What is BCBG style?

To know how to dress today, sometimes it is enough to turn your gaze to the past. Because, this is where much of the timeless trends lies… And such a classic fashion that makes its big comeback on the fashion podium is the bcbg style . Simple and stylish clothes, refined and modest look, these are the key words that guide the women’s class outfit. Inspired by this elegant appearance, this article reveals all the tips and ideas to adopt it in your daily life. Let’s go!

What does “bcbg style” mean

BCBG, the abbreviation for the phrase “Good Chic Good Gender” is a popular term in the fashion sphere that is used to describe a classic and typical dress style for the bourgeoisie. Today, the way of dressing stylishly, with modern taste but with more moderate and refined luxury clothes, makes its return to the fashion scene. In America, there is a similar trend called “preppy look”.

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The bcbg style: a perfect dress solution for a simple and refined look

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Good chic good kind for what occasion?

One of the characteristic features of BCBG fashion is the impetus to be differentiated by a simple outfit and to highlight a prestigious appearance. For this, in a more contemporary sense, one can draw inspiration from this more at least conservative style to develop a stylish vision at work or even in everyday life, when you want to be distinguished by an elegant and polished look.

Prestigious and stylish appearance at work

The essentials for a bcbg look

Like every trend, it also has its distinctive elements. Indeed, it is the accessories that play an important role in the look classy and chic. Among the flagship pieces are: cardigans, scarves and scarves (with plaid patterns or plaids), the wallet dress, canvas trousers, sweaters and shirts. Over time, Converse jeans and sneakers also fit into this style to add a nonchalant touch. On the material side: we prefer noble materials such as silk and velvet.

Essential parts and accessories to easily succeed in a women’s class outfit

How to dress bcbg

The first step in the success of a bcbg outfit is to bet on a simple look. Since the style in question is distinguished by a certain discretion, it is advisable to orient yourself to classic and timeless rooms. Thus, clothing of bright colors and overloaded prints is avoided, while giving preference to neutral shades (black, gray, navy blue, white) and simple patterns such as check, stripes, polka dots, houndstooth or gingham. In addition, it is important to avoid overlapping several elements. Try to limit yourself to a top with a vest or blazer for example. The same applies to accessories.

Opt for classic and timeless clothes in neutral colours

Women’s chic outfit for summer

In summer, there are many alternatives to incorporate the bcbg style into its daily outfit. So, for example, you can easily opt for a plain short skirt or plaid patterned in white and blue, and then combine it with an elegant blouse of the same white shade as the one on the skirt. To add a more modern note, feel free to play with the accessories. A pair of original frame sunglasses or a braided handbag will perfectly complement your Outfit of the day while remaining within the framework of a chic and stylish appearance.

Learn to adopt the bcbg look easily in your everyday life

Simple and classy evening outfit idea

Lack of idea for your evening outfit that is both simple, chic and elegant? So the bcbg style could be your best ally. Take as an example the impeccable look of actress Shay Mitchell in the photo below. To begin with, we choose a model of a dress with a clean design and a rather neutral shade (white is an excellent solution for warm weather). Then we combine the white dress with a sleeveless classy blazer in black, creating a very attractive visual contrast. To complete your perfect evening vision, we opt for a pair of stylish shoes in the same shade as clothes.

Classy and chic vision in white and black as a simple evening dress idea at the top

Succeed your preppy look in autumn

With the drop in temperatures, the possibilities to easily afford a preppy look increase. Autumn is a very favorable season for clothing experiments, it offers us the chance to play with different fashion accessories (cardigans, scarves, hats, blazers, jackets etc.) It is still necessary to pay attention to color combinations: try not to mix more than 2-3 shades in an outfit.

In the following photo, we see an inspiring idea how to succeed in its autumn outfit almost effortlessly. First of all, you put on your favorite pair of dark jeans or comfortable trousers in black. Then we opt for a blouse with striped patterns in white and black. To stay warm and protect yourself from the wind, we do not forget its earthy shade coat. Finally, to be in full Harmony with the nature and colors of falling leaves, we add a red beret and a small crossbody bag with checkered prints.

A thousand and one ways to integrate the preppy look in autumn days

Good chic good kind in winter

To dress in style on cold days, the secret remains the same: bet on simple clothes and neutral colors. Thus, wearing a shirt under a sweater is an alternative to both comfy and chic to achieve its modest look. As seen in the following example, it’s easy to match your beige sweater with black polka dots with a shirt of the same color as the print. Then it’s the turn of the pants. Here, we always give preference to classic models while avoiding more daring solutions such as a pair of torn jeans.

Dress up with style in winter paying attention to color combinations

Women’s chic look in spring

For a transient season such as spring, nothing easier than mixing typical pieces for hot days and cold months. Sliding on a classy houndstooth patterned women’s dress over a stylish shirt is a fantastic option for a feminine, chic and comfortable spring look. If you want to add a personal note in your vision, don’t be afraid to help yourself with a few classy accessories.

Stylish outfit ideal for spring days

Blouse in navy blue and a classic dress with checkered patterns

Dress Style at Work: Professional Outfit in Grey Suit clear with white collar

Feminine and natural look with classic pieces

Chic and elegant autumn outfit idea

A great idea how to dress at work

Plain navy blue blouse with plaid skirt in green and dark blue

Here is an example of how to properly match the colors of your clothes in the summer

Women’s chic outfit in white and black with skirt in brown

Total white look in mind Good chic bon genre

Mode d’automne en nuances bleu, rouge et blanc

Vision féminine et stylée avec jupe courte

Tenue blanc et noir pour un look classy etchic