What paint to repaint a wooden staircase?

How to paint a wooden staircase? What paint to repaint your wooden staircase? What are the stages of painting an old wooden staircase? Can an old staircase be painted without sanding or stripping? HowPaint gives you his tips for restoring and modernizing a wooden staircase.

Wood is one of the materials that bring the most charm to a construction. However, he can very quickly lose his aesthetics over time. For a wooden staircase, you need to know the type of paint to choose , the instructions for use for painting, the appropriate tools and tricks for successful renovation of a staircase.

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Paint for a wooden staircase

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To repaint an old wooden staircase, it is necessary to choose the paint correctly: paint and colour . It is necessary to take into account his preferences, but especially the decoration of its interior. It takes harmony between these two elements or simply with the furniture and the wall of the staircase.

For a well-lit staircase, one can opt for fresh and not too bright colors like green and blue. In the case of a poorly lit staircase , you need a bright paint such as apricot, golden or yellow. The trick for too imposing a staircase is to paint it in the same color as the wall.

For the choice of paint you need to take into account strength, impermeability and ease of maintenance. Since the staircase is a place of passage supporting many goes and forth, it is mandatory to choose a floor paint that meets the criteria of resistance. All as with a concrete staircase, the paint on the floor must be non-slip.

Call a painter for his staircase

To properly paint your old staircase, you can call on a professional painter. The painter takes care of all the steps from the preparation of the support to the painting. For a painting of a wooden staircase, receive up to 5 quotes from painters belonging to the How to Paint network.

Tools for properly painting your wooden staircase

Applying paint on a staircase is easy when the appropriate tools are available. We advise you to have a sander that can be found in DIY stores: an eccentric or vibrating sander will allow you to sand flat surfaces before pause from painting. For corners and angles, you can use an angle sander, sandpaper will do.

Masking tapes are essential to cover parts that are not to be painted. Finally, do not forget about brushes and paint rollers .

Stage of painting a staircase

We will detail step by step the process for painting his wooden staircase. Find the right methods to successfully apply paint on woodwork.

Preparing the staircase for painting

Preparing the support is fundamental to successful makeover of your staircase. Initially, it is advisable to degrease your old staircase . In a second step, be sure stripping your staircase and dust remover so that there is no more residue:

  • For a waxed staircase, you have to use a decision-maker.
  • For a painted or vitrified staircase, use a chemical stripper.

After stripping, the staircase must be sanded in accordance with the fibre direction to keep the wood intact. This makes it possible to remove the old paint or varnish. Then dust using a vacuum cleaner and a wet brush for complete cleaning.

The final step is to protect furniture, walls from spray of paint. To do this, carry your masking tape on all edges

Application of paint on the staircase

For the application of paint on a staircase, it is more than recommended to start from the top of the stairs using a small roller on the steps and risers. The brush will be used to make hard-to-reach places and corners.

In order for the staircase paint to adhere better to the support, it is recommended to apply an undercoat on the stairs . This product prepares wood for painting the staircase by preventing rust of nails and blocking old wood stains for better rendering.

After the undercoat dries, it’s time to move on to painting the staircase using a special staircase floor paint . Apply the paint in cross-layered and regular layers avoiding overthicknesses.

A second coat of paint will need to be spent on the same principle as your first coat of paint. Leave to dry for at least 3 hours.

Repainting a wooden staircase in white: video

We propose you to watch a video made by the painting sign Akzo Nobel: “ How to paint a wooden staircase? “. Here you will discover the steps to repaint a classic wooden staircase with white paint. From the preparation of the stairs to the paint layers, here is the right method to follow:

Tip for reshaping your wooden staircase

To properly modernize a wooden staircase , it is necessary to start from the top. This allows you to have a view of the entire media to be painted. We first paint the handrail, then the balusters and finally the steps and risers.

In the event that the wooden staircase to be painted is the only way taken by residents of the house or building, the trick is to paint one step out of two .

How to paint a wooden staircase without sanding?

Sanding a wooden staircase is a long and tiring operation. If it is recommended to do a sanding of your staircase, there are still underlayers of support preparation that avoid stripping and sanding the stairs. The brand V33 offers this type of product called “Preparation Floors & Stairs ” for old wood that avoids sanding or stripping to facilitate the renovation of its staircase.

However, it will still be necessary to grind, i.e. lightly sand with a fine-grained abrasive.

If it is possible to repaint your staircase without sanding, it still need to slightly stint its wooden staircase so that the paint adheres to the support for a long time

How many layers to modernize a staircase?

In general, two layers of paint are laid for a wooden staircase after the undercoat. It is better to lay thin layers of paint. The first one is allowed to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions before laying the second.

Renovate a wooden staircase

A paint lasts for several years when properly laid. But, you can decide to repaint your staircase to redress it especially when you want to change or have changed the interior decoration. Such work should also be considered in the event that the paint begins with crumbling or loss of shine .

By the way, repaint an old wooden staircase is not the only alternative. You can renovate your wooden staircase by glazing it with a glossy, matte or satin vitrifier.