What coating for a pool beach?

Covering a pool beach is an important step in the process of developing a pool. The materials used must be non-slip, resistant to chlorine and water. There are several types among which you have resin, concrete, wood and tile. Through this article, learn about the pros and cons of these materials.

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Resin Pool Beach

Resin is one of the most used materials in the coating of a pool. It is a flexible, waterproof and customizable material. Indeed, a resin pool coating limits the appearance of cracks and withstands the weather. Similarly, it is an easy to care for material and it fits perfectly in wet areas. In addition, it is resistant to UV, climatic variations and yellowing. Apart from this, the resin is a material available in several colors, which makes it very decorative. As a result, it is possible to insert glitter to customize it.

Granular or smoothed, this material is used in renovation to solve waterproofing problems. The price of a resin pool coating depends on the area, ease of access and degree of difficulty. However, its laying is complex and requires the knowledge of a network of applicators. Some options are expensive, you will find alternatives such as PVC or cork laminate flooring at an affordable price.

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Concrete Pool Beach

A concrete pool beach has the advantage of being robust and very durable. The beach is not slippery and it always stays cool in the sun. As a result, it does not present the risk of burns at the exit of the pool. In addition, it is a permeable material with anti-slip properties. Very modern and trendy, it can reproduce tile, terracotta or stone in one block and it is easy to maintain. Nevertheless, it has a fairly high cost and must be laid by professionals.

Wooden Pool Beach

Very aesthetic, wood is one of the most used materials in the manufacture of furniture. This eco-friendly material used in the coating of a pool beach has the advantage of being resistant to heat and repeated passages. Indeed, with its attractive price, it offers a wide range of choices regarding appearance and color. Thus, you can according to your preferences create a personal atmosphere and enjoy a beach to your liking. On the other hand, a wooden coating requires special and regular maintenance. The choice of this material must take into account several factors, including density, flexibility and stability. He must also undergo beforehand rot-proof and autoclave treatments.

Tile Pool Beach

Both efficient and simple, tile is an ordinary and aesthetic material. Easy to maintain, it comes in several shapes, layouts and colors. Thus, you can make a choice according to your preferences and tastes. Similarly, it is a strong and safe material. However, unlike other materials, it is slippery. For this, for example, you can opt for ceramic stoneware known to be non-slip. On the other hand, its price is affordable and varies according to the forms and provisions.

In short, these materials will ensure safety at the level of your pool while being aesthetically pleasing.