When to make the wine of honor?

Just after the ceremony, the wine of honor launches the wedding festivities. Cocktails with or without alcohol, quantities, culinary workshops, and favorite addresses, today on The Bride Barefoot, we share with you our tips to organize the wine of honor of your wedding .

The wine of honor, or cocktail, is organized just after the ceremony and before the wedding dinner. It is an aperitif served to guests consisting of small salty or sweet pieces and drinks. It usually lasts about two hours What is a wine of honor? , for example, to thank those who came to attend the ceremony but would not necessarily be invited to dinner.

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Depending on the place of reception you will have chosen, it can take place indoors, or outdoors on sunny days. Always plan a B plan Where does the wine of honor take place? , so you can organize your wine of honor in case of bad weather, under a nice courtroom, a tent, or a room if the place permits. For practical reasons, avoid as much as possible that your plan B is also the room of your dinner, in order to distinguish the spaces well, to allow the caterer teams to take advantage of the time of the cocktail to finalize the setting up of the diner room, and to avoid, if this is your case, any difficulties in getting guests away who do would not be invited to dinner.

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Sweet or salty? It all depends on the time of your ceremony. For a wedding in the morning, which sometimes happens in the case of civil ceremonies in large cities, opt for example a brunch after the town hall. If you said yes in a small committee, book for example in a nice restaurant where you will have set up the unique menu for your loved ones.

For an afternoon ceremony, do according to your taste. In the late afternoon, you can bet on a “taste” formula, with sweet sweets and alcohol-free refreshments, and gradually extend the day on an aperitif, where you will serve salty bites and start serving alcohol. Do not serve it too early, because even if your wedding is a festive day, better not to start drinking prematurely , at the risk of not seeing the opening of the ball and the arrival of the bride and groom cake!

And why not a grazing table ? We love the concept of appetizer boards or tables developed especially by Citron Pavot with its French Boards service. Mediterranean tapas boards with fruit, cheeses and cold cuts that always make their effect!

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Managing the amount of drinks for guests can often turn out to be a puzzle for newlyweds. First seek advice from your caterer, he will be able to inform you and help you on this point. Know generally, one bottle of champagne for six guests, one bottle of wine for three, one to two glasses of cocktail per guest, one bottle of soft drink for two guests, one see two What amounts of drinks for your guests? bottles of water per guest in case of high heat, one bottle of strong alcohol for thirteen people and a liter of coffee for thirteen guests as well.

Consider also checking the storage capacity of the refrigerators at the reception location where you were married. In general, cold rooms are available to you, but in case, consider renting refrigerated trailers or what your caterer plans based on them.

Amounts of alcohol to be expected

red wine: 1 bottle for 3 or 4 people white wine: 1 bottle for 4 or 5 people Champagne: 1 bottle for 3 or 4 persons cocktail: 1 glass per person strong alcohol: 1 bottle for 13 people Alcohol-free: 1 bottle for 2 people (2 in case of high heat)

Avoid choosing too many references red or white, what are the mistakes to avoid? . Needless to multiply the number of different wines to avoid confusion and especially the headache! For example, choose one or two signature cocktails, white wine and red wine, why not a little champagne. And we go gently on the strong alcohols, so we don’t have to handle too alcoholic guests. For example, keep these bottles behind the counter, and have them served at discretion. And as for dinner, do not hesitate to consult our article, how to choose the wines of his wedding?

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What kind of drinks to serve? Are you tired of traditional glasses of champagne, other glasses of punch, sangria or rosé grapefruit? Why not go for cocktails? Prepared in advance and delivered in bottles, made on site by seasoned mixologists, they will have the advantage of refreshing your guests and make them discover new flavors and associations.

Think also of all those who do not drink alcohol , and plan drinks accordingly. Choose for example two unique cocktail recipes, available in alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions, ideal for young people or adults who do not consume alcohol. They will feel like they drink the same as others! Flavored waters can also be a nice alternative (cucumber, lemon/mint/ginger, strawberry, grapefruit…)

And for children, do not hesitate to offer them artisanal juices, homemade iced tea, smoothies or a syrups bar, which will allow them to choose what they want to drink like the big ones!

Sugar & Lemon our bartenders : Based in Cognac, Sugar & Lemon has been sharing its passion for cocktails since 2011 and offers brides cocktail bars, mixology workshops and signature cocktails. The little plus: a vintage caravan and a cocktail scooter to amaze your guests!

Nightawks : a delivery service of the best cocktails in Paris, delivered ready to taste. With or without alcohol, we love the concept of These pretty, high-end drinks with unprecedented flavours delivered in pretty bottles, and customizable according to your event: add your wedding logo, initials or D-day date to mark a little more!

Barmobile : a passionate bartender who moves with his nice walking bar, who will delight your taste buds and eyes with cocktails as beautiful as good, adapted to the mood and style of your wedding, to choose on the map or to create yourself. A personal favorite for cocktails in the image of the different districts of Lyon, all more original and pretty than the other!

Sweet drunkenness : we love their concept of vespa-bar that will make suddenly its effect on your guests!

Shake it easy : the best signature cocktails from Paris bars delivered in bottles or jars specially prepared for your wedding, or even your best friend’s EVJF!

No More pinguins : A fun, decadent and sparkling event collective that will make your evening a moment that looks like you. The team of caterers and bartender will adapt to the style of your wedding to offer you services that match your personality and your desires, all in joy and professionalism!

Feursty : A wished vintage bar caravan based in the South of France and a team of seasoned bartenders for a cocktail animation of the most beautiful effect!

A cocktail depending on the season of your wedding We don’t drink the same things in winter as in summer, it’s a fact. Well, for your wedding, it’s the same. When choosing drinks for your cocktail and reception, think about the temperatures.

For a wedding in the middle of summer, your guests will be delighted to quench their thirst with cool drinks, so bet on the ice cubes, over and over again, and you don’t stand dead end on water, still, carbonated, or even flavored.

On the other hand, if you organize your wedding in the winter, they will probably (and you too) want to warm up, and fresh drinks will be less popular. Make available coffee, tea, mulled chocolate or even mulled wine in self-service to your guests, it will please both adults and young, and will also give your reception a little intimate and warm side. You can choose to set up a dedicated buffet, or call on street bars, and other scooters, like La Race Café, very cute and very fashionable for weddings!

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What entertainment should you expect for your wine of honor? Cocktail bar and culinary workshops to delight your guests, but you can also plan some entertainment to beat up your cocktail and help your guests break the ice. Needless to predict too much, but here are our favorite ideas: some vintage wooden games (Artis, Je t’M Paname), a petanque court (La Boulisterie, from 200€), a vinyl bar (Dance Police), a live music group (Pistachio Trio, Joséphine Band, Orange Trio), an ice cream bar (Emki Pop), a photobooth (Wild Stories, Nicephore and Co, Pola Photobooth, Tri Portrait), a beer bar (La bercyclette, Pauline’s attic).

Some more tips Plan a few spaces in the shade if you are organizing your wedding in the middle of summer

Arrange a few tables and chairs so your guests can settle down

The newlyweds in the whirlwind of kissing often forget to eat a little, do not hesitate to ask a friend to prepare a small plate to hold the shot

Don’t forget to plan B for your outdoor cocktail in case of bad weather

Install ashtrays so as not to pollute the garden of your place Reception

Allow multiple buffet/workshop spaces to spread your guests and avoid queues