When the custom apron ends up out of the kitchen

Contrary to what one might think, the apron is not only used for cooking. By customizing it as it should, it is even possible to make it a full-fledged fashion accessory, intended for individuals and professionals.

Why customize your apron?

To break with monotony and create a unique dress style, nothing beats a personalized apron. It is not because you are in your workplace, that you have to lose elegance.

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Imagine a beautiful apron, chosen with beautiful colors and that takes up your slogan and the logo of your company. In addition to delighting your customers, you will manage to return a positive image, that of professional concerned with the smallest detail.

For individuals, the personalized apron is a fun way to please a loved one. At a birthday, a stag party or a wedding anniversary, you can offer it by taking care to print a loving message, a funny image or a photo rich in memories. And if you’re looking for a textile printing specialist, you can count on L’Atelier Textile to create unique designs.

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An apron that will accompany you in all your tasks at home

Gardening, cleaning pipes or cleaning the car are all particularly messy tasks. By taking care of wearing an apron, you will be able to protect yourself from splashes and keep your clothes clean. A choice asset to avoid hard-to-make dirt.

Wear your apron for your tasks

professional They are bakers, butchers, sculptors and even mechanics and need to stay clean in the workplace. A nice apron that protects and prevents you from being usefully dirty brings you the comfort you are looking for so much. And by betting on a quality apron, carefully crafted and with remarkable print quality, you will be able to get fullsatisfaction from it.