Which office chair to choose for the back?

  • TONIC CHAIR Original Black Balloon- Ergonomic Chair The Tonic Chair is an ergonomic chair against back pain. It is used as an office chair, very pleasant it significantly reduces the weight supported by the spine. 129,00€
  • TONIC CHAIR Original Purple Balloon – Ergonomic Chair The Tonic Chair is an ergonomic balloon seat against back pain. It is used as an office chair, very pleasant it significantly reduces the weight supported by the spine. 122.55€ 129,00€ -5%
  • TONIC CHAIR Original Grey Balloon – Ergonomic Chair The Tonic Chair is an ergonomic chair against back pain. It is used as an office chair, very pleasant it significantly reduces the weight borne by the spine. 122,55€ 129,00€ -5%

Back problems can affect your quality of life. This is especially troublesome if you experience back pain while sitting next to your computer and working. It is a common problem for office workers who spend eight hours or more sitting in their workplace. That is why designers from all over the world offer specialized office chairs for this problem. But the question is — what is the best office chair for back pain ?

This is the answer we are looking for in this article. Take a look at our detailed reviews and learn about the top rated units available on the market (our favorite is Ergohuman, but it has a cost). If you want to know more about office chairs, our shopping guide will tell you all about the features to look for in case of back pain. All you need to do is take your time and carefully analyze everything. This way you will easily find a unit that meets your expectations.

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Best Office Chairs for Back Pain (Editors Choice)

1. Office chair FEMOR


The best thing about this chair is its multifunction headrest. It allows for a free adjustment, which ensures that you will find an optimal position for your neck. The armrests are also adjustable. The weight capacity is excellent and you should not have any problems sitting on the chair.

Breathable mesh is the preferred material used for this office chair. It is a good choice that ensures a comfortable feeling even when sitting for hours. Another important thing is lumbar support, and it is generous. You will feel as if the chair huggested the lower back and it could relieve pain and other problems.

The chair has a five-point base to ensure the necessary stability on any surface. The construction is sturdy and the wheels ensure portability. However, the quality of the casters could be better as they might not last long. Fortunately, their replacement is not an expensive investment.

Read more: Femor, Mesh High Back Office Chair on

Amazon 2. AmazonBasics Office Chair


Assembling this office chair is simple because the whole process takes four steps and less than ten minutes. The chair is made of bonded leather and looks chic and elegant. This makes it suitable for frames looking for a unique piece of furniture for their desk.

The five-point base ensures stability and the 360-degree swivel ensures that the casters can move in any direction. The pneumatic height adjustment is user-friendly and you can find the right position in seconds.

The chair has a capacity of 125 kg, which is extremely generous. And although the construction is sturdy, the cushion could compress if people troubled by extra pounds sit on the chair for a long time. This could jeopardize your comfort, but you can solve it by giving the cushion time to return to the original position. Overall, this office chair can be a good choice if you have back problems.

3. Mfavour High Back Office Chair


Mfavour designed a chair that focuses on the needs of those who suffer from back pain. The tilt function allows you to adjust the chair by tilting it. Thanks to this, you can choose a vertical position when working, or choose another angle during recreation.

The headrest is also adjustable and offers additional back support. Although it helps to easily find an optimal position, the construction of the headrest is not so strong. It may seem a bit wobbly and you may need to readjust it from time to time.

The chair is user-friendly as it has only one lever that changes the backrest inclination and seat height. The manufacturer chose a mesh material for the chair, and this is quite comfortable. The armrests are also padded and the PU castors are durable enough for any surface.

4. Intimate WM Heart Faux Leather Office Chair


The office chair features a modern design that will fit into contemporary office spaces. The product is available in black and metallic color combinations, and it features a five-band base with PU wheels. The material used for the chair is a bonded leather, which combines style and breathability.

The bearing capacity of the chair is 250 pounds (113 kg), but if you approach the maximum capacity, you may notice that the chair is starting to creak. The good news is that the Lumbar support is adjustable using a simple button, and the angle of inclination varies from 90 to 105 degrees. You also have the option to lock the desired angle.

