, avoiding any risk of contamination. This is the case for the food processing crates, the most used of which are the single-groove caterer trays.

For logistics issues, cardboard crates are the most used. There are several types, including double flute cartons, single-groove boxes as well as triple flute cartons. The latter are particularly suitable for heavy objects while single-groove ones are intended for light products. By the way, double flute cartons are ideal for fragile objects.

Note, however, that the wooden case is the best handling accessory to safely transport heavy or fragile products. They are available in several dimensions and are easy to carry. On the other hand, industrial or commercial packaging is less mobile and are more used in large distributions.

These are some ways to choose the right packaging for your goods.