What is an advanced search on a search engine how does such work?

When we talk about SEO and search engines, we think instantly about Google. But did you know that there are many alternative search engines that have just as much to offer?

Try the free demo Google is a world-renowned search engine and an industry giant, in fact even the second largest “search engine” is Google Images, according to this study:

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Search Engine Market Share

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Even if it is the largest and best known, it does not mean that it is your only choice.

One of the main reasons why people choose to use an alternative search engine is privacy, because Google is known to track users’ data both for its own use and that of third parties.

If you have never used only Google, take a look to other search engines and you may find something you prefer.

Our Guide to Alternative Search Engines

Before you dive and start thinking about alternative search engines, ask yourself a few questions about what you really expect from a search engine:

  • What is the better search engine other than Google?
  • Which search engine is the safest?
  • What is the best search engine for privacy?
  • What is the best search engine?

Take a look at this list of search engines you may have heard about and others that might be new to you:

1. Bing

Bing Search Engine

Microsoft’s Bing is the second largest search engine after Google.

It is easy to use and offers a more visual experience with beautiful daily background photos. Bing is ideal for video searches because it displays results in large thumbnails that can be previewed with sound by hovering over them.

Just like Google, Bing is full of internal features like currency conversion, translation and flight tracking, making it a truly versatile tool that keeps its promises in the global market. Don’t forget to read our detailed guide to tools for Bing Webmasters.

While you are probably familiar with Bing, you may not know that it offers a rewards program. When shopping or searching on Bing, you earn points that can be used to buy apps and movies, which is very convenient.

2. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Search Engine

DuckDuckDuckGo is a popular search engine for those who care about their privacy and who are discouraged by the idea that all their queries are tracked and recorded.

It has a very clean interface with minimal ads and infinite scrolling, so the user experience is pleasant and simplified. There is absolutely no tracking of users, and you can even add the DuckDuckGo extension to your browser to keep your activity private.

The search engine has a very useful function called bangs, which allows you to search directly into another site from DuckDuckGo by typing a prefix. For example, by typing “! ebay Magic Assembly”, you are directly accessing eBay search results for the query “Magic The Assembly”.

3. Yahoo!

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo has existed for even longer than Google, and although some consider it obsolete, it is still the third most popular search engine in the world. This is even the default search engine for Firefox.

One of the great things about Yahoo is that it’s much more than just a search engine. Yahoo’s web portal offers emails, news, online shopping, games and more. Providing a complete user experience in one place.

Its integration with Flickr, Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Finance allows it to deliver better image results and huge amounts of information on a variety of topics.

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Ask Search Engine Ask

Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, Ask’s simple Q&A format allows you to search natural language. This makes it very user-friendly, especially for those who are less familiar with search engines such as older users.

Search results also display frequently asked questions related to your search term, which can provide you with useful resources and help you continue your search.

5. Baidu

Search Engine Baidu

Baidu is the leading search engine in China, with a share of more than 70% of the Chinese Internet market. Although in Mandarin, it is surprisingly similar to Google. It looks like him in terms of design, it is monetized through advertisements and uses… rich snippets in search results.

However, Baidu is strongly censored. Some images and even pro-democracy sites are blocked on the search engine.

6. Wolfram Alpha

WolframAlpha Search Engine

WolframAlpha is a private search engine that allows you to “calculate expert-level responses using Wolfram’s algorithms, knowledge base and AI technology”.

It is designed to provide specialized knowledge and is classified in mathematics, science and technology, society and culture, and everyday life. You will find various subcategories and useful tools that will allow you to calculate data, do statistical research and find expert answers to your questions (you’ll see an example in a minute).

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In addition to being a center of expertise, WolframAlpha does not follow your research and you provides peace of mind when it comes to privacy.

7. Boardreader

Boardreader Search Engine

Boardreader is a search engine for electronic forums. It allows you to search for forums and filter results by date and language.

It is a useful tool to do content search because it makes it very easy to find content written by real users in the topic. If you are unfamiliar with the niche in order to know the best forum to visit, Boardreader can be a good starting point.

8. StartPage

Search Engine Strartpage

Like DuckDuckGo, StartPage was founded with strict protection of user privacy at the heart of its business. It does not track or store any of your data. It also does not target advertisements based on your browsing behaviors.

Startpage claims to be “The Most Private Search Engine in the World”. You will get similar results to those you would get with a fully private Google search.

In addition to being a search engine, Startpage offers a proxy service that allows you to anonymously browse sites for better online security. They even have a custom URL generator that allows you to navigate without the need to set cookies.

