What is the validity period of a birth certificate and what is it used for ?

As soon as a child is born, he is not simply a member of his family circle. He becomes a member of a larger society. To be a full citizen, the child must be declared to the marital statusby his parents. It is on this occasion that the registrar issues him the birth certificate he will need throughout his life . Indeed, an undeclared child is like a child who has no legal existence. He will therefore not be able to enjoy his rights as a member of society and a national of a country. Here is what you need to know about the usefulness and duration of this act.

The birth certificate: what is it for?

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The birth certificate is an official document that may have a distinct form depending on the country of deliverance. Therefore, the same birth certificates are not found in all countries. However, the information goes in the same direction . They are intended to inform about the life of the individual starting from his birth. You can apply for this act on sites like here. If you are too busy to make the move, the internet gives you a boost.

The birth certificate goes beyond a simple administrative document. It represents the very life of the individual, because without him he will not be able to compile several files. The non-existence of such an act can be a hindrance to the development of a person. She will not be able to benefit from school education, since the birth certificate makes up the documents to be provided for enrolment in schools. This person will also not be able to travel around the world, because the establishment of a passport requires theprovision of this act . The birth certificate is also essential for marriage and the establishment of the National Identity Card.

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How long is the birth certificate valid?

As soon as this act is established at the birth of the child, it is valid throughout his life. Unlike some administrative acts that require renewal, it has a continuous validity. This act ceases to be valid only upon the death of the individual. From that moment on, it is replaced by a death certificate. These acts therefore justify the passage of the major stages of a human being’s life from his birth to his disappearance.

A birth certificate is established only once in life. The original copy is never used for creation of records. Besides, we do not often have to hang out with it, so as not to lose it. Make legalized copies of them and put the original copy safe. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the birth certificate is not established according to the availability of the parents. There is a time limit to make the birth declaration in each country. In France, this period is 5 working days after the birth of the child outside his birthday day.