What jewel to wear with a white dress?

When we talk about the dress style, each of us has its own reading of fashion. Despite the differences, one thing is for sure: every woman’s wardrobe should consist not only of her favorite pieces, but also some must-have elements. Such a must-have is the white dress. Combined with softness and purity, white is an ideal color to bring out its feminine charm while creating a stylish and suitable outfit for every occasion. Tempted by the idea of offering you a successful look using a chic white dress ? Let’s see how to do it.

How to wear the chic white dress throughout the year?

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How to wear the white dress in winter

Being a must-have part of the women’s wardrobe, the dress invites you to our everyday outfits and in our dressed looks for events. the most special ones, regardless of the season and the weather. In this sense, unthinkable to deprive yourself of all its virtues because of the cold. Indeed, there are many ways to integrate the chic white dress even in its winter vision. For this, it is enough to emphasize the materials and the right combinations. The sweater dress, for example, is an excellent alternative to keep you warm without compromising your clothing habits. Material side: Wool, cotton, polyester or leather models are the most suitable. When it comes to the design, we prefer the sleeves, the right length and the high collar. To complete your look, feel free to put on your favorite coat and a pair of heeled shoes.

Many ways to attract eyes with the help of a winter white dress

What jacket with a white dress

In In winter, the choice of outerwear most often stops on the long coat of neutral color such as beige, black or gray. A second variant of successful combination: with a faux fur coat that is currently very fashionable. In spring or autumn, the possibilities are infinitely declined. To achieve its chic and elegant look, you can wear the white dress with a flowing trench coat or a blazer. The faux leather jacket is another option to create a nice contrast, ideal for a rock or boho chic look. The denim jacket is also a very popular solution for a semi-casual, soft and feminine outfit.

What are the possibilities to match a dress with outerwear?

What color of shoe with a white dress

The choice of shoes also plays an essential role in the final result. So, can quickly change the look just by opting for a different pair of shoes. But what are the most suitable combinations depending on the case? Let’s see our tips below.

  • If this is an official ceremony, shoes with heels are probably the best option. Classic colour models such as black, red, nude or metallic design (gold or silver) are the favorites.
  • For an outdoor party, you can experiment with brighter shades such as fuchsia pink, green or yellow without forgetting to choose a handbag of the same color.
  • Gladiator sandals in brown, black or straw wedge shoes combine wonderfully with the white summer dress.
  • Faux leather ankle boots are suitable for a rock’n roll or boho chic vision.
  • Finally, let’s not forget the thigh boots that turn out to be the best ally during the cold days when the white dress is worn in a short version.

What kind of shoes to choose depending on the occasion?

How to accessorize a chic white dress

To put the finishing touch in his sublime vision, one should also pay attention to accessories. Most often, the choice is dictated by the chosen dress model. So, for example, with an elegant outfit where the design of the dress is quite interesting and eye-catching, we prefer delicate jewelry such as a necklace or a fine gold bracelet; a pair of tiny earrings etc. For a bohemian look, we play with accessories with fringes or pompoms, ethnic jewels, capelins… If you want to put in value its silhouette, you can also accessorize with an original belt. Sunglasses perfectly complement almost every outfit, no matter the season.

Accessorize the white dress in an original way to manifest its uniqueness

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How to wear the denim jacket with a white dress?

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