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9. Ecosia

Search Engine Ecosia

The intensive use of search engines has an environmental impact on CO2 emissions. This is where Ecosia comes into the scene: the CO² neutral alternative search engine. For each search done (powered by Bing), the revenue generated goes to its tree planting program. On average, about 45 searches are needed to make a single tree.

10. Qwant

Qwant Search Engine

Based in France, Qwant is a privacy based search engine that does not record your searches and does not use your personal data for purposes advertisers.

The user-friendly interface categorizes your search results based on the web, news, and social activities, and there’s even a music section that uses AI to help you search for lyrics and discover new music.

It uses a quick search function where you can type “&” in front of the name of a site (or a dedicated short code) to instantly see the results of the external search. For example, “&w” or “&wikipedia” allows you to immediately access Wikipedia results directly from Qwant.

11. Search Encrypt

Search Engine Encrypt

Another privacy-based search engine is Search Encrypt, which uses local encryption to ensure that users’ identifiable information cannot be tracked.

As a meta-motor of Search, Search Encrypt gets its results from a network of search partners, providing complete results that are not customized to your history.

A very interesting feature of this search engine is that it automatically clears your local browsing history after 15 minutes of inactivity. This means you never have to worry about your privacy, even if someone else has access to your computer.

12. SearX

SearX Search Engine

Offering unbiased results from multiple sources, SearX is a search metamotor that aims to present a free, decentralized view of the Internet.

This is an open source search engine that is available to everyone for a review of the source code, as well as on GitHub. There is even the possibility to customize and host it on your server as your own search engine.

SearX offers many preferences and settings that are not found on other search engines, giving great usability and quick and accurate results.

13. Yandex

Yandex Search Engine

As the fifth most popular search engine in the world, Yandex is widely used in its native Russia, where it holds about 60% of the search engine market.

It offers a service very similar to Google, and you can search for sites, images, videos and news in a user-friendly layout. With additional features such as mobile apps, maps, translation, cloud storage and more, Yandex offers just as many features, but with a cleaner interface.

14. Gibiru

Gibiru Search Engine

Gibiru’s slogan is “Private Unfiltered Search” and that’s exactly what it offers.

By downloading its Firefox AnonyMox module, all your searches are sent via a proxy IP address. This provides you with private, unbiased search results and ensures that other users of the computer will not be able to track your history.

Search queries are not saved on Gibiru servers and records are deleted within seconds of search.

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15. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search Engine

Disconnect allows you to perform searches anonymous via a search engine of your choice.

When you enter a search term, your query is redirected and anonymous by the Disconnect servers before being forwarded to the search engine you selected. This allows you to use your favorite search engine without any privacy issues.

Disconnect also offers browser extensions and apps that let you block site tracking, load pages faster, view ad requests, and many other privacy based features.

16. Yippy

Yippy Search Engine

Yippy is another great choice for privacy, as it does not track your searches and does not display custom advertisements. It allows you to search for different types of content, including sites, images, news, jobs, blogs and government data.

Although it does not give you a large amount of results for your query, Yippy also allows you to filter results using a variety of categories such as source, time or topics to give you the most relevant sites.

17. Swisscows

Search Engine Swisscows

Swisscows provides fully encrypted searches to protect your privacy and security. It does not store personal data, IP addresses or search queries, and its servers are based in Switzerland, which has one of the most stringent privacy policies in the world.

It is especially popular with parents who want to give their children a safe research experience, as its built-in filter for pornography and violence cannot be ignored.

He uses the Semantic information recognition to provide intuitive responses to search queries and data pools to generate responses quickly and efficiently. The innovative semantic map shows other relevant or popular queries, helping you get even more information.

18. Lukol

Search Engine Lukol

Lukol is an anonymous search engine that offers Google results, but maintains your privacy by removing any traceable items.

This means you can always benefit from Google’s search power without worrying about being tracked. Lukol guarantees total anonymity of your searches and contributes to your security by protecting you from misleading or inappropriate sites.

In terms of functionality, this is a fairly simple search engine. You can choose from web, images, news and videos for your search, but there are no options to filter the results.

19. MetaGer

MetaGer Search Engine

MetaGer offers “Privacy Protected Search & Find” through its anonymous search. This is a non-profit organization, so they have nothing to gain from following your research, and they only use green energy, which strengthens the sense of trust.

MetaGer is a meta-search engine that interrogates up to 50 external search engines, giving variety and depth to its results. It does not consider the click-through rate when processing a query, so the results are unfiltered and unbiased. They even offer maps and route planning without tracking your location.

