What is a refractory brick?

To arrange a chimney in your home, the professionals responsible for implementing the fireplace will surely use firebrick . This material is very popular for the construction of equipment subjected to high heat. Find out more about the characteristics of refractory bricks, their use as well the questions relating to its laying.

What is a refractory brick and what is its use?

The essential quality of a refractory brick is its resistance to high heat compared to normal bricks. This quality is why the material is expensive enough to be used in a conventional construction project. The use of refractory bricks is more oriented towards the construction of chimney, bread oven or pizza, barbecue, insert or walls close to heat source.

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Refractory bricks can withstand temperatures up to 1700 degrees. This thanks to the elements that make up the material: vermiculite (organic mineral insulating), refractory grout and molten cement. However, the element that largely makes up the material is terracotta. Refractory brick also has the ability to absorb heat and sluggish it. Because of this, they have a strong insulating power . On the market you will find various colors, including yellow and red, which are the most used.

Laying refractory bricks

To carry out work that involves the use of refractory bricks, it is better to seek the services of professionals that you can find on the web. Indeed, the installation of these materials implies having certain skills and requires the use of tools and techniques distinct from those applied to laying classic bricks. The first point to know is that the bonding of your bricks should be made with the help of a mortar capable of withstanding heat.

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Refractory bricks will have to be wetted as a result before the start of construction. It will be necessary to wait between 10 and 15 days for the drying of bricks. Once the construction is sealed, you could ultimately use it.