What music to enter the wedding church?

Passing to the Church for one’s wedding is a remarkable, unforgettable moment. The Holy Place is already moving in itself, by what it represents and its special atmosphere. But another element adds intensity to a marriage in the Church: music. Newlyweds can choose the pieces that will accompany them throughout the ceremony, which is meant to be very musical. Our selection of the best music to say yes to the Church .

Religious songs for a wedding

Marrying in the Church is a marked approach with a religious dimension. Also, the music played during the service necessarily includes Catholic religious songs.

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Traditional music of Catholic marriage

From the first notes, some pieces of music evoke religious marriage. These are great classics of church marriage.

The Bridal March, by Mandelssohn

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The most famous piece for the release of the bride and groom is undoubtedly Mandelssohn’s Bridal March . It is the symbolic music of marriage par excellence, the one found in almost all romantic films. And one of the most chosen by real couples to formalize their union.

The Marriage of Figaro, by Mozart

The Wedding of Figaro is one of the most famous operas. Signed by the prodigious Mozart, the rhythmic notes of the Marriage de Figaro are ideal for a dynamic and joyful entrance, or for leaving Church to start the festivities.

The Ave


The Ave Maria is a song taken up by the greatest voices. In addition to the interpreter, there are different versions of them. Schubert and Gounod — Bach are the best known ones.

The Canon, by Pachelbel

The notes of the Canon of Pachelbel resonate pleasantly as the newlyweds move in the nave or in front of the altar, just before or after the exchange of consents. Vibrant with emotion, this music emphasizes the magic of the moment.

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, by Handel

The bride and groom are the kings/queen of the day. The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba is at the height of the event. It is played at the organ.

The Power of the Gospel

The voices of Gospel, both sweet and powerful, celebrate love, union and Divine with religious songs.

Oh, Happy Day, by The Edwin Hawkins Singers

Oh Happy Day is one of the most famous Gospel titles. Cheerful, festive and famous, the whole assembly can sing the chorus or humming the melody with the choir.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is performed in all the most beautiful ceremonies around the world . Many interpreters lend their voices to him.

The Hymn of Joy

For those who are lucky enough to unite in an organ church , The Hymn of Joy is an excellent choice. The instrument gives it a special spiritual dimension.

Total Praise, by Richard Smallwood

This recent Gospel music has already established itself as a classic of the genre. Many newlyweds choose to unite with the Church with this music as a background.

Amen, by The Impressions

This rhythmic anthem takes up the phrase that closes all prayers: “Amen”. It emerges a form of serenity and tranquility as strong as those expressed towards the married being.

Play Secular Wedding Music at the Church

Some parishes allow contemporary secular music within their churches for wedding ceremonies. Provided that they reflect the values of the religious institution, and of course love. It turns out that Love with a great A inspires many lyricals. Their words put into music echo the vows pronounced by the bride and groom. Some suggestions.

I Will Always Love You, by Whitney Houston

To say yes before God is to take herself as a spouse for the whole life. As Whitney Houston sings so well with his title “I will always love you”.

November Rain, by Guns and Roses

The magnificent interpretation of this song by the Guns and Roses, reinforced by echo within the Church, will surely give chills to all guests.

I don’t want to miss a thing, by Aerosmith

The BO of the film Armageddon is also a beautiful declaration of love. Words that trace in the canvas of the promise of eternal love exchanged: “for better and for worse”.

Nothing Else Matters, by Metallica

Metallica in a Church , the choice may seem dared. But the words of Nothing Else Matters are indeed a declaration of love. To his half, to his couple, now united for life.

Everything I do, I do it for you, by Bryan Adams

The title of this song speaks for itself. Literally “everything I do, I do for you,” this declaration of love reminds the famous “until death separates you”.

The Hymn to Love, by Edith Piaf

The union of two beings who love each other, unconditional and eternal before Men and Before God, this is what Edith Piaf sings in her Hymn to Love.

Somewhere over the Rainbow, by IZ or Louis Armstrong

It is to the film “The Wizard of Oz” that we owe the magnificent melody of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, in which the lyrics are played by Julie Garland, who also holds the lead role. This song is then taken over by Louis Armstrong, with What a wonderful world. A very soft and posed last version is to be greeted, interpreted by IZ (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole).

Perfect, by Ed Sheran

This is a highly popular wedding tube that Ed Sheran delivers with his title “Perfect”. This sweet melody is often played during the reception, especially for the prom opening. But it is also very suitable for the Church.

Music contributes to the atmosphere of a wedding ceremony. It personalizes the religious office. Entry of the bride and groom, vows of loyalty, exchange of covenants, speeches and exit of the bride and groom, there are many musical interludes in the Church. Selection must be thought harmoniously, depending on the moment it accompanies. The tastes of the two promised must be reconciled, in accordance with the ward directives.