You can also download an extension that makes MetaGer your default search engine and your page. to make sure your searches are always private.

20. Gigablast

Gigablast Search Engine

Gigablast is a private search engine that indexes millions of sites and servers in real time without tracking your data, keeping you hidden from marketers and spammers.

This is not the most attractive search engine, but it offers a variety of options to filter or customize your query, including search by language, exact phrase and file type. In addition to web, news and images, Gigablast also offers a directory and a complete advanced search function.

21. Oscobo

Search Engine Oscobo

Oscobo is a search engine that protects your privacy when you search. By not using third-party tools or scripts, your data is protected against piracy and abuse.

By encrypting all traffic, it provides anonymous search results without any form of tracking, including IP addresses and cookies. Oscobo will not send the search term to the site you click on or share your personal data or search history.

You can search through web, images, videos and maps for ease of use. There is also a Chrome extension that allows you to do a private search from the Chrome bar for easy access to secure queries.

22. Infinity Search

Infinity search

Infinity Search is an alternative search engine that focuses on privacy protection. In fact, Infinity Search does not record what users are looking for or no identifiable information about their visitors. For Speed up search results, Infinity Search retrieves results from multiple sources and has a sidebar on the results page where users can search for the same on many other websites.

This strong alternative search engine has this interesting that it is also open source. You can find out more about this at https://gitlab.com/infinitysearch/infinity-search.

The search engine has several integrations, such as stock charts and HTML editors. What sets Infinity Search apart from many other search engines is that they have their own indexes and do not rely exclusively on external sources.

What is the better search engine other than Google?

There is no doubt that Google is the largest and probably the best search engine on the market, thanks to its Powerful algorithms and its artificial intelligence.

So choosing to browse the Internet without using Google may seem a strange thing to try. But being the best search engine has a cost.

It is well known that Google customizes your browsing experience at the cost of sharing your personal data and allowing Google to follow you on the Internet. For some, this personalization can become annoying at a minimum.

In addition, many of these alternatives have different features and approaches to privacy to offer you. So feel free to try one, you may even get better search results.

Here are a few ways to use these alternative search engines:

Perform a Bang search on DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckDuckGo Bang is a shortcut that quickly takes you to search results on other sites.

For example, when you want to search on another site (like Wikipedia, Amazon, GitHub, Stack Overflow ect), just add one! to the search bar:

Search Bang with DuckDuckGo

You will be able to choose from a large list of target sites and search. Bang will then take you directly to the search results page on the site you just defined. Useful for when you know you want to search on another site.

Check if sites are down on DuckDuckDuckGo

Something else with DuckDuckGo. You can quickly and easily check if a site is down by searching for: “is X down” :

DuckDuckDuckGo Website Status

Preview images in results on Bing

Just hover over an image in the results search to get a preview of the image:

Preview images with Bing

If you hover over thumbnail images in Bing Video Search, you will also get a brief preview of the video. This allows you to quickly check if a clip is relevant without having to visit the site.

Compare websites in WolframAlpha

Using WolframAlpha, you can make a quick comparison of any web address.

For example, search for “facebook.com vs twitter.com”:

Site comparison with WolframAlpha

The data is extracted from right to left of the Alexa database to give you a quick, high-level overview of two sites.

What is the best search engine for privacy?

So you want to search the web without compromising your privacy ? Then you better use a private search engine.

But what is a private search engine?

A private search engine is a search engine that does not track its users’ data and provides search results with additional protection and levels of data privacy.

The best search engines for privacy are:

  • DuckDuckGo
  • StartPage

Let’s take a closer look at them in terms of protecting your privacy:

Best Private Search Engine #1: DuckDuckDuckGo

DuckDuckDuckGo includes a detailed and transparent privacy policy. However, if your goal is to ensure 100% privacy, you should know that it records search histories. DuckDuckGo claims that it is “non-personal” and aggregated data, so that your searches cannot be traced directly to you.

You can read the full DuckDuckGo privacy policy here.

Best Private Search Engine #2: StartPage

StartPage’s privacy policy is simple and precise: “We do not follow you. We do not profile you. End Point.” When you use this private search engine, metadata (personal information such as your IP address) is removed from your search query. This anonymous search request is then sent to Google, then the results are sent to you via StartPage without revealing any of your personal data.

You can read the entire StartPage privacy policy here.

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This is just a glimpse of the world of alternative search engines and what they can offer.

Whether you are looking for more privacy, better usability, or unbiased results, there are many options to choose from. Try a few of them and see how you’re doing it. You never know, you could find a new favorite. Or a Google sidekick, at least.