The entire chair has thick padding ranging from headrest to padded seat cushion. The casters are strong and ensure smooth rolling on all surfaces. Thanks to the generous support of the chair, you should not have any problems sitting there for hours.

5. Office Chair Hbada


Hbada designed an office chair that does not look like other chairs in any way. Its black and white color combination may seem a bit strange, but it is elegant and elegant. If you are looking for creative design solutions and something different for your office, this is the chair for you.

The armrests can be retrieved when you do not need them. This makes this chair suitable for desks and office workers. The five-point base will provide the necessary stability. The backrest curve features an S-shaped shape for optimal support and 360 degree swivel allows the casters to adjust smoothly to any surface.

You will need to assemble the chair, which requires time and effort. Fortunately, the instructions are clear, which means a lot because the product has an unusual design. You can use the pneumatic mechanism to adjust the height of the seat, and the chair has a tilt voltage of 120 degrees.

6. Office chair SONGMICS


Although it is an entry-level chair, it looks chic. This is due to the classic black leather used and modern seams add to the aesthetic value of the product.

The chair has a capacity of 150 kg and offers many adjustments available. You can choose the desired seat height between 42 cm and 52 cm and enjoy the large seat and generous space at the back.

The product is easy to assemble and you will receive an installation manual to help you. Songmics also ensured that their chair is both light and stable. Combined with the casters, this makes it very portable. The base and overall construction are robust to avoid potential accidents.

Cushioning is not so generous, which is why the level of comfort can drop over time. However, this is an office chair with an affordable price, and which makes understandable moderate upholstery.

7. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest


Our last suggestion for an office chair to counter back pain is this high-end model designed by Ergohuman (hjh office). The manufacturer designed each component carefully and used high-quality mesh to ensure maximum comfort.

It should be noted that you can sit down, and then adjust the height of the seat with the adjustable cylinder. The lumbar support is also changeable and the product comes with a headrest. Thanks to this, the chair is suitable for users of different heights. As for weight capacity, it is limited to 120 kg.

The chair has eight different settings, which means you shouldn’t have a problem finding an optimal position. The breathable seat promotes blood circulation and the chair is very stable.

The great thing about this chair is that it is environmentally friendly since the manufacturer made it from materials Recyclable. It also has a certificate conforming to BIFMA/ANSI standards.

Office Chair Buying Guide for Back Pain

Not all office chairs are identical, which means some of them are best suited if you suffer from back pain. In this buying guide, we focus on what features a chair should have to help you solve back problems. You will also learn more about the causes of back pain at work, as well as how to combat them.

What to consider when buying an office chair for back pain?

We will start with a list of factors that you need to consider if you suffer from back pain and continue with other important features to analyze when choosing an office chair.

  1. It all starts with the folder

    It is not surprising that the back support is at the top of your list if you need a chair that minimizes back problems. It is important to note that you can choose between chairs with high, medium and low backrest. Those with a high back are the most expensive, and low-back items are usually the most affordable.

    Although low back chairs can save you money, they are rarely accompanied by a generous backrest. They focus on damping the lower spine and lumbar parts of your back. If you sit for hours, you may experience discomfort and pain.

    High back chairs offer the most generous support as they spread high enough to support the low and middle spine, and even the head and neck. All these elements are related and important to minimize the ailments of back.

    In addition, you can find chairs with fixed and adjustable backrests. The latter is more versatile and multiple settings allow you to find the ideal position for your size and preferences. Chairs with fixed backrest and lumbar support may also be useful to you, but be sure to confirm that they fit your needs first.

  2. Lumbar Support

    The most common back pain is located in the lower part of the back. That is why manufacturers pay special attention to this part when designing the lumbar support.

    You can choose between items with fixed and adjustable lumbar support. Take a look at our ergonomic office chair reviews to find units that give you enough freedom to find suitable positions when sitting for hours.

