What types of work in the garden with a mini-shovel ?

A mini-excavator, also known as a mini-excavator, is a construction machinery used mainly for earthmoving and excavation work (digging in the ground). This machine consists of a bucket constituting the main accessory, which can be replaced depending on the type of work. It is equally important to take into account the weight of the mini-excavator, which can range from 600kg to 7 tons.

A great ally for an ideal garden

Without equaling the fleet of construction companies, an individual can engage in small-scale construction and earthmoving work and have, despite everything, need to rent a mini-excavator. Mini-excavator rental will be the ideal tool for many earthmoving operations, including excavation. For example, you can dig a trench necessary for any tree or shrub planting in order to compose a hedge around the garden, or pick up rubble of any kind, or to start work on installing a new buried or semi-buried pool. Thanks to the help of a mini-shovel suitable for earthmoving operations, there will be no difficulty in carrying out works of this nature in the garden. In addition, the health benefits are notorious, notably, at the back level.

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The use of a mini-shovel is also interesting for leveling a terrain or even backfilling. If the surface of the garden or lawn is not perfectly flat, this machine can easily fill the holes. It will be possible to flatten a bumpy surface in order to install a terrace for example. Once again, physics will not suffer from it, and a saving of time on achievements will be highly appreciated. This tool therefore allows an embellishment of the garden and, above all, a freedom in the achievements of its outer space.

Advantage of renting

Despite its democratization, the new purchase price of a mini shovel remains quite high, especially for an individual, who will not necessarily make use of it many times enough to amortize the investment. Also, a good number of people spontaneously move towards renting, or buying it in order to rent it from private to private. Despite an increase in sales of new construction equipment, the second-hand market for this type of equipment is particularly dynamic. The rental price of a mini excavator is based on the following three criteria: the duration of use, the type of work to be carried out and the size of the machine.

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One of the advantages of the mini-shovel is that no specific permits are required for its driving, unlike Traditional excavators. Professionals, as well as private individuals, can receive one to two days training on the operation and handling of this equipment. This makes it easier to rent and significantly alleviate the user budget, because there is no need for a driver. Each rental mini excavator is subject to checks before its use, which is safe for the future user. Among the recommended safety measures, wearing the helmet is recommended and it is of course forbidden to get out of the gear while it is still in operation. Once all these criteria are taken into account, the beautification of a bespoke garden will be easier and more enjoyable. For example, installing a pool on its own will become a breeze for any particular renting samini-shovel.