What guarantees for quad insurance?

Are you going to acquire a quad? For any quad, approved or not, quad insurance is compulsory to cover the driver and the vehicle, especially in the event of an accident. What guarantees do quad insurance offer you, what is the best protection formula to choose to insure your quad bike?

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Choosing Quad and Driver Insurance

The quad, also known as a quadricycle, has the wind in its stern and appeals to more and more diverse audiences. But as for a motorcycle and any vehicle in circulation, the quad bike and its driver must be assured : until then, nothing new! Depending on your use of the vehicle, you will need to find the insurance formula that suits you.

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For leisure or for more professional use, insurance will be required in order to offer you a guarantee of fair return, in the event of a small accident.

Quad Quad Insurance

All vehicles equipped with an engine (car, motorcycle…) are subject to the same rule. According to article L.211-11 of the Insurance Code, they must be insured to the third party by an insurance company. This applies to certified quads. The latter must be registered. Its equipment must also comply with what is prescribed by the Highway Traffic Act.

It should be noted that any driver with licence B is entitled to drive this type of quad. The Insurance contract will then also include a bonus and malus clause, as with any automobile insurance contract. Depending on your profile and driver coefficient , your quad insurance contribution will be higher or lower.

Namely : an approved quad bike, just like a motorcycle, cannot be used without a driver’s license, even on private land (Article R-221-1 of the Highway Code). This vehicle can run on public roads but does not have permission to go on highways and expressways, unlike motorcycles.

Insurance for unapproved quad

What is an uncertified quad? A quad “off-road” is said to be unapproved, which does not have permission to run on an open road or on public roads, even on less passing country roads.

There is no need to driver’s license for an unapproved quad: these quads are generally recreational quads and are used in private spaces. It can be at home, on a special field dedicated to this activity, in a club, etc.

Insurance: An unapproved quad must be insured as well as an approved quad . Yes, it is not because a quad bike has no right to go on public roads that it gets an insurance exemption, quite the contrary.

Quad insurance: one formula, a guarantee

Like a motorcycle, a quad bike will fall into insurance contract boxes. But how to choose your formula, and what is the guarantee of a quad insurance contract? The insurance formula will be adapted to your driver profile but also to the type of quad you own and its age.

Your quad can be a light quad or a heavy quad. Generally speaking, all heavy quads must have insurance because they require a driver’s license.

Quad insurance guarantees: the off-road

Circulating in all terrain causes more worries and damage. You can choose between different formulas:

  • an all-hazard guarantee (or “all accidents”)
  • a collision damage guarantee
  • a guarantee of equipment and accessories
  • driver’s warranty
  • civil liability
  • Guarantees assistance
  • guarantees in the event of theft or fire, etc.

The price and rates will vary depending on the profiles, the warranties chosen and the formula: ask for insurance quotes online or online.

A few clicks for insurance dedicated to quad biking

Two-wheelers are not the only gear chosen to move, as you will also have the option to use a quad bike. Contrary to popular ideas, it is necessary to insure it with a perfectly adapted contract. If you discover the online conditions here, you will soon understand that this format is very interesting and it also promises you very friendly savings.

  • It is an online comparator, you fill out the form and you can quickly find the best insurance.
  • The contract necessarily adapts to the power of your quad and even to your frequency of use.
  • You will then be protected according to your needs and it has never been easier to find insurance for a quad through the Internet.

Less than two minutes are ample enough, this saves time and even a few euros especially if you intend to use your quad bike very regularly. If the latter is approved, it is quite possible to ride on the roads of France as for a car or scooter. Do not hesitate to inquire with this specialist to find the best contract for yourengine as soon as possible.