  3. The importance of armrests

    If you lift your hand out of your body and hold it for ten seconds or more, you begin to feel pain in the shoulders and back. The same approach applies when sitting in your chair. If you can not put your hands comfortably on the armrests, sooner or later you will feel pain.

    The first thing to do is that the armrests are adjustable. If you need to bring the chair closer to the work surface, the armrests can be a problem. That’s why chairs that turn the chairs down and move them away can also be a wise choice. Finally, make sure that padding is present to ensure optimal comfort.

  4. Is the seat height adjustable?

    Another thing that could affect back pain is the position of the seat . The general rule is that the screen must be aligned with your eyes so that you do not have to look up or down, which would bring the head out of its default position.

    Most office chairs have an adjustable height. However, analyze the lowest and highest settings to make sure they match your height and workspace. In addition to the position of the head, make sure that your feet touch the floor. Your knees should be at an angle of 90 degrees and avoid holding them higher than that.

    Although it depends on your preferences, here are the general guidelines for adjusting the seat height:

    • People measuring approximately 5’0 “must adjust the seat height between 14 and 16”.
    • Those that are about 5’5 “tall should stick to the settings between 16 and 18.”
    • People over 6’0 “should use a higher heat setting than 19.”
  5. Why is tilt also important for an office chair?

    Imagine this scenario — you need to get something from a desk behind you or access an area away from your workspace. Whether you move backward or forward, a chair with a built-in tilt will move with you. This way, you get the required support regardless of the seating angle.

    In addition to the built-in free tilt, you can also search for chairs that allow you to lock them in one position. In this way, you make sure that the chair does not move from the position that suits you. Check out our guide to the best recliners to learn more about selecting recliners.

  6. Do not forget the weight capacity

    Another thing to consider when choosing a chair office capacity is its weight capacity. You want to make sure that the product can comfortably withstand your weight. The majority of office chairs have a weight capacity between 120 and 160 kg. If you are dealing with a few extra pounds, make sure that the chair can withstand a little more than you currently weigh.

  7. What material is used for the chair?

    Materials can significantly affect comfort. The most common choices among office chair manufacturers include mesh, leather and textile.

    The general rule is that mesh chairs are the most affordable and can offer decent comfort. Leather and textile chairs are considered to be first class and may be higher in price. However, they provide great comfort and a stylish look.

    Generous padding is also an important factor if you want feel comfortable in your chair. This is especially true if you suffer from back pain and have to sit on your chair for hours.

  8. Does the President have the necessary stability?

    Finally, you should consider the stability of your office chair. This comes from a sturdy construction and a solid base. Bases that offer a five-point support offer better stability than those with four claws, although the support also depends on the material.

    Casters are usually made of PU and offer 360 degree swivel. Thanks to this, you can move easily in your chair. However, please note that some casters are more suitable for specific surfaces. That’s why you should consider where you plan to place the chair and choose the castors accordingly.

Common causes of ailments back to work

Few things can compare to back pain while you are in the office. It can be difficult to focus on the tasks to be accomplished and it affects your overall mood. Have you ever wondered what are the common causes of back pain in the office?

Repetitive movements are at the top of the list of office workers. If you are near your PC, it is likely that you are typing all day, which involves many repetitions of movement. In addition, if you need to rotate or twist your spine (looking at other screens), this can increase the risk of emerging back pain.

Sitting for a long time without being active, or at least stretching, is also a cause of back pain. This is especially true if you maintain an uncomfortable posture. That is why it is imperative to get a desk and an office chair adapted.

Although this rarely happens to office workers, also beware of moving and lifting heavy objects. A single wrong movement and excessive stress on the back can lead to tension and other injuries.

Other risk factors include excess pounds problems, age, as well as your overall physical health.

Causes of lower back pain when sitting

Now that we have established the risk factors and what can lead to back pain, it’s time to discuss the reasons for feeling pain. If you are sitting and feel that the lower back hurts you, the following causes may be as follows.

