What is a chatbot on the Internet?

I had the pleasure of writing an article about ChatBots for the SparkLane Blog .

Indeed, since Facebook announced in April 2016 of the availability of a ChatBot in Messenger, there is a real craze about this “new tool”.

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Yet it is not such a new tool, since ChatBots were already in fashion in the 2004 years under the name of virtual assistants (Virtuoz, DoyouDreamUp…).

This is what we see, if we search for this term in Google Trends:

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There is even an election of Miss & Miss ChatBot for 6 years:

So it’s not “new”, and yet it makes a maximum of buzz… But why is it?

On the one hand because it is a trendy theme:

  • Streamline and automate low-value actions
  • Use the power of the cloudadded to make technologies more accessible
  • Communicate chatbots and apps via APIs
  • Leverage digitalization and exchange and mobility to communicate at the right time, through the right media and with a personalized message

ChatBots solutions and Chatbots have exploded in the market, with dozens of platforms and solutions at your disposal.

The BotList site references several hundred, even with Bots specialties in certain professions:

You have chatbots for business, marketing, sales, customer service… but also chatbots for sectors of activity:

  • chatbots for insurance,
  • chatbots for the bank,
  • chatbots for eCommerce…

However be careful, there are 2 versions of Chat Bots:

  • The “learner” chatbot, which is feeds on answers, ideas… to be able to answer new questions.
  • The “scripted” Chatbot that is programmed according to scripts, processes… and that only understands the natural language.

The chatbot programmed via scripts is the most common, because the technology is the simplest (it’s just an evolution of current chats).

We can talk about “chatbot canada dry”, and this is the technology that is used by Chatfuel, Facebook Messenger… for their chatbots, with certainly a simplicity of setting up, but limits that we reach very quickly…

For example, if I ask the SNCF chatbot on a Sunday night for a train for “this week”, the chat bot does not understand that it is for the week “coming”:

That being said, a ChatBot, even “Canada Dry” can be very useful, as it opens up new business perspectives:

1- Provide a first level of commitment to process lead requests immediately 2- Send messages regularly via new messaging solutions 3- To play the role of “assistant” for salespeople 4- Propose first-level self-diagnostic tools. 5- Streamlining internal communication 6- Set up an on-boarding process for your new customers 7- Make a “personalized automated coaching 24/7” 8- Offer a hot line or 24/7 technical support via a Chatbot coupled with a FAQ.

I explain in detail the usefulness of ChatBots and the various tools at your disposal in THIS ARTICLE on the Sparklane Blog .

You can also download the checklist below, and just below you have a more detailed video:

Otherwise you have below the 39 minute video where I explain in detail and with examples, my view on ChatBots, with the practical applications, the tools at your disposal…:

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