What space between 2 deck blades?

To build a terrace, it is necessary to proceed in stages. Tools are needed to carry out this wonderful project of the construction of a wooden terrace. Among the tools recommended is the blade spacer . If each tool has its own use, the blade spacer is essential to adjust the spacing between the blades on your deck according to the relative humidity of the air, but also according to the humidity of your blades.

Wooden blades have a width that varies depending on the humidity of the air, and should be spaced well according to these parameters to avoid too large spacing in summer, or touching each other in winter

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Each tool is important because it has been specially designed to meet a particular need. Blade spacers have a very specific usefulness, and let’s see that together.

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Blade spacing: what is the permissible limit?

Between dry and wet periods, wood undergoes withdrawals and swelling. As a result, the play between blades must be perfectly controlled in order to never create abnormal situations (too large gaps or wood in contact). Normality is defined as follows: spacing never less than 3 mm or greater than 12 mmextreme conditions (drought or very rainy period) allowed gaps between 1 mm and 14 mm. in the working life of the work. In the case of

To meet this qualitative objective, it is necessary to define a gap at the laying which therefore depends on: — moisture of the blade, — the width of the blade, — extreme equilibrities of the site (summer or winter).

The following two examples illustrate the type of Reflection to be kept systematically to have a blade spacing conforming to the DTU.

EXAMPLE 1 : 120mm wide pine blade implemented at 20% moisture

It is necessary to expect a shrinkage in the summer of up to about 2 mm!

In this case, it is recommended to position a blade spacer of approximately 4 mm so that the gap between blades does not exceed 6 mm when the wood is at 14%. This measure also helps to limit the impact of accidental extreme weather situations (e.g. drought for 3 months with wood balance humidity up to 8%) and always satisfy the maximum gauge rule of 12 mm.

EXAMPLE 2 : 120mm wide application Pine BLADE at 12% moisture

When laying a very “dry” wood, over a width of 120 mm it is necessary to expect a swelling in wet periods up to about 3 mm!

In this case, it is recommended to position a blade spacer of about 6 mm, so that the gap between blades is not less than 3 mm when the wood is temporarily 22% in the middle of winter!

Blade spacers and their usefulness

Blade spacers are therefore tools that are used to optimize the clearance between your blades. Thanks to the blade spacers, mounting your terrace becomes easier.

Blade spacers save time and energy for mounting terraces.

Ultimately, the blade spacers provide an optimal finish and even spacing.

The spacers are plastic crosses with 4 fins of varying widths . They fit between each wooden deck blade to ensure equal spacing between all the blades. They exist in width of 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm. In addition, they are ultra-resistant.

The space between the blades is then even while allowing air and water to circulate . This aspect is extremely important, because without ventilation, the blades can rot and damage very quickly.

Natural wood and composite wood do not evolve in the same way.

Natural woods expand widthwise, while composite wood, on the other hand, expand lengthwise!

So you need blade spacers at the end of the blade for composite wood, the clips give the gap between the blades.

Spacing at least 3 mm between natural wood blades and a minimum spacing of 4 to 5 mm.

Examples of blade spacers or blade spreaders

They exist in different colors and different Dimensions:

Available in size: 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm to fit all types of wooden decking

Other tools related to blade spacers

Blade spacers are not the only tools to help you mount a wooden deck. They are important, of course, but you will find other tools in shops and suppliers. Here is a short explanatory video that shows you the drilling template: Cobraliner® , sold with 4 blade spacers.

To screw the boards together according to the screwing dimensions, there is the drilling template or the screwing template. This metal device is a tool that allows to have a high regularity in the screwing. The more regular the terrace, the stronger it is. So using a screwing jig, you make sure you have a beautiful wooden deck.

The kit of Ideal terrace mounting

To properly mount your wooden deck, it is necessary to be well equipped. For this, we offer you a complete kit to mount your wooden terrace in complete autonomy. So you need to:

  • a straightener of blades
  • Blade Spacers
  • screwing jig
  • wedges and seals
  • additional stainless steel fasteners (just in case)

Here you are armed to mount your wooden terrace alone, with the right material. You still lack a bit of practice, but it is by forging that you become a good blacksmith. Realize your dreams, make your wooden terrace come true!