  • Herniated disc

    A herniated disc is severe pain. This condition occurs when your discs are under too much stress and they come out of their normal position. This reduces the space required for nerves and spinal cord. This causes pain and you may even feel numbness in this particular area. Herniated discs can occur due to repetitive movements, but also due to improper movement.

  • Sciatica

    If your sciatic nerve is under stress and pain, you may be struggling with sciatica. The peculiarity of this pain is that you will not only feel it in the lower back, but also frequently in your legs. Sciatica usually has an underlying condition, and this may be the reason to consult your doctor. In addition, it would be wise to avoid sitting for hours.

  • Vertebral stenosis

    Imagine a spinal cord that crosses the holes in the middle of your bones in the spine. It is this cord that connects the brain and nerves in various parts of your body. If the tube is narrower than necessary, this can lead to pain, numbness and weakness. This condition can occur due to arthritis, infection, tumor or injury, and it can also be genetic.

  • Degenerative Discopathy

    This is another condition related to disks located between bones. The main causes of this condition are wear and tear, as well as age. It is essential to note that you may not have any symptoms in the early years of osteochondrosis, which is why regular examinations are essential.

  • Muscle fatigue

    The most common injury in the lower back is muscle fatigue. This happens when you make a wrong move, which can twist your spine or stretch it too far. Although this condition is usually not dangerous, you can feel pain for a month or even more if you do not rest properly. The pain can extend from your back to your legs and restrict your movements.

7 Ways to Stop Work-Related Back Pain

Finding a suitable office chair is at the top of the list, but you can take other measures to prevent back pain occurring in your office. These are the main tips to apply to stop the chances of this type of pain, even to appear.

  1. Do not lean on the computer

    If you work on a computer for eight hours, you probably spend at least some of that time leaning forward to get closer to the screen. This is not a wise decision for back pain, but also for long-term back health. Try to maintain a vertical position as much as possible.

  2. All begins with the head

    The first part of the body that you do not want to lean back or forward is your head. If you do this, you put a lot of pressure on your neck, which could lead to back pain later. Keeping your head upright is the best way to minimize pressure on the neck and shoulders.

  3. Do not leave your mouse too far

    You will need both keyboard and mouse and both of these resources should be nearby. The ideal position is that you can use them without bending too much forward or twisting your wrist, arm or shoulder. A mouse and keyboard must be side by side.

  4. Your body should be closer to the screen

    Experts recommend that your body be close to the screen, but always at a distance from one arm. In addition, the position of the monitor should be in line with your eyes, or two three inches below.

  5. Always keep your feet on the ground

    Dangling feet are the main reason for pain in the thighs, buttocks and lower back. You need to not only keep them on the floor, but also aim to have them shoulder width. This will minimize the tension of the ankles and knees.

  6. Find time to stretch your shoulders

    You do not need to get up, but take a few seconds to get them down and back. Balancing your shoulders on the hips also helps. If you experience back pain, you can also do stretching exercises mentioned below.

  7. Avoid crossing the legs

    We know that women sometimes have to do this, but crossed legs make it difficult to maintain optimal posture. Whenever you have the opportunity, avoid crossing your legs as it could cause back pain and disrupt blood circulation.

The importance of sitting posture for low back pain

can help reduce or eliminate pain. Experts believe that your posture is related to the pain you feel in the lower back. This is especially true if you spend hours in the same position, which is often the case when sitting and working in an office. The pain in the lower back is quite common, but you can fight it by improving your sitting posture. By sitting properly, you reduce stress on discs, joints and muscles, and that

Tips to apply when choosing a posture for lumbar pain

  • You need to maintain a 90 degree angle for your hips and knees. Also, do not forget to keep both feet on the ground. Avoid crossing legs or lift one of them as this can be uncomfortable when sitting for a long time.
  • Office chairs are often equipped with castors, which is why you should be careful to keep your waist straight. Avoid twisting it and sit right in front of your computer all the time.
  • Try to keep your shoulders straight and back as much as possible.
  • If you are standing, avoid bending forward and try to straighten your legs. Stretching and exercises may be useful to avoid possible tension on the back.
  • Always look to place your forearms on the armrests or on the desk surface. This way, you reduce the weight of your shoulders and back.
  • It would be great if you can keep your chin position parallel to the ground.

Finally, try to consider the normal curve of your spine. If you think that additional cushioning might be advantageous, choose a small towel or pillow. You can check out our Office Chair Backrest Support Buying Guide to learn more about the options available to make your back comfortable.

Guidelines for installing an office chair: How to sit properly to reduce back and neck pain

If you want to avoid pain and discomfort, it is essential to find a suitable office chair. You will spend eight hours a day there and you can not afford to be uncomfortable.

Ergonomics is your main concern when choosing a chair — the more options you have to adjust the sitting position and posture, the better.

5 steps to adjust your office chair

  1. You want a chair with an adjustable seat height. It’s even better if you find a product that allows you to choose the sitting position while you are already sitting; the adjustment will take minimal effort. Make sure the desk and the underside of your elbows are at the same height to reduce pressure on the shoulders and back.
  2. When choosing the desired height, always think about whether your feet remain permanently on the floor. If you keep them hanging, it will hurt your legs and lower back. If necessary, you can add a footrest to get a solid floor for your legs.
  3. If the chair comes with an adjustable angle, feel free to adjust the seat according to your preferences. It is likely that these levers and buttons are located on the back of the product. Please note that tilting the chair forward is suitable for working hours and tilting the seat back for leisure.
  4. This step is crucial because you will adjust the Folder. The idea is to have a good posture and sit as straight as possible. When you have free time, you can relax and lie the chair back. Also be sure to check the cushioning. If necessary, use another pillow, towel or any other object at hand.
  5. The final step is to adjust the armrests. Make sure that you can put your hands properly on the armrests when you do not tap or work something else. The adjustable armrests are also a nice touch as they allow them to be tilted to the other side for extra maneuverability.

How to relieve back pain: exercises, stretching and remedies

Home remedies for low back pain in a sitting position

Getting a good office chair is a basis for preventing lower back pain when sitting. However, according to the severity of your back problems, you may need to take additional measures. Here are some tips you can apply to reduce the risk of lower back pain:

  • Do not stay in the same position for a long time. You can consider taking a break every 30 to 60 minutes and take a short walk in the office.
  • Use the heat to your advantage. Most people find that heat helps relieve pain and provides a soothing overall effect. That’s why you should consider a heating pad to promote blood circulation in the lower back.
  • Try an ice treatment. Alternatively, if you suffer from inflammation, treatment for the common cold may help. Apply ice packs every two hours to feel relief and accelerate recovery.
  • Yoga improves the muscles of the back. The practice of yoga could help strengthen muscles and improve stretching abilities.
  • Massages are also useful. Only one massage will help you feel better, but regular massages are the right way to minimize the chances of reappearing.
  • If necessary, opt for over-the-counter medicines. However, be careful and use NSAIDs only if you can not stand pain and discomfort. Too many over-the-counter drugs can lead to addiction and other health problems.

Exercises and stretches for immediate relief from back pain

If you have chronic problems with lower back pain, it is important to strengthen the muscles of this area. You can do this by stretching the lower back regularly, and we share the best exercises to do it.

  • Plank

    Start by taking the position of doing a pushup, but put your forearm on the floor. Your shoulders and elbows should be aligned. Now push on your toes and forearms, but make sure your elbows do not leave the floor. In addition, keep your back straight at all times. Stay in this position for several seconds, then return to the ground.

  • Bird Dog

    Keep your back straight and stand on your knees and hands. Now extend the left arm straight and do the same with the right leg. Hold the position for several seconds and take a small pause. Repeat the exercise, but use the right arm and left leg.

  • Room

    Lie on the floor and put your back on the floor. Place your arms by your side. Use your back, abdomen and buttocks to lift your hips off the floor. Stay in this position for several seconds, then return to the initial pose to rest.

4 stretches Simple desktop for effective lower back pain relief

Only half of your working day has passed, but you are already suffering from back pain. Fortunately, there is a way to get relief even when you are at work. You can stay next to your desk and do these stretches to relieve pain.

  • Long stretching

    The idea is to stretch your vertebral muscles. Now start by turning the chair away from your desk and sit firmly inside the chair. Your feet should be on the floor and be sure to spread them widely. Now sit in an upright position. Move your hands along your legs and continue to move them until you reach the floor. Put your fingertips on the floor and try to stretch. Make sure you stay comfortable and do not go any further than your comfort zone. You can stay in the stretched position for about 30 seconds and repeat this stretch up to three times.

  • Stretching hamstrings

    The truth is that hamstrings can help feel relief from the lower back. That’s why you should also do this stretch, which begins by sitting at the edge of your chair. Straighten as much as possible your right leg in front of you. While stretching, keep the knee straight and heel on the floor. Move your hands along this leg slowly while keeping your back straight. Stay in the stretched position for about 30 seconds and repeat with your other leg.

  • Stretching the muscles of the deep hip

    The hips can also be subjected to stress when sitting for a long time. Here is a stretch you can do to relax these muscles. Start by sitting at the edge of your chair, but make sure your feet are on the floor. Place your left ankle on the right thigh. Continue to maintain a straight posture, but use your hips to move forward. Stay in the stretched position for about 30 seconds and repeat with the left thigh and right ankle.

  • Simple stretching of the lower spine

    The simplest exercises can be the most useful. If you can remove the armrests or turn them over, it can help you with this stretch. Continue to sit on your chair and find a stable position. Lower the right armrest and place the left hand on the other armrest, which remains in the usual position. Lift your right hand up and above your head. Your spine should be slightly bent. Stay in this stretched position for 30 seconds, then change sideways.

FAQs and answers

  • Q: Why Are armrests important when choosing an office chair? A: If you type or work on your PC, it is likely that you will place wrists on the workspace. The armrests are convenient because they also allow you to rest your forearms and reduce overall stress on the shoulders and back. It is important that you feel comfortable and have an optimal range with your hands.
  • Q: What is the best material for office chair? A: It’s hard to answer as most materials ensure decent comfort and breathability. Mesh is known as a breathable material, and textile and leather can also be stylish and comfortable. Apart from this material, it is important that the chair offers generous upholstery in the seat and in the back.
  • Q: What back angles are optimal to avoid back pain? A: If you opt for a chair that offers a tilt function, the tilt will usually be between 110 and 130 degrees. You can choose a product that comes with a locking mechanism if you want to lock the chair in your preferred position.

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Top 10 Office Chairs for Back Sickness (best-selling)

# Overview Product

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SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair, Office Chair with Lumbar Support, Headrest and… View on Amazon

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NOBLEWELL Office chair, ergonomic mesh office chair with lumbar support,… View on Amazon

Carttiya Office Lumbar Cushions Memory Foam Pillow, Back Support Pillow for… View on Amazon

SONGMICS OBN86BK Ergonomic Office Chair, Swivel, Height Adjustable, Adjustable Armrests,… View on Amazon

Comparison Table of Best Office Chairs for Back Pain


We came to the end of our article about office chairs and comment to minimize back pain. As you can see, pain in the lower back can be a serious and chronic problem that goes and comes frequently. It is important that you regularly exercise and stretch, and take good care of your health by maintaining regular physical activity.

However, finding the best office chair for back pain is the first step to minimize these problems. There are many features to consider, but the most important ones are related to the backrest, headrest and armrests. You can find the optimal position of your chair with ergonomics, so make sure that the Product comes with all the necessary adjustments.

We hope that the knowledge you have gained in our buying guide is sufficient to help you find the perfect chair for your needs. Once you have chosen a suitable product, you should see an improvement and quickly feel relief from back pain.