What is the height for a bathtub?

Under renovation or construction? In a bathroom, the bathtub height will be essential to the ease of use of your bathtub and to a pleasant moment of relaxation and relaxation. Installing a bathtub is no chance: we guide you on the criteria to meet when installing a bathtub in a bathroom.

Laying a bath in a bathroom: namely

Dimensions and spacing are recommended when choosing a bathtub and installing it in the bathroom. In height, width and length, the bathtub can be available depending on the products available and according to the customer need.

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On the market, many bathtubs are offered in standard dimensions . That said, when installing your bathtub, it is up to you to decide how high the tub is installed, so as not to interfere with its long-term use.

Because taking a bath is a real moment of pleasure, nothing should stop enjoying this comfort. Entry into the bath and exit from the bath must definitely be convenient. In order to meet standards of comfort and optimal use above all, here are the recommended height spacings for a standard bathtub.

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The standard height of a bathtub

The standard dimensions of a bathtub will vary depending on the shape of the bathtub. You have the corner bathtub, whirlpool tub, classic and standard rectangular bathtub, square bathtub, round tub or double bathtub.

For a rectangular bath, the most common and popular, the recommended height when laying is not necessarily a standard height. Indeed, shower water drain fittings must be perfect . This will therefore be a case by case. Other criteria define the choice of the height of the bath:

  • The presence of feet or not on the bath;
  • “ Cultural norms, depending on the country where you are located;
  • The exhaust fittings to be respected.

A rectangular bathtub is usually 55 cm high , 105 to 190 cm long and 70 to 150 cm wide. These references take into account XXL models of rectangular bathtubs.

Different forms of bathtubs

The bathtub Square has dimensions that will be around 150 cm by 150 cm but can be up to 200 cm.

The corner bath , increasingly appreciated for its “spa” side is usually found in 120 cm x 70 cm.

The round bathtub is in models up to 180 cm in diameter.

Modern bathtub: new dimensions

The standard dimensions of the bathtubs have evolved well since the appearance of the bathtub. Since the population is larger in size but also having more extensive and specific needs, bath manufacturers have adapted.

Thus, some fully built-in models have a very elegant design and can rise only 40 cm from the floor . Aesthetic, practical, comfortable… These bathtubs therefore have standard heights but their installation will make them look better integrated into the bathroom.

The bathtub is now in an island of up to 57 cm in height. The standard heights have therefore evolved at the same time as the tastes of buyers. Please note that if your bathtub has adjustable feet, your bathtub height problem is resolved. At the time of installation, adjust the height of the feet to your convenience and according to the shower or bath water drain fittings. If you want to adjust the height of your bathtub, it is upstream, at the time ofinstallation of the apron , that it will be necessary to provide the height ofbathtub.