What are the features of a computer?

From its inception, Easy Rental has built a privileged relationship with its customers by the quality of the equipment provided and these unbeatable rental solutions. We always provide you with quality equipment. How we do ourselves to recognize a powerful computer. Here’s a little point to find yourself there. Choosing a computer is a bit like choosing furniture. Use must guide the choice. A video game enthusiast and engineer do not need the same computer. It is important to ensure that the components (processor, RAM, graphics card, hard drive…) are well suited and coexist harmoniously within a balanced configuration.


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The processor is the best-known element of a computer and it is also the most important, it is the brain of the machine. It is the component of the computer that executes the instructions given to it by your operating system (Windows). When software is launched, it is the processor in priority, which works. To meet the most demanding demands, the processor must have multiple cores. While the number of cores is the first indicator of the power of a processor, it is not necessary to focus solely on this data. We will see in the rest of this article that we also need to look at other features to qualify it.

A processor family is usually defined by designating the specific socket for a processor. The socket is the element of the motherboard that accommodates the processor (the processor pins fit in the holes of the socket). The different sockets are always totally incompatible with each other. When you need choosing a processor model, it is necessary to identify whether the motherboard accepts AMD or Intel processors and one type or another type of socket. For a very long time processors were also characterized by their frequency of operation. But this way of comparing processors is no longer suitable. It is also necessary to analyze the CPU Architecture because some architectures have low power consumption while others do not.

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Screen Size

17″ and above

The 17″ is therefore a great choice for people accustomed to desktops and those looking for a certain comfort of use. The majority of models are equipped with a numeric keypad (except for some brands, such as Sony).

15.4″ These are the most widespread models. Lifespan of the battery is usually longer because the smaller the screen is less power it consumes.

12″ and less 12″ and less screens, also called “ultra-portable” are the ultimate solution for people who move a lot.


PC memory, also known as RAM (for Random Access Memory) is the computer’s flash memory. It boots up with the PC and turns off with it. It is it that the system uses to store its current tasks. When you decide to work on a pre-existing file, for example, the current changes are placed in the RAM. If you save it, the changes will be added to the version located on the hard drive, USB stick or server. That is why when the computer “crashes”, only unsaved changes are lost. Software that allows recovery, such as Word or Open Office, regularly saves data in a dedicated file. The more resources we use simultaneously on your computer, the more we need a PC memory that is efficient in speed and processing volume.

Graphics Chipset

In general, the name of the graphics chipset is not even mentioned in the features of the computer. Yet a graphics chipset is an extremely complex component, whose computing power far exceeds that of the processor. The graphics chipset supports display-related calculations. Modern operating systems have an increasing need for video display, especially with the increase in graphics effects within desktop managers, hence its importance. And when you want to display on a second screen using a video projector, these needs are doubled. When the graphics chipset is not powerful enough to handle the display, it is the microprocessor that takes over and it can no longer devote itself to the other tasks it has to do. The performance of the computer can therefore be challenged

Battery life

Battery life is an important criterion. Factors that influence battery life are:

  • the quality of the battery itself
  • screen size
  • the power consumption of the microprocessor
  • the power consumption of the graphics chipset


Weight is a very important criterion in the choice of laptop, especially when you often have to carry it (bags, it quickly becomes heavy…).


Not all laptops are equal in terms of connectivity (USB, DVI, Firewire, card readers…) either for space reasons or for reasons of cost. It is therefore necessary to find out the list of connectors available on the laptop and choose according to these needs.

Operating System

Most laptops are equipped with Windows. But more and more laptops are now shipped with Linux (especially ultra-portable ones). Otherwise, if you want to install Linux, you need to make sure that the various components of the laptop will be recognized by Linux. For each of the components of the portable, you need to verify that there is a driver (proprietary or open-source) that allows Linux to recognize this component and make it work.

The configuration of a PC must always follow an important rule that is often forgotten: the homogeneity of the machine. Indeed a CPU too powerful with a mediocre graphics card does not make sense for a player, the opposite is also true. Similarly, an ultra-powerful processor mounted in a low-end case and combined with a 17-inch display to do office automation is a very bad idea.

Despite reading the article, you still have questions, do not hesitate to consult our technicians.