What are the alternatives to MejorTorrent and EliteTorrent ?

When you are a torrenting enthusiast, torrent platforms present online are gold mines. They upload content (torrent) that can be downloaded by users. But what are the best alternatives to MejorTorrent and EliteTorrent, two platforms used for torrenting?


Today, to watch movies and multimedia content, we have several choices, including torrenting. To do this, users use sites where they can load or download the torrent they are interested in.

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From many open access torrent sites have had to close due to legality and compliance issues . This essentially concerns movies type multimedia content. By using torrent platforms, you save a lot of money by not making a purchase.

However, for all content and movies that are not in the public domain , torrenting and downloading torrent is totally illegal. This applies especially to a copyright story.

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Torrent Culture and VPN Tips

In the torrent world, we often hear about VPN. People and users who want to continue using torrent platforms and sites use the VPN trick so they don’t get spotted.

As many torrenting sites close, others open up. Alternatives exist and are frequently renewed in terms of torrent pages. Today and since the closing of EliteTorrent and MejorTorrent, hard to find a great torrent page? Don’t panic, we have a few under your elbow for you. Save by going to these sites and use a VPN to stay anonymous.

Alternatives to MejorTorrent and EliteTorrent

To see the best movies, if you can’t see on MejorTorrent and EliteTorrent anymore, there are solutions with or without VPN anymore. Since EliteTorrent was closed like many other torrent sites , users turned to MejorTorrent. MejorTorrent also received some warnings and could not be considered a reliable torrent page.

To choose your torrent page correctly, you’ll first have to choose which pages offer content you expect. Your Best movies and your favorite content can be accessed via torrenting on pages such as Tumejortorrent, DMix.net, ExtratorRent, Estrenosok, Torrentz2 or Yggtorrent . Yggtorrent, in particular, is a popular platform in the middle of the torrent.

Yggtorrent and the French ISPs

The Yggtorrent page regularly changes domain due to legal constraints. If Yggtorrent, who took over the suite of T411, finds himself blocked by ISPs in France, he will move to another country and choose an extension that allows him to offer content of choice.

For movies, music and series, you just have to test these torrent pages. It is advisable to use VPNs to protect your IP address , but be aware that this practice can be illegal depending on the type of content you choose.

It should not be forgotten that any content copyrighted is forbidden to download. If you wish to have access to royalty-free content, then you are quite legally if you are going to download your best royalty-free movies and royalty free music. Downloaded files are kept on your PC and do not violate the law if the content is royalty-free.