What are the main known vasodilators ?

A vasodilator is actually a substance acting directly on the diameter of the blood vessels. The latter increases, resulting in better blood circulation, as well as lower blood pressure. If vasodilators are generally used in the treatment of heart disease, you should be aware that they are found in France, over the counter or by prescription, to relieve other words or simply for recreational use. So, what are the most well-known vasodilators? That’s what we’re going to see.

Viagra, a vasodilator well known to men

Viagra is certainly the most well-known vasodilator. Indeed, it improves the blood circulation, in order to allow a better influx of blood into the penis. So it becomes possible to achieve more durable, and more qualitative erections. But that’s not all! Indeed, if Viagra is known for its effect on blood circulation, be aware that it also acts on the erection mediator. Thanks to its double-action, this prescription drug is the preferred solution to fight erectile disorders.

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Poppers, an over-the-counter recreational vasodilator

It’s hard to miss the poppers that have been sold in some parapharmacies and tobacco offices in recent years. Each type of poppers consists of a specific nitrated derivative, a vasodilating substance: amyl nitrite for example, or butyl nitrite. The vasodilating effect of the poppers leads to a feeling of dizziness, as well as some disinhibition, due to which he is highly appreciated by young people.

Also be aware that poppers are massively used among the gay population. True, this vasodilator allows to relax smooth muscles and optimize erection, thus allowing better coitus quality. By the way, poppers has a proven effect on the intensity of orgasms.

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If the poppers are available over the counter (including by a Breton brand), its consumption requires certain precautions. Indeed, it is essential to avoid applying it to the skin, drinking it, or mixing it with Viagra. The effects of this cocktail are deadly!

Natural vasodilators and well-known to consumers

Did you know? Some foods are very powerful vasodilators:

  • Dark chocolate: its very powerful action on the vascular system makes it a highly appreciated aphrodisiac. Nevertheless, to benefit from this action, it is better to choose it at 85% cocoa.
  • Ginger: Another well-known aphrodisiac, this root actually has vasodilating effects.
  • Pepper: its vasodilating action is allowed, thanks to the capsaicin contained in it. Indeed, this substance significantly improves blood circulation and reduces blood pressure. To enjoy all the benefits of pepper, give preference to Cayenne pepper!

Now the word vasodilator has no secrets for you, or almost!