What music to enter the wedding church?

Entrance to the church is one of the most anticipated moments of marriage. A well-chosen music, what more to make this moment magical and full of emotions? Certainly, you want to accompany it with a piece that is dear to your heart. So what song corresponds to your couple, which song will guide your steps to him/her? For those who lack inspiration, check out this Rushmix selection of music for your entry into the church.

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Wedding Music: Play with the Great Classics

Generally, the newlyweds let themselves be carried by the favourites of the moment. However, the harmonies of the great composers of the past are still well appropriate. In addition to their sweet melody, these pieces are simply moving. There are many of them. Let’s cite a few examples to help you make the right choice:

  • First, Figaro’s wedding, Mozart. This symphonic music is one of Mozart’s most renowned works. Conservatives often opt for this melodious opening to accompany the entrance to the church. You can have it performed by the orchestra of your ward or simply play it in Mp3.
  • Then, The Bridal Walk, Mendelssohn. It is also a great classic in terms of music wedding church. However, the ride is still much appreciated today. She invades many hearts with her very original melody. In addition, it can be sung by the choir of the church for even more originality!
  • Then Canon, Pachelbel. This baroque chamber music is composed especially to accompany the wedding wedding march. For a modern effect, you can break a little rules and let the wedding orchestra take care of the composition. Check out an example of an entry on this moving melody:

Entry into the church: give preference to your favorite

The important thing in choosing music is to select the one that reflects your love, your union, your couple. Whatever your musical genre, remember that the song must be validated by the parish. Indeed, it is important to note that some priests do not hesitate to make restrictions on the choice of music for the church. Once this problem is resolved, arrange to make a great effect like in this scene from the movie Crazy Rich Asians with a superb entry under Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” :

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Music ideas: proposals according to your desires

Your pretty veil is in place. Your tender half eagerly awaits you with the heart beating at a hundred per hour. All you have to do is move towards him under the effect of this emotion-charged music that will guide you. But what music? Here are some suggestions for you to get an idea:

French love

Many French songs are adapted to this intense moment rich in emotions. Imagine your entry accompanied by “La vie en rose” by Edith Piaf or the love duo “Vivo per lei” by Hélène Ségara and Andrea Bocelli. And how about “I loved you, I love you and I will love you” by Francis Cabrel? If the song is not too risky to keep control of your emotions.

On an international air

There are mostly English-speaking songs that take over. For example, John Legend’s “All Of Me” and “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. Otherwise, you have international hits always appreciated as “Ti Amo” by Umberto Tozzi and “La Quiero A Morir” performed by Shakira.

Be careful to the contrary!

It is true that the choice of wedding music for church entry is up to you. However, be out of the way! Make sure you understand the lyrics (translate if necessary) before you start. Thus, you will not risk choosing music that speaks of a romantic break, for example. You have several sites to download your favorite songs (royalty free music) to the example of SoundCloud and Jamendo. You can also go to YouTube to view the videos.

Do you know Rushmix?

It is a site specialized in video editing. From the videos and images of your wedding, for example, we make a souvenir movie to capture your highlights, with the song when you enter the church as background music, if you wish. Otherwise, our media library always offers you a wide choice. Are you convinced? So send us your project directly on rushmix.com.

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