Which chatbot to choose for WordPress?

Do you want to communicate with users via Live Chat? Develop a better version of your page, blog or website? Installing a WordPress chat plugin on your website is certainly the easiest way to achieve this. But how to choose it? And what benefits can its tools bring to your business?

What is a WordPress chat plugin?

WordPress Chat Plugin: Customization Oriented “Customer Relationship”

As a free, free and open source content management system, WordPress offers basic native features. That’s why it’s easier to install your chat plugin via WordPress . They will allow you to manage your pages, assign roles to different users of the site, feed your blog, etc. To customize a website created under WordPress, you will be able to count on two elements

  • The themes, which govern graphic formatting with colors, layouts, writing fonts, etc.
  • Plugins, which come to grafting additional features to your WordPress website according to your needs and those of your visitors.
  • :

A WordPress chat plugin is therefore a chat plugin that allows you to add to display instant messaging tablets on all pages of your website or blog. Thus, visitors will only have to click on the channel they are interested in to exchange with you in chats via different instant messengers. The live chat plugin imagined by ChayAll proposes to install on your page:

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  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Facebook Messenger Messages
  • the iOS
  • Google’s Business Messages
  • And, finally, the Live Chat.

The 5 Benefits of Live Chat for Customer Relationship How does a live chat extension work?

WordPress plugins are usually written in PHP programming language and can be integrated very easily into your site. Plugins avoid the risks of code manipulation. The WordPress chat plugin can be installed on your page from WordPress extensions, with ease. This includes users, agents and companies who have no knowledge in development.

Cats, acclaimed by visitors

Side visitors, the WordPress chat plugin thought by ChayAll will make the icons of instant messengers and LiveChat appear on your page. Provided, of course, that you have activated them beforehand. The visitor to your website or blog will so start the conversation from your page in the instant messaging app that suits it. In short, the WordPress chat plugin adds this instant discussion so dear to Internet users to your website. You enter his personal environment and communicate with him on social networks in the same way as his loved ones. Discussion thus becomes one of the main support of the customer relationship.

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Ranking of the best LiveChat plugins What interests to install a WordPress chat plugin on your website?

Improve the user experience on your page

By integrating the chat plugin to your WordPress site, you do much more than install a simple chat module for your support. You add the instant messaging and chat Grail to your customer relationship. Result: Visitor Experience is boosted, and with it the high conversion rate on your pages! All thanks to messages exchanged between the company and the user .

Does your customer or prospect have a question about a shoe size, the model of a sweater or the payment terms? He will be able to ask you the question directly on LiveChat of his choice! A responsive response will allow them to continue their shopping journey smoothly, without interruption.

Easily set up a chatbot You can automate your instant messaging to increase responsiveness, especially on recurring issues. ChayAll has tools for businesses that allow you to create your chatbot. This chatbot offer is free, do not hesitate to subscribe to your company !

I install ChayAll’s live Chat Energize your box’s customer relationship with online messages

In the age of all-digital and hyperconnection, the lack of interactivity on a merchant website will necessarily serve your business. And also your support! Without LiveChatThanks to their discussions with companies, customers are committed to the online brand. , your customers and prospects will need to use one of the following solutions:

  • The phone call. It assumes a customer service support team, available lines, possibly a green number (paid for the company), infrastructure, etc. For customers and prospects, phone support can quickly become a real obstacle course. Indeed, before the discussion, customers experience: waiting music, busy lines, number overcharged… These elements undermine the customer experience and put barriers to buying.
  • The form that appears on the contact page. It is indeed, rarely used by Internet users. This, unlike LiveChat which allows the “user” to communicate by message with your brand.
  • An email sent to customer service. Sometimes this means throwing a bottle into the sea. Agents respond little, the answers are not at appointments. Which frustrates customers.

Live Chat and Instant Message Enhancements

The WordPress chat plugin and its Live Chat thus prevents frustration of waiting and streamlines the user’s journey on your site. It will also optimize the cost of your customer relationship, as it is possible to manage multiple different customer requests simultaneously across multiple chats. Indeed, from There are many possibilities for your support. Your new version online presence is starting to build.

Automate with an online chatbot

By the way, automating certain scenarios through a chatbot is also an excellent factor for budget optimization. In short, a WordPress chat widget or plugin allows you to pass a course in terms of customer relations through discussion… while reducing your costs!

Download your free chat plugin How to install LiveChat ChayAll on your site?

Aren’t you really what can be called a coding pro? Don’t panic. You will, indeed, be able to install the ChayAll WordPress chat plugin and its tools on your site in two steps three moves. This offer is without a headache! To do this, simply follow this list steps to transform your customer relationship and support.

List of steps to install free ChayAll messaging

  • First, log in to your ChayAll Dashboard
  • Then click on “Messaging”, which is the third icon in the left side menu;
  • then, activate the messengers that you want to appear on your site. Rest assured: received messages will be centralized in your ChayAll interface;
  • After this action, click on “Embed on your site”, then choose “WordPress” from the drop-down menu;
  • Click on the “Download plugin” button and copy the API key;
  • From the dashboard of your WordPress site, then click on “Plugins”, then on the left side menu;
  • Enter the term “ChayAll” on the search bar at the top
  • Finally, click “Install” and then enter your API key. It’s in the box!
  • ;

Here is an explanatory video that will guide you step by step through the online installation of the ChayAll extension :

Also be aware that this integration method is not unique. There is another method of integrating a WordPress chat plugin! Do not hesitate, likewise, to view it if necessary.

Widget/Plugin: what’s the difference for WordPress? The plugin (like the ChayAll WordPress chat plugin) allows a simple integration of tools and features on a page or website. There is a very large list of plugins offering the opportunity to improve the visitor experience. Offer can be free or paid. The Widget is an object that you can position on the workbar of your WordPress. It allows you to structure your site by displaying categories for example. Visitors will have a better navigation on your website or page.

ChayAll, a free live chat and instant messengers offer

Now you should see the icons of instant messengers (Messenger, WhatsApp Business API, Apple Business Chat, Instagram, Live Chat…) and LiveChat tool on the new version of your website ChayAll Online Platform or blog!

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