What is the best chatbot?

More and more brands and companies are offering their customers to chat with a chatbot. They give themselves a modern image, at the cutting edge of technology and customer service.

But not all chatbots are equal!

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Set up a chatbot on its website is not enough to make it a relevant tool. Still, it must bring a real plus to the user, effectively meeting his expectations.

What are the chatbots that “do the job”? Here is our selection of the best chatbots of the moment.

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The most convenient chatbot: Ouibot

SNCF has been a pioneer in the use of new technologies. Launched in December 2017, the railway company’s conversational agent is very successful. It has more than 5,000 daily users to date, manages more than 10,000 daily conversations and generates, on its own, nearly a thousand of monthly transactions.

The SNCF chatbot is usable from the website, but also directly from Facebook Messenger or Google Home.

Thanks to the quality of his answers and the fluidity of the user experience, he won first place in the Best Robot Experience contest — which rewards the best chatbots from a user perspective — and earned an overall rating of 7.85/10.

The key to its success lies in the quality of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology developed by the company’s teams.

With this robot, users can book their train tickets quickly and easily.

The most seductive chatbot: Lara

The famous dating site Meetic launched its Lara chatbot more than three years ago. He has since given her a voice, Lara Voice.

This chatbot won the Grand Prize for Digital Innovation in 2018.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Lara understands the user’s intentions and launches a complete conversational scenario. The lived experience is thus adapted to the person.

The robot selects profiles according to the expectations of its interlocutor and integrating not only the Meetic search parameters but also the relevance of the messages received.

The robot even provides advice on how to prepare for appointments, whether it is to choose a place or a dress.

The most gourmet chatbot: Food & Wine

In 2017, the Auchan brand set up its Mets & Vins chatbot.

It was a real success with users, with a claimed satisfaction rate of 82%. In 2018, he got third place in the Best Robot Experience contest, with a score of 6.65/10.

This chatbot advises users among a catalog of 1200 references based on oenological, culinary or budgetary parameters, to help them choose the products that best suit them. Its main asset is its speed.

The oldest chatbot: Ariane

Launched in 2013, the conversation agent of Ircantec (the pension fund managed by Caisse des Dépôts) has been able to progress over time thanks to artificial intelligence. This earned him second place in Best Robot Experience 2018, with a rating of 6.86/10.

Its success rate is estimated at 85%.

Ariadne has long been tasked with answering general questions. In recent months, this robot has also answered personal questions, for example to communicate the total amount of pensions for a pensioner or the number of quarters earned for assets.

The smartest chatbot: Mitsuku

Multiple Loebner Prize Winner which rewards the intelligence of robots, Mitsuku is arguably one of the best performing chatbots on the market. Only catch: it is useless!

It is a robot capable of chatting for hours on any topic. His artificial intelligence makes it very close to the human: he understands moods, responds appropriately, and this on a very large number of subjects.

The most profitable chatbot: Bob the Bot

Most chatbots answer questions or requests. Bob the Bot calls people to ask questions. This is what makes its originality and usefulness.

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and automatic natural language processing (TALN), this virtual agent conducts phone surveys and data collection. For businesses, this is a valuable tool to save time and money.

It can also take care of telephone reception, or serve as an alternative to an IAS. This is one of the first 100% business chatbots!

How did we select the best chatbots?

Any selection has a share of subjectivity.

The one you just read too, necessarily. But we have chosen to present you the best chatbots that have received notorious awards and/or recognized for a particular quality.

They stand out for their pure performance or by the quality of their design in relation